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Odkryj, co sprawia, że to miasto jest wyjątkowe. Mogą to być na przykład mało popularne miejsca, które odwiedzisz w towarzystwie lokalnych ekspertów.

Historyczne miejsce
“Built by Pere Bonfill, who was inspired by the Castell Nuovo towers in Naples, the Quart Towers represent a good example of late Gothic military constructions. They were conceived as defensive gates for the city and until 1874 were known as the Torres de la Cal (The Limestone Towers), since the limestone that came into the city had to come in through these gates. The back of the towers was opened to allow a view of the inside. It was the women´s prison for some time.”
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Natural Feature
“Albufera is a lake, you can get there by bus, have the best paella there (there is a restaurant which has the award "best paella in Spain/which means best in the worls ;) ) after paella you can go for a boat "trip" in the lake for watching the sunset (amazig ones ;) )”
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“JARDINES DEL REAL - JARDINES DE VIVEROS DIRECCION SAN PÍO V, s/n 46010 VALENCIA HORARIO: De noviembre a marzo: 7:30 a 20:30 horas. De abril a octubre: 7:30 a 21:30 horas. Entrada gratuita. The historical category of this garden, its extension and careful gardening, and the same abundance of sculptural or other monuments that enhance its environment, make it the green heart of the city of Valencia. Currently, this representative garden of the city of Valencia, given the characteristics of the space, has been proposed for its cataloging as "Singular Arboreal Set of Local Interest", for the purposes of article 6 of Law 4/2006, of May 19 , of the Generalitat, of Monumental Arboreal Heritage of the Valencian Community. It can be considered the most emblematic garden of the city for its history, cultural, ecological and landscape value, extension and botanical diversity. Its layout responds to different styles of gardening, the result of the different remodeling carried out, with parterres of romantic style in its southern area, areas that imitate natural landscapes in its northern part, or the well-known "Rosaleda". Besides being notable for its large number and diversity of arboreal specimens, 2,769 specimens and 167 different botanical species, it contains exceptional individuals such as the filiation of Washingtonias filiferas and robust in the entrance walk from the Llano del Real, one of the longest walks in those who walk inside Viveros, the great Jacaranda mimosifolia and the striking Podocarpus macrophyllus in front of the Alquería de Canet, very representative construction”
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“The Museu de Belles Arts de València is an art gallery in Valencia, founded in 1913. It houses some 2,000 works, most dating from the 14th–17th centuries, including a Self portrait of Diego Velázquez, a St. John the Baptist by El Greco, Goya's Playing Children, Gonzalo Pérez's Altarpiece of Sts.”
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“Plaza de Toros de Valencia is a bullring in València. It was built between 1850 and 1859 in the neoclassical style, inspired by civil Roman architecture such as the Colosseum in Rome or the Arena of Nîmes. It was built by the Valencian architect Sebastián Monleón Estellés.”
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“This 5 km long park was built in the old river bed of the Turia river, which was diverted around valencia in the 70's. This strip of exuberance definitely is the green backbone to the city. The "city of arts and science" at one end, and the "eco park" zoo at the other it has many sections, from sport fields to forest secluded areas. Big for family use.”
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Plac spacerowy
“Lively square, home of the Turia Fountain, lined with iconic historic buildings & outdoor cafes.”
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“The cathedral is right there and there are very interesting places, and traditional restaurants for havin "chocolate and churros", " horchata" (traditional Valencian drink. ”
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“Whimsical park where children climb & slide on a massive play structure of the character Gulliver.”
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Historyczne miejsce
“The Llotja de la Seda (Valencian pronunciation, Spanish: Lonja de la Seda, English "Silk Exchange") is a late Valencian Gothic-style civil building in Valencia, Spain. It is a principal tourist attraction in the city.”
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“Best place to start strolling through the dry river course. You can end in the City of Arts and Sciences!”
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“This street is the Golden Mile of Valencia. The most luxurious but also the biggest brands have shops here. If you want to spend a shopping day you can't miss it.”
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Muzeum sztuki
“interesantes exposiciones. Ubicado en un entorno precioso junto a la calle hospital donde disfrutas de jardines con restos arqueológicos./Located in a beautiful environment next to the hospital street where you can enjoy gardens with archaeological remains.”
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“The Albufera, or L'Albufera de València, is a freshwater lagoon and estuary on the Gulf of Valencia coast of the Valencian Community in eastern Spain. It is the main portion of the Parc Natural de l'Albufera de València, with a surface area of 21,120 hectares. ”
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Plac spacerowy
“This is a central point of the old Valencia. It keeps the Cathedral with its romanic and gothic gates and is also a space that hosts the major fallas event during march. It's a very populated square and a nice place to take an icecream, take a look at the skaters and give some food to the pigeons.”
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Science Museum
“This is a really cool science museum with some fun exhibitions and interactive aspects.”
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