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Restauracja włoska
“The Royal Palace of Palermo (11th-12th centuries) is the main monument to represent the wealth and political and cultural power of the Norman kingdom, a model of Arab-Norman architecture. An ancient Islamic Castrum erected on pre-existing Punic origins, from 1072 it became the residence of the Norman sovereigns. Its Torre Pisana (second quarter of the 12th century) is a unique example of a fortified tower, similar to those of the Norman donjon, whose plan is similar to ifriqeni Islamic models. La Joharia (mid-12th century) includes Sala dei Venti and Sala di Ruggero. The Sala dei Venti, or of the four columns, derives its architecture from the durqa'a, the inner courtyard of the Islamic ifriqeni and Fatimid palaces. It is preserved intact and is in fact one of the best preserved examples of this architectural typology in the medieval Mediterranean. Sala di Ruggero is characterized by impressive mosaics that cover the walls and the cross vault with profane, hunting and paradisiac scenes. The mosaics of Stanza di Ruggero, together with the fragments preserved in the Pisan Tower and the mosaic panel of Sala della Fontana in Palazzo della Zisa, are rare examples of profane decorations, distinguished by the significant presence of figurative elements derived from Islamic and Sassanid culture.. A widespread genre in the Byzantine courtly world of which today there are no traces except in historical sources.”
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Restauracja włoska
“This is party central in Malta. Crowd can be a little young, but there is something for everyone no matter what age really. Lots of nightlife, strip clubs, dance clubs etc You can eat from many restaurants there and you also have a small beach you can visit.”
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Ski Lodge
“Paid excursions to the top of the Etna start from the Rifugio Sapienza . Consider about 4h for the excursion only. You can also walk along the scenic path Sentiero Schiena dell'Asino. At the end, you can admire the Valle del Bove from a vantage point. The Monte Zoccolaro nearby provides a free hiking on a little challenging slope, but doable with decent shoes. There are not many people around, usually. ”
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Restauracja włoska
“a very famous and rustic place with a very long history... only a few steps from us! Here you can get the famous „Rosticceria Palermitana“ don‘t miss it!”
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Restauracja włoska
“Sicilian dishes in a modern key. Located in one of the four corners of the popular crossroad of Palermo. Suitable for vegan and celiac. ”
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“a restaurant loved by the people of Palermo all year round. this opens the doors to tourists while remaining true to its original spirit, excellent prices and fantastic food”
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“With its white sunbed mattresses and infinity pool, Cafe del Mar breathes luxury. It is a day- and night-time venue for stylish twenty-something socialites, who flock here to parade designer swim suits and savour elegant cocktails to lounge music and some of the best sunsets on the island. ”
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“Many locals would describe Frida as the best pizzeria in Palermo. Here you can ‘build’ the pizza of your dreams: choose between thin or tick crusts, the flour you like the most and the best ingredients. ”
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Historyczne miejsce
“Il cuore pulsante del centro storico di Palermo. Simbolo del potere civile e religioso durante l'epoca spagnola. Luogo che nasconde tante storie ed aneddoti da conoscere. ”
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Sklep ze słodyczami
“Do you know how many people come to Noto just to go to Caffè Sicilia? If you think that's weird, go see for yourself and you'll understand.”
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“Coffee bar with lovely garden, ideal for a break within Palermo's historic centre.”
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“Not only a pub in a very beautiful square (Piazza Sant'anna), but also very good music and nice people ”
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“Very nice cafeteria and tasty pastries especially the sweet ricotta cannolo.. Busy Bee is known by many as the finest patisserie in Mata. You also find nicely packed Maltese sweet delicacies to take home as a gift. Close to the coffee shop you will also find the Busy Bee Gelateria. ”
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“A waterfront café in Sliema, Malta, striving to bring you the best in seasonal fresh cuisine and trying to source all produce grown locally and organically.”
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“Closed on Monday during the winter They make the best arancine in town My favourite.. ”
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“Malta's leading cafe overlooking the Island! They hands down serve the best homemade cakes!”
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“The oldes pastry shop in the city, here you can discover the traditional cannoli, cassate, our "tavola calda" and of course the Sicilian Granita :)”
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Sklep ze słodyczami
“Just behind the flat, this little cake shop is very famous for their amazing chocolate cake - 'setteveli' make sure you try it.. They also just opened a small bar / ice cream shop next to Porta nuova where you can have breakfast.”
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“Here you can taste excellent typical Sicilian granitas, fantastic ice creams and cannoli of ricotta local.”
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“The best pastry shop in Siracusa. A small family business where you'll find "cannoli", "granita", "arancino"...and more!”
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“Best canolo in town. They use fresh ricotta cheese. You can ask chocolate biscuit for canolo. It makes really different!”
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“Best gelato in the city, plus amazing baked goods. Just around the corner!”
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“Maxokk Bakery is a relatively small family-run bakery located a few roads away from Nadur’s main square in a side street named St James Street. The bakery’s main claim to fame is its traditional ‘ftira’. The ‘ftira’ closely resembles a pizza at first glance; however its unique texture and taste enhance the genuine surprise and culinary appreciation of our esteemed clients. Takeaway place ”
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Sklep ze słodyczami
“Quando si parla di cioccolato a Palermo, quello artigianale e di qualità, non si può non citare la Pasticceria Cappello , situata nel centro storico della città in via Colonna Rotta n. 68. Attività di famiglia nata negli anni ’40 come latteria, poi trasformatasi in bar, fino ad arrivare ai giorni nostri ed essere conosciuta per la sua fama in tutta Italia. Infatti, la Pasticceria Cappello si contraddistingue per la sua Alta Pasticceria e per l’amorevole e particolare professionalità che i Maestri Pasticceri Cappello, padre e figlio, sanno offrire ormai da alcuni decenni.”
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