Maite Christi's Guidebook

Maite Christi
Maite Christi's Guidebook

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Getting Around

We suggest renting a car or planning to use Uber to get around. The subway entrance is nearby and within walking distance, however it can be a bit dangerous and we do not recommend solo travelers use the subway. For exploring areas near your stay, we recommend avoiding parking fees by walking up to sunset or Hollywood and grabbing an electric scooter to drive around. You will need to download an app but it’s a really convenient, fun way to get around!
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Restaurant Reservations

Dine in restaurants are very popular with all tourists and with locals as well. Because of this, the better the restaurant, the longer the wait or line. If there are places you know you’d like to try, we strongly recommend making a reservation. If you can’t make a reservation, then plan to arrive early for a 30min to 1 hour wait. We suggest putting your name down then exploring a nearby bar or neighborhood as most restaurants will text you once ready to seat your party.