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    The price you set for your experience is up to you, and you can change it at any time.

    How to change the default price:

    1. On, go to your Experience Host Dashboard
    2. Click the Experiences tab
    3. Select Edit Experience
    4. Under Settings, select Price

    This will update the price of all the future or currently unbooked instances of your experience (except for the ones you’ve set a custom price for).

    Customize prices

    If an instance of your experience has not yet been booked, you can set a custom price. After one guest books, the price can no longer be adjusted.

    To customize your price for an instance (on the web):

    1. On, go to your calendar
    2. Select the instance you’d like to set a custom price for
    3. Scroll down to Price per guest and click Edit

    To customize your price for an instance (in the Airbnb app):

    1. Open the Airbnb app and select an experience
    2. Tap Edit
    3. Select a price, then tap Save

    For tips on selecting a price, read about pricing strategies in the Experience Resource Center.

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