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茶道体験 蓮 Tea Ceremony Ren

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“Jersey barジャージーバー 札幌第一间体育餐吧,有将近20年的历史。绿色的店门挂着一个健力士黑啤的牌子。在这里,可以尽情品尝正宗的札幌啤酒和世界各地有名的啤酒。在此强烈向大家推荐一款美国的工艺啤酒---蓝月啤酒。 The first sports bar in Sapporo and has a history of nearly 20 years. You can see the brand of Guinness Brewery on the green door.Here you can enjoy authentic Sapporo beer and famous beers from all over the world.I strongly recommend a US craft beer to you ---blue moon beer. ”
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“如果你想安全又花费少地保存你的行李,这是个好选择。首先,没有行李的大小和重量限制;其次场地位于市中心,方便购物和观光游览;另外,有职员看管你的行李。If you wan to keep you luggage safely and cheaply,it is a good choice for you. First,it has no size or weight limitations;secondly,it is located in the center of Sapporo,convenient for shopping or sighting seeing;last but not least,there are staffs keeping your luggage.”
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“Sapporo beer museum, you can enjoy the beer history with pictures. About the sapporo beer garden, Original Genghis Khan is highly recommended! Whenever I go, I will order all-I-can-eat(Tabeho-dai!) with drinks ^^こちらではビールの歴史が勉強できます!ビール園のオリジナルジンギスカンはとてもお勧めです!私が行くときはいつも食べ放題です!”
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“日本清酒公司“千岁鹤”的博物馆。在这里,展示了各种珍贵的资料。但我觉得最让人惊喜的还是试饮和贩卖专区。在这里可以品尝各种各具特色的酒,除了日本酒,还有梅酒,蓝莓酒等等,非常好喝。这里能免费品尝上等的酿酒水,普通的矿泉水跟它比起来相形见绌。馆内有休息区,一边品尝甜酒冰激凌和用酿酒水冲的咖啡,一边放松休息,简直不能更棒! Chitosetsuru Museum is a good place for learning about sake history because lots of valuable information is being shown here.For me,the most surprising thing is the drinking and selling area.You can taste varieties of unique wine,not only Japanese wine,but also plum wine and blueberry wine,etc.In addition,here you can enjoy the best of the water which is used for making wine.Normal mineral water can not compare with it.There is resting area,you can enjoy the wine ice-cream and coffee,relaxing.That is fantastic.”
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