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Wakacyjny najem w Kitakyushu

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Kitakyushu – najlepiej oceniane pobyty wakacyjne

Goście są jednomyślni: te miejsca na pobyt są wysoko oceniane za lokalizację, czystość i nie tylko.

The japanse private room of a hostel,”uzuhouse”
Pokój hotelowy · 5 gości · 5 łóżek · 4 łazienki

The japanse private room of a hostel,”uzuhouse”We opened uzuhouse in August, 2016. We’re in front of Akama-Jingu Shrine and there is Kanmon Straits right behind the building, so you can enjoy the amazing view. We have great historical spots, delicious local food and unique people around the city. Explore Shimonoseki city from here!

下関 TK(たけ)ベース 202
Pokój prywatny · 10 gości · 8 łóżek · 1,5 wspólnej łazienki

下関 TK(たけ)ベース 2022020年11月より隣に カフェ&キッチン バンブーがオープンします 食事もできますので よろしくお願いいたします。 山の上にある ホームステー型の民泊になります。ゲストさん方のお部屋は、2階部分となっております。部屋数 4部屋その内2部屋が屋根裏部屋になっております。又各部屋2セミダブルベッド設置子供さんなら一緒に寝る事も可能です、ベッドとベッドの間に布団を引くことも可能です、但し201、202、203号室のみです、他、シャワールーム(ゲスト専用)トイレ、フリールームには、共同冷蔵庫・ウォーターサーバー(ホット&アイス) あります。1階リビングや和室も、くつろぎのスペースとしてお使いください、もちろんキッチンの使用バスルーム・トイレもOKです。1階和室に、寝る事も可能ですが、お部屋の鍵はありませんので、了承の上での、お泊りになります。是非是非TKベースへお越しください お待ちしております。

下関TKベース 203
Pokój prywatny · 5 gości · 4 łóżka · 1,5 wspólnej łazienki

下関TKベース 2032020年11月より隣に カフェ&キッチン バンブーがオープンします 食事もできますので よろしくお願いいたします。大きな駐車場があり 車は何台でもOKです 大型のキャンピングカーの止められます たまにエアコンの効いたお部屋で 宿泊をいかがでしょうか 1名3000円です 山小屋風の客室が2室できました 3和室が1室 普通の洋間も3室あります 

Pobyty wakacyjne w każdym stylu

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Kitakyushu – inne świetne pobyty wakacyjne

  1. Cały obiekt – szeregówka
  2. Kitakyūshū-shi
$24 za noc
  1. Cały obiekt – apartament
  2. Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyūshū-shi
【Free Parking and PickUp】10 people, spaciously! !
$75 za noc
  1. Pokój prywatny
  2. Moji-ku, Kitakyūshū-shi
Mojiko Guesthouse PORTO 【AI Private Twin Bedroom】
$57 za noc
  1. Pokój hotelowy
  2. 下関市
Prywatny pokój hostelu,”uzuhouse”
$55 za noc
  1. Pokój hotelowy
  2. Kitakyushu
Deluxe 40sq.m Apartment Type 6名可 Mojiko NewOPEN!
$231 za noc
  1. Pokój hotelowy
  2. Kokurakita-ku Kitakyushu-shi
Hostel TangaTable 【 Pomieszczenie wieloosobowe 】
$26 za noc
  1. Pokój prywatny
  2. Moji-ku, Kitakyushu
Harbor view Japanese room <Only one group /night>
$29 za noc
  1. Pokój prywatny
  2. Shimonoseki
[4wood GUEST HOUSE] 1日1組の民泊 1組(5名まで)の料金!
$275 za noc
  1. Cały obiekt – dom mieszkalny
  2. Yahatahigashi-ku, Kitakyūshū-shi
The traditional Japanese house☆Whole House Rental☆
$131 za noc
  1. Pokój hotelowy
  2. Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu
■ Świetny dostęp ■ Domek gościnny ■ LittleAsia-Kokura (pokój wieloosobowy)
$19 za noc
  1. Pokój hotelowy
  2. Kitakyushu
Hostel TangaTable【Private tatami room】
$85 za noc
  1. Pokój hotelowy
  2. Kitakyushu
Hostel TangaTable【Prywatny pokój z łóżkiem podwójnym 】
$34 za noc

