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Odkryj, co sprawia, że to miasto jest wyjątkowe. Mogą to być na przykład mało popularne miejsca, które odwiedzisz w towarzystwie lokalnych ekspertów.
Botanical Garden
“Beautiful nature. Best time to visit is spring , summer and beginning of autumn.”
  • Poleca 94 lokalnych gospodarzy
Centrum handlowe
“Galleria Tbilisi is multifunctional shopping center, which revived center of the city and filled it with a new energy. It is destination for everyday needs, where it is possible to stop by for any petty detail – to shop, entertain, dine, get various services.”
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Klub nocny
“Bassiani is a nightclub in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Founded in 2014, it is located in the building of the city's largest sports venue, the Dinamo Arena, and utilizes a disused swimming pool as the main dancefloor. It is the largest techno club in Georgia ”
  • Poleca 92 lokalnych gospodarzy
Historyczne miejsce
“Narikala Fortress can be seen from any point within Old Tbilisi. It was constructed for defense purposes in the 4th century and was considerably expanded over subsequent historical periods.”
  • Poleca 67 lokalnych gospodarzy
Theme Park
“Mtatsminda Park is an amusement facility located atop Mount Mtatsminda on 770 meter height overlooking the Georgian capital Tbilisi. It is the highest point in Tbilisi. Located on more than 100 hectares. Park has more than 100 years history. It is the best choice for fun and relaxation. You can find various Cafes, Souvenirs shops, child entertainment center, wedding house, picnic zones, a big Ferris Wheel at the edge of the mountain, offering a splendid view over the city, funicular tram and other fun attractions on the venue. Fresh air, fascinating view of Tbilisi, fun rides, attractions, constant events, excellent customer service will let you relax, have fun and enjoy your free time.”
  • Poleca 51 lokalnych gospodarzy
Centrum handlowe
“Tbilisi Mall is the first and largest such unique development in the Southern Caucasus to meet globally recognized standards. It is the most modern center to combine leisure, retail and entertainment in the Region. The outlets of well-known retail brands, department stores and banking facilities line the concourse. Other features include a multi-screen cinema, distinguished food court and a family entertainment center on the upper levels. Tbilisi Mall also benefits from a multi-storey free-of-charge car park, spread over four underground levels.”
  • Poleca 41 lokalnych gospodarzy
Posterunek policji
“One of the best spots for tourists. You can find many cafes and local shops. ”
  • Poleca 50 lokalnych gospodarzy
“It's on-mountain in Tbilisi where even in the hot summer, there's fresh and cool air. Restaurants, bars, clubs, and gym equipment. Even just for walking and relaxing you should visit this place. ”
  • Poleca 59 lokalnych gospodarzy
Rozrywka ogólna
“Truly, a must-visit spot. The former sewing factory turned into the heartbeat of the city. Food spots, gift shops and bars.”
  • Poleca 87 lokalnych gospodarzy
History Museum
“The Georgian National Museum presents internationally significant collections of art and dynamic, changing exhibitions, providing audiences with inspiration and knowledge of the wonderful world of culture, art, science and education. The evidence and proof of the oldest human existence in Eurasia are displayed together with magnificent Medieval Christian art, stunning gold and silver jewelry from the ancient land of Colchis, spectacular modern and contemporary paintings of Georgian artists and masterpieces of the Oriental, Western European and Russian decorative arts. ”
  • Poleca 41 lokalnych gospodarzy
Opera House
“Historical building with very beautiful design Always good players - opera or ballet - international Not expensive tickets from 7 $”
  • Poleca 47 lokalnych gospodarzy
Health and wellness
“Tbilisi is built on top of thermal springs. The water the comes from the contains sulphur and is around 40°-50°C. There are around 10 bathhouses in the Abanotubani area. The Tbilisi bathhouses all have private rooms of varying standards, sizes and prices. I recommend Orbeliani bath house or bath house #5”
  • Poleca 75 lokalnych gospodarzy
Historyczne miejsce
“Narikala is an ancient fortress overlooking Tbilisi and the Mtkvari River. The fortress consists of two walled sections on a steep hill between the sulphur baths and the botanical gardens of Tbilisi. On the lower court there is the recently restored St Nicholas church.”
  • Poleca 44 lokalnych gospodarzy
Współczesna restauracja europejska
“Located in a building once home to some of Georgia’s most prominent cultural and artistic figures, it stands out with distinct character. A perfect balance between old and new, Lolita is the archetype of a modern Georgia.”
  • Poleca 57 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Holy Trinity Cathedral is main orthodox church in Georgia. as a orthodox complex third biggest around the world. Georgian name: Sameba. it is one of the most visited site in Tbilisi. it's nearest must see place from location of Cheap Room For A Night Tbilisi. just around 2,8 km. ”
  • Poleca 55 lokalnych gospodarzy
“It is an interesting place to observe Georgians, when they enjoy free time. You can rent a bicycle there, go into a sulfur bath, jogg or just walk.”
  • Poleca 35 lokalnych gospodarzy

Najlepsze restauracje

Współczesna restauracja europejska
“Located in a building once home to some of Georgia’s most prominent cultural and artistic figures, it stands out with distinct character. A perfect balance between old and new, Lolita is the archetype of a modern Georgia.”
  • Poleca 57 lokalnych gospodarzy
Koktajl bar
“Tbilisi's legendary restaurant Funicular with its fascinating Ballroom, traditional Georgian restaurant Chela and café Funicular. Each outlet is conceptually different and unique from one another with its delicious cuisine, distinctive service and the cozy interior. ”
  • Poleca 51 lokalnych gospodarzy
“The outside tables and the inside interior is pretty nice. The dishes are absolutely incredible, with some of the freshest and tastiest vegetables and bread. Service is fast as well and the wait ress spoken good English. ”
  • Poleca 45 lokalnych gospodarzy
Caucasian Restaurant
“ Amazing Georgian fine dining restaurant. We went there for lunch and the service was very friendly and as professional as in a Michelin restaurant. The food was delicious and at the end we got a small tour of the restaurant. I recommend this place to people looking for a proper fine dining experience in Tbilisi with a modern twist of Georgian cuisine. ”
  • Poleca 51 lokalnych gospodarzy
Caucasian Restaurant
“Our favorite restaurant in Tbilisi! Maybe our favorite restaurant anywhere in the world... Never have we enjoyed dining at a more beautifully curated space nor enjoyed the food, service, pet cats, and overall ambiance as much as we have at Shavi Lomi. This is a truly special and magical place. Unique dining rooms throughout the historic house in which the restaurant is set, alongside a outdoor dining area for a fairy tale. We highly recommend the eggplant in walnut sauce and their Georgian chicken soup, Chikhirtma. Don't miss this one! ”
  • Poleca 50 lokalnych gospodarzy
Centrum handlowe
“East Point is the biggest shopping place in Tbilisi.There are restaurants.shops,cinema and etc.”
  • Poleca 17 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Ezo means courtyard and this restaurant is located in a charming one. The food is good and the ambiance is nice. ”
  • Poleca 34 lokalnych gospodarzy
“A must-visit of the city. Outstanding service, exquisite design, specialty coffee.”
  • Poleca 32 lokalnych gospodarzy

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