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Najpopularniejsze usługi publiczne polecane przez lokalnych mieszkańców

Capitol Building
“Take a tour of the Grounds, then walk down Main Street for food, cocktails and shopping”
  • Poleca 21 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Large library dedicated to religious leader Billy Graham, plus his original home with tours.”
  • Poleca 19 lokalnych gospodarzy
Golf Driving Range
“Great way to spend the day rain or shine. Weekdays they have great specials for unlimited plays in the early afternoon. ”
  • Poleca 12 lokalnych gospodarzy
Muzeum sztuki
“I really enjoy the Mint Museum. It shows a good background and history of Charlotte. ”
  • Poleca 13 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Founded in 1801, USC's flagship campus sprawls over 300 acres in downtown Columbia not far from the South Carolina State House. The campus features the famously historic Horseshoe, where visitors can go for a leisurely stroll under a variety of established old-growth trees.”
  • Poleca 16 lokalnych gospodarzy
Local Government Office
“Our main bus transportation. There are 2 bus stops on a schedule at the head of my neighborhood. ”
  • Poleca 3 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Citadel is so much a part of Charleston's history. The original campus is in Marion Square and is a hotel. Bummer. If you see cadets walking in the gutters it is because they are "knobs" or freshmen. ”
  • Poleca 22 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Because American pharmacies are also convenience stores. Has supplies, great cards, magazines and souvenirs too. ”
  • Poleca 5 lokalnych gospodarzy
Grocery or Supermarket
“You can shop and sip a glass of wine as you enjoy the live music and ambiance of this grocery store. It's a true experience. They also have a hot bar for dinner and lunch.”
  • Poleca 6 lokalnych gospodarzy
Local Government Office
“Walk the canal trail and enjoy the wonderful sights and sounds of the Savannah River and the Augusta Canal.”
  • Poleca 5 lokalnych gospodarzy
“This is a smaller grocery store but they stay well stocked and have all the essentials. If you need a larger store run, there are more grocery stores and a Costco in Mt. Pleasant.”
  • Poleca 9 lokalnych gospodarzy
Fire Station
“The Shops on Devine are located just up from Five Points. Don't miss the Cinnamon Bun Deli if you don't mind a few calories.”
  • Poleca 7 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Not as famous as Bonaventure but more historic and just as beautiful, this cemetery was developed in 1850 as the Old Cemetery (Colonial Park Cemetery), the Old Jewish Cemetery, Potter’s Field, and the Old Negro Cemetery approached capacity. Laurel Grove North is unique in that the interment rights to all of the available cemetery lots were sold out during the Victorian Era, and, as a result, this park-like cemetery probably has the highest concentration of Victorian period cemetery architecture in the Southeast. You may get lost though, the entire area is 67 acres!”
  • Poleca 1 lokalny gospodarz
“Newly renovated! Has everything you could need - large cheese counter, organic section, pharmacy, fuel, large beer/wine isle.”
  • Poleca 2 lokalnych gospodarzy
“A 2,100 acre nature preserve that is a place for countless outdoor activities including hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, picnics, kayaking and more. ”
  • Poleca 3 lokalnych gospodarzy