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Odkryj, co sprawia, że to miasto jest wyjątkowe. Mogą to być na przykład mało popularne miejsca, które odwiedzisz w towarzystwie lokalnych ekspertów.
Muzeum sztuki
“Free, world-renown sculpture garden. Plus amazing art galleries, movies, shop, and more inside. ”
  • Poleca 230 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Walking distance along Minnehaha Creek, beautiful scenic views, restaurant and bike rental in summertime. ”
  • Poleca 259 lokalnych gospodarzy
Muzeum sztuki
“The MIA is one of our city's crown jewels with an extensive East Asian collection. FREE admission, 10 am- 5pm daily, Thur and Fri open til 9 pm, closed Mondays. Pick up a gift at the museum shop. Agra Culture cafe offers 50% off beer and wine during weekday happy hours (2:30 -4:00).”
  • Poleca 201 lokalnych gospodarzy
Centrum handlowe
“Shopping, restaurants, amusement park, movie theater, Lego statues, experiences. ”
  • Poleca 157 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Come and see a show! The Christmas Carol is a favorite, but there are plays all year long. There are restaurants inside the theater and plenty to see and do in the neighborhood before and after a show. I recommend touring the theater and checking out the "endless bridge" inside.”
  • Poleca 160 lokalnych gospodarzy
Natural Feature
“Walk .7 miles to get to Bde Maka Ska. The Red House Uptown is on 31st Street. Just start walking west. Once you get down there you can head south a few feet towards the 32nd street beach, there is also a playground there and swings facing the lake. On your way home, walk east on Lake Street, and stop at one of the many food joints for a bite.”
  • Poleca 150 lokalnych gospodarzy
Bus Station
“Because it's the Mall of America! You can also hop on the light rail here for a few bucks ($2-6 avg.) and head to downtown Minneapolis (60 min ride) or downtown Saint Paul (2 hour ride). Or you can stop along the way and check out some fun places to Downtown, like Minnehaha Falls for hiking, sushi, and ice cream (and beer for those friends), or Target Field for a Twins Game or a concert. ”
  • Poleca 113 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Great walking and sightseeing downtown Minneapolis and The Mississippi River. ”
  • Poleca 115 lokalnych gospodarzy
Baseball Stadium
“If you're in town for a Minnesota Twins baseball game, just hop on the train (take Fairview Station going west), and you're there in 35 minutes. (You'll also save a bundle on parking.)”
  • Poleca 74 lokalnych gospodarzy
Football Stadium
“Home of the MN Vikings! Like the Target Center US Banks stadium will also hold concerts, if you go be sure to sit as close as you can, the quality in sound decreases as you go up. ”
  • Poleca 61 lokalnych gospodarzy
Rozrywka ogólna
“A great clean zoo to enjoy with your children! The conservatory is a must, especially on cold or rainy days.”
  • Poleca 112 lokalnych gospodarzy
History Museum
“Great place to take a tour and learn about the deep history of the river and the mills. ”
  • Poleca 93 lokalnych gospodarzy
Ogród rzeźb
“Outdoor Sculpture Garden. Take a picture by the famous "cherry spoon" in Minneapolis. ”
  • Poleca 97 lokalnych gospodarzy
Science Museum
“If you have kids, this place is awesome! Lots to do, and reasonably priced.”
  • Poleca 69 lokalnych gospodarzy
Miejsce koncertowe
“THE place to find up and coming artists, Prince played here long before he was a household name, as have many other legends. Check out a show!”
  • Poleca 86 lokalnych gospodarzy
Punkt gastronomiczny
“Tons of culturally diverse vendors, restaurants and food stands. They also have a food market with organic goods!”
  • Poleca 91 lokalnych gospodarzy

Najlepsze restauracje

Punkt gastronomiczny
“Tons of culturally diverse vendors, restaurants and food stands. They also have a food market with organic goods!”
  • Poleca 91 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Go for the beer and stay for the food! They also have a pizza kitchen on the second floor. Great outdoor space to lounge or play outdoor games with friends.”
  • Poleca 81 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Matt's has the best juicy burgers in Minneapolis. This is an old school joint and must see.”
  • Poleca 97 lokalnych gospodarzy
Restauracja tematyczna
“If you're looking for an instagram'able dinner spot look no further! After dinner enjoy a ride on the ferris wheel or a quick game of mini golf.”
  • Poleca 71 lokalnych gospodarzy
Restauracja tematyczna
“Both a tiki bar and a restaurant, this place is very popular. They serve alcoholic drinks in tiki glasses you can buy to take home. The interior is the kind of kitschy ambiance you might expect but the outdoor patio is set on the Mississippi river. Pizza, burgers, salads and appetizers are available for lunch and dinner. The weekend brunch is from 10-2.”
  • Poleca 69 lokalnych gospodarzy
Restauracja z arepami
“Incredible Venezuelan-style stuffed arepas & other great Latin American food. Don't sleep on the cocktails. They're amazing!”
  • Poleca 58 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Locally owned, always great food and just a two block walk - try the Nightingale afterwards ”
  • Poleca 59 lokalnych gospodarzy
Restauracja amerykańska
“This super cool bar and restaurant has live music most every night. Great upscale food and craft cocktails. There's even a weekly dance party if you want to shake your sham.”
  • Poleca 47 lokalnych gospodarzy

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