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    Na czym polega program ambasadorów?

    Ambassadors recruit and support hosts new to Airbnb, and help people all over the world discover the benefits of hosting. Airbnb also provides Ambassadors and new hosts with access to tools and resources to help them be successful.

    Becoming an Ambassador

    If you’re passionate about Airbnb and you understand what it takes to be a great host, then you could be an Ambassador.

    The benefits of becoming an Ambassador include:

    • Higher awards for new hosts you refer than you would earn outside of the program
    • Larger awards for the new hosts that sign up through you
    • Unlimited referrals
    • Access to exclusive features
    • Access to resources with insights and tips

    To be eligible for the program, your Airbnb account must be in good standing and you must have verified your identity. Learn more about the Verified ID process. To become an Ambassador, you’ll need to apply by visiting the Ambassador Program webpage.

    Tools for Ambassadors

    You can create up to 3 custom referral links from your Ambassador dashboard, and we’ve partnered with Moo for you to purchase flyers and business cards with Airbnb-branded templates.

    You’ll also have access to resources curated by Airbnb with tips and best practices to help you succeed. We’ll send you information by email and, depending on where you live, you may be invited to join training sessions, meetups, or webinars.


    To refer potential hosts, go to your Ambassador dashboard, copy your unique referral link and share it through the channels you want: messages, emails, social media etc. Please remember that you only get credit for the referral if the person you refer follows your invitation link and creates a listing for their entire place in the same session. Potential hosts who use your referral link will land on a customized page with your name and profile picture, where they can create a new listing. You can also direct potential hosts to the Ambassador webpage to find out more about Ambassadors.

    The amount you earn from referring new hosts depends on a number of factors, including your region. New hosts you refer who list their entire place will also receive a one-time bonus when they complete their first booking that is typically about 10% of the amount you earn for referring them.

    You can refer anyone who is new to hosting on Airbnb, even if they already have an Airbnb account. They’ll have to host an entire place for you to get credit—private or shared room hosts aren’t eligible. Please remember that anyone who has previously received a referral invitation from someone else or who uses API-connected software is not eligible as a referral.

    Stay requirements and payouts

    You get paid when a host that you referred completes their first qualifying reservation. The reservation must be for a listing that's an entire place and have a value of at least $100 USD or the local equivalent (before taxes and fees) and must be completed no later than 150 days after creating the referral. This doesn’t mean that the nightly rate for the new listing has to be more than $100 USD, but it does mean that the value of the reservation (including all nights) must exceed $100 USD. 

    Qualifying reservations must be legitimate bookings - fake reservations, reservations made by family or friends, agreements to share referral awards, or other kick-back schemes all violate the rules of the program. The referred host must also be new to hosting on the platform, which means that the property is being listed by that person for the first time.

    Payouts typically happens about 14 days after the guest checks out from the qualifying reservation. For example, if a qualified reservation’s check out date is January 10th, the payment will typically be sent around January 24th.

    Ambassador guidelines

    Ambassadors should keep these guidelines in mind:

    1. As an expert and local champion for hosting, you should introduce yourself as an Ambassador whose role is to help new hosts successfully get started on Airbnb.
    2. Ambassadors are not Airbnb employees and do not work under the direction of Airbnb employees.
    3. Ambassadors shouldn’t provide legal or other technical advice.
    4. Don’t spam your referrals. Respect their privacy and only communicate with people who have agreed to be contacted by you.
    5. In social media posts, Ambassadors should use #AirbnbAmbassador
    6. In emails and other materials, Ambassadors should include a disclosure such as, “As an Airbnb Ambassador, I earn when you become a host.”

    Check out these Referral and Ambassador Terms and Conditions to find out more.

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