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Point of Interest
“Obi Castletown The Obi Castle Historical Museum exhibits valuable artifacts that tell the Ito Family’s history, as well as about the buildings at Obi Castle. The merchant’s town avenue entertains visitors with an ancient look reminiscent of the Edo period. Mercantile shops with barrels at the storefront and others with grille windows decorated with wall lanterns and coarse oilpaper umbrellas line the streets and create a time-honored scenery along with the clear waterways that flow through the town. ”
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Place of Worship
“Udo Jingu is one of the most well-known shrines in the southern part of Miyazaki Prefecture. This unusual shrine features a vivid vermillion pavilion inside a cave on a finger of Point Udozaki, reaching out into the Pacific. Visitors throw “Undama” clay balls―men with their left hand and women with their right―making a wish. If the Undama lands inside the “Masugata” concave of the Kameishi rock, your wish is said to come true. Come and try your luck!”
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Meal Takeaway
材木町, Miyazaki-ken 887-0005
Status godzin pracyOtwarte · Zamknięcie 11:00 PM