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Sangertown Square Mall

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November 17, 2019
Local shopping mall 25 min from cabin
September 17, 2019
Shopping, food, new bowling alley Pinz recently added.

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  1. Cały obiekt – dom mieszkalny
  2. 2 łóżka
Cheerful 2 bedroom residential home!
  1. Cały obiekt – dom mieszkalny
  2. 2 łóżka
New Hartford Quiet 2 Bed Room House

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“Restaurant + Oyster Bar in downtown Utica on the top floor of the building it’s located in. ”
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Restauracja włoska
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Restauracja amerykańska
“A short drive away in Utica, The Tailor and the Cook specializes in high end farm-to-table food. A special spot perfect for celebrating graduations, anniversaries, and reunions. Make a reservation in advance!”
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Restauracja amerykańska
“Simple Italian-American spot with live music on weekends, an all-season patio bar & a cigar lounge.”
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“Food is top-notch, bar has all the craft beers you could ask for, and the nightlife is mellow with a great outdoor deck.”
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NY, 13413