Najlepsze sposoby spędzania czasu w: Kitakyushu

Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • Experience the world of yacht in Fukuoka
    Want to experience the wonders of the city of Fukuoka from above my yacht? My experience is a 3 hour program. At first Sign your safety description and disclaimer. Let's sail on! we have a beer with the departure! There is also a soft drink. This is a gift from the captain. At first of all we head east. Please enjoy the sight of the city of Fukuoka from the sea. Sailing the yacht yourself if the sea conditions are good. Next, take a break on the small island in Hakata Bay. Take a walk by yourself in the quiet harbor town. There are small coffee shops, markets and hamburger shops in the port town. The last goes west. Depending on the weather, you may be able to see a great sunset. A rock from the sea on the way looks like a human face. This can only be seen on a yacht. The schedule may change depending on the weather. (Depending on the weather of the day, it may be canceled. Please understand for your safety.) I am waiting for you. ~ About cancellation of unseasonable weather ~ If departure is canceled due to bad weather, a full refund will be made through air bnb. その他の留意事項 If it is canceled due to bad weather, we will notify you as soon as possible. However, the announcement may be on the day. Because we are in nature. Please understand for your safety. In that case, we suggest another day. Or you can get a full refund through Airbnb.
    Od Cena:$81 za osobę
  • Mysterious Temples of Hakata
    After meeting at the meeting point, we will take you to see some hidden treasures. Places, tourists usually won't see. You'll have time to take pictures of many outstandingly beautiful temples and a historical shrine. The temple walk will last about four hours, so please be prepeared and wear sneekers or shoes you feel comfortable in. At the sites you'll feel as if you were in a different time - promise! Enjoy the serenity of the gardens. It's amazing to find such places in the middle of a modern city - you will see. On the way, we will taste green tea at a tea shop and if you like you can buy Macha or Green Tea and later during the walk we will taste Kamaboko (fishham) when passing a small factory that has produced this delicacy for over a hundert years and Umegae Mocchi (a typical Hakata sweet). After the walk we will take you back to the meeting point if you wish. Other things to note We do the tour with small groups only - 1 - 6 guests. We like to keep it intimate so we can answer individual questions. The walk is enjoyable even on a rainy day but you'll need rainprotection. Due to the special Covid-19 situation, we ask our guests to wear facemasks - as will we.
    Od Cena:$35 za osobę
  • Off the Beaten Hike in Itoshima
    Nature in Japan is amazingly rich. Our hike will be at the mountain range in Itoshima, Fukuoka. The 3 to 4 hour course will take us to a small mountain village, pass rice fields, follow a mountain stream, go through a forest and at the top it will treat us to great views of Itoshima and Fukuoka City. On the return trip we will make a stop at a very pretty mountain temple. Other things to note By signing-up for this event, you agree to have your own accident insurance. Please wear good hiking/walking shoes & clothing. Bring drinking water. At the end, a bowl of Fukuoka Ramen is my treat.
    Od Cena:$42 za osobę
  • BuraburaFukuoka Dcourse
    This the Route D. In this route we will visit beautiful Japanese garden and historic shrine, and then come to a local shopping street of long time popularity. At last we go to explore the biggest seafood market in Fukuoka city. ① Rakusui’en garden: a Japanese garden built 100 years ago. Now a good place to enjoy Japanese traditional macha in its tea room. ② Sumiyoshi shrine: a famous and historic shrine that offering the god of sumo, Japanese national sport. The grand statue of Japanese wrestler in traditional dress and the arena is very worthy visiting. ③ Sun Road shopping street: .greengrocers,fruits store, butchers, cloth store, In the street you always can find reasonable price. ④ Yanagibashi seafood market: The biggest seafood market inside the city and that’s why it is called Hakata kitchen. The market mains in seafood, having more than 50 shops. To discover the rare fish here is always interesting. Route D is open at 2:00 pm. every Friday and Saturday. Other things to note Please wear shoes that easy to walk when you join our tour. Please prepare umbrella in raining days. Extra payment in the tour : ticket ror Rakusuien garden 100JPY/person
    Od Cena:$33 za osobę
  • buraburafukuoka Ccourse
    This the Route C. This course is a course of exploring the hideout that goes around places. This district is a historical neighborhood with old streets 100 years ago. Here you can meet interesting temples and shops.Let’s stroll along the back street of the old folk houses lining up, and then visit 2 famous historic temples, delicious fish cake store, traditional toy store, and chocolate shop. ①Shofukuji temple: the first Zen temple in Japan which was built around 900 years ago and offering three special Buddha statues . Many tall trees growing in the wide courtyard makes quiet and peaceful atmosphere. ②Saimon fish cake store: this is a Hakata local fish cake store of more than 100 years history. Delicious healthy fish cake is one of the favorite daily food in Hakata and also Japan. ③Nagasawa betrothal goods store: gorgeous betrothal goods is a tradition since old days in Japan. The daily-using crafts made by the paper strings of modern design is a very good option as the souvenir from Japan. ④Endo store: this is a store specializing in toys for children. Here brings people the memory of childhood. ⑤Chocolate-shop: this shop starts in 1942, and a very popular shop. Other things to note Please wear shoes that easy to walk when you join our tour. Please prepare umbrella in raining days. Extra payment in the tour : bus ticker 100JPY/person
    Od Cena:$33 za osobę

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