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National Garden

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O Εθνικός Κήπος αποτελεί πάρκο έκτασης 15,5 εκταρίων στο κέντρο της Αθήνας και προσθέτοντας τον κήπο του Ζαππείου με έκταση 13 εκταρίων το πάρκο έχει έκταση 28,5 εκταρίων (285 στρέμματα). Η πρώτη του ονομασία μέχρι το 1974 ήταν «Βασιλικός Κήπος». (πηγή Wikipedia)
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November 18, 2019
Οι πέργολες του Εθνικού Κήπου. O Εθνικός Κήπος αποτελεί χαρακτηρισμένο Ιστορικό Τόπο στο κέντρο της Αθήναςανάμεσα στις συνοικίες του Κολωνακίου και του Παγκρατίου.
March 16, 2020
The National Garden is a public park of 15.5 hectares (38 acres) in the center of Αthens, behind the Greek Parliament building. The Royal Garden was commissioned by Queen Amalia in 1838 and completed by 1840. It was designed by the German agronomist Friedrich Schmidt who imported over 500 species of…
Paula And Billy
Paula And Billy
February 9, 2020
The National Garden is a public park of 15.5 hectares in the center of the Greek capital, Athens. It is located between the districts of Kolonaki and Pangrati, directly behind the Greek Parliament
September 7, 2019
The National Garden(formerly the Royal Garden) is a public park of 15.5 hectares (38 acres) in the center of the Greek capital, Athens. It is located between the districts of Kolonaki and Pangrati, directly behind the Greek Parliament building (The Old Palace) and continues to the South to the area…
February 23, 2020
The National Garden is easily accessible, as its’ main entrance is located just a few meters away from Syntagma (Constitution) Square and the Parliament. Although the 15,5 acres of lush vegetation (to which one can also add the 13 acres of Zappeion) it occupies, where used already since ancient…
February 4, 2020
Immerse yourself among this picturesque and peaceful place in the heart of the city along a sunny day!
February 5, 2020
A must visit if you enjoy city parks.

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History Museum
“The Acropolis Museum is a jewel of architecture and is full of treasures of antiquity. Unique exhibits that captivate you, beautiful location, opposite the rock of the Acropolis and ideal location accessible by metro.”
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History Museum
“Founded in the 19th century, Athens' National Archaeological Museum is the largest archaeological museum in Greece and one of the greatest antiquities museums in the world. Ticket price: 6€ per person (winter season) or 12€ per person (summer season)”
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“What to describe about the Acropolis? It is a timeless classic beauty, with wonderful views and enchanting energy.  A 2,500-year-old monument of perfect architecture worth visiting at least once in your life.”
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Track Stadium
“Imposing and beautiful monument, a sample of culture and a symbol of sportsmanship worldwide. It is truly a jewel for Athens. Wonderful imposing beautiful. If you close your eyes you may hear the sounds of the world. You may feel a little of the glamor of the time. You have to go and sit in the stands and let the space enchant you.”
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Historyczne miejsce
“Once the largest temple in Greece, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, now lies near the center of the town, still offering a majestic sight.”
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