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Bary i nocne życie w: Sycylia

Najpopularniejsze bary

“Cheap and fun local drinking hole. Great atmosphere, ideal for meeting people... and just fun in general!”
  • Poleca 85 lokalnych gospodarzy
Restauracja włoska
“a very famous and rustic place with a very long history... only a few steps from us! Here you can get the famous „Rosticceria Palermitana“ don‘t miss it!”
  • Poleca 86 lokalnych gospodarzy
Restauracja włoska
“Sicilian dishes in a modern key. Located in one of the four corners of the popular crossroad of Palermo. Suitable for vegan and celiac. ”
  • Poleca 65 lokalnych gospodarzy
“The oldes pastry shop in the city, here you can discover the traditional cannoli, cassate, our "tavola calda" and of course the Sicilian Granita :)”
  • Poleca 73 lokalnych gospodarzy
“With its white sunbed mattresses and infinity pool, Cafe del Mar breathes luxury. It is a day- and night-time venue for stylish twenty-something socialites, who flock here to parade designer swim suits and savour elegant cocktails to lounge music and some of the best sunsets on the island. ”
  • Poleca 58 lokalnych gospodarzy
Cultural Center
“A place that makes you happy Enjoy Contemporary Sicily”
  • Poleca 30 lokalnych gospodarzy
Sieć fast-food
“Fourmet hamburgers made with local high quality ingredients. Cozy, and may not accept reservations on Saturday. Often there is a waiting list. Price level ($$), but very costly if you are used to prices fast food in US. However it's high quality.”
  • Poleca 41 lokalnych gospodarzy
Koktajl bar
“Noto per essere una vera istituzione tra i frequentatori delle notti taorminesi, il Morgana Lounge Bar è uno scrigno magico dedicato a chi ama la “Perla dello Jonio”; dai siciliani habitué, ai turisti internazionali, chiunque si trovi a percorrere, gradino dopo gradino, la piccola “Scesa Morgana”, che dal Corso Umberto conduce al locale, non si aspetterà mai di trovarsi dinanzi un locale d’avanguardia, considerato da molti il ritrovo perfetto per passare qualche ora di puro e sano divertimento. ”
  • Poleca 28 lokalnych gospodarzy

Kluby nocne

“With its white sunbed mattresses and infinity pool, Cafe del Mar breathes luxury. It is a day- and night-time venue for stylish twenty-something socialites, who flock here to parade designer swim suits and savour elegant cocktails to lounge music and some of the best sunsets on the island. ”
  • Poleca 58 lokalnych gospodarzy
Night Club
“restaurant with an amazing view on the Bay of Naxos! Don't forget to enjoy clubbing at La Giara after your dinner.”
  • Poleca 12 lokalnych gospodarzy
Night Club
“Amazing, big, art nightclub with a nice restaurant inside. Pub, live music and a lovely atmophere (I love its interior design). Open only on Autumn/Winter/Spring time.”
  • Poleca 25 lokalnych gospodarzy
Obsługa wydarzenia
“Incredible club, biggest disco in Catania, outdoor with swimming pool under the palms.”
  • Poleca 15 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Wonderful Landascape for an Aperitivo. Good cocktails, music, concert and food”
  • Poleca 34 lokalnych gospodarzy
Nightlife Spot
“Outdoor nightclub, right on the beach with a beautiful view of Cefalu! VIP tables are available, (VERY reasonable pricing) complete with your own bottle of alcohol, large fruit dish, and your own server. Excellent music, perfect for dancing. Cheap drink prices. Lively, busy bar. Very fun! ”
  • Poleca 8 lokalnych gospodarzy
Night Club
“Great Night club drinks cheap. DJs from MAlta -House Dance music Fantastic venues open air venue.”
  • Poleca 15 lokalnych gospodarzy
Restauracja włoska
“Cena con vista mozzafiato a due passi da La Bettola. Cucina tipica del luogo. E' vivamente consigliata la Prenotazione. +39 0931 65540”
  • Poleca 31 lokalnych gospodarzy

Wędrówki po barach

Miejsca koncertowe

Historyczne miejsce
“The Greek Theatre of Taormina is the most fascinating historical monument of the “pearl of the Ionian Sea”. It is one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions, so that Johann Wolfgang Goethe in his famous “Journey to Italy” wrote: “No theater audience has never had such a sight in front of him.” The greek-Roman theater is divided into three parts: the scene, the orchestra and the auditorium. The scene, which is in front of the auditorium, is the place where the actors acted. According to the experts’ reconstruction, this part was decorated with two rows of columns, one facing the other. The scene has also three large arched openings at a symmetric distance one another, and six niches placed three on the right and three on the left of the central arch. On the scene there are the remains of six column bases and four Corinthian columns that were raised after 1860. The auditorium is formed by a series of steps starting from the bottom and climbing upward, spreading up to the summit, where spectators were seated. The orchestra is the lowest level of the whole theatre. This space was intended for musicians who played during the performance. Dug directly in the hard rock of Mount Tauro, in the third century BC, it could accommodate thousands of sitting spectators. It is known that the Greeks architects used to build their most important buildings as if Nature could be part of them. The natural scenery was integrated with the architecture of the theatre, like light and air insinuated between the columns of a greek temple.The theatre shape could allow a perfect listening from any area of the auditorium. In the late imperial period, the theatre was adapted for gladiatorial games. With the fall of the West then, everything came to a end. The marbles were removed and so the monumental columns. Only after the end of the war, some sections of the original construction were completed by a great work of restoration.”
  • Poleca 75 lokalnych gospodarzy
Opera House
“It's one of the most interesting places to see in Catania. It's dedicated to the famous compositor, Vincenzo Belllini, who was born in Catania and wrote masterpieces such as I puritani or La Norma.”
  • Poleca 60 lokalnych gospodarzy
Klub jazzowy
“Come here for the jazz nights on Fridays and get the Maltese platter too which was really tasty and only €5. Drinks are so cheap and there’s a great atmosphere on the streets and the music goes until 12”
  • Poleca 20 lokalnych gospodarzy
Miejsce koncertowe
“Locale storico tra vintage e kitsc. Si beve, si ascolta musica (anche dal vivo) e si balla”
  • Poleca 1 lokalny gospodarz
Historyczne miejsce
“La via Teatro Greco, è la caratteristica via con antichi palazzi e negozietti di souvenir e prodotti tipici locali che da Piazza Badia conduce al Teatro Greco. A sinistra della via si apre una bella scalinata dedicata a Timoleone, generale di Corinto che a Taormina aveva istituito il suo quartier generale, e che liberò la Sicilia dai Tiranni e dal pericolo cartaginese. La scalinata imita quella di Trinità dei Monti in Piazza di Spagna a Roma, e qui in onore alla scalinata romana, ogni anno, nel mese di Maggio, vi sono esposte piante di azalee. Inoltre si può ammirare lo splendido palazzo dove visse Lady Florence Trevelyan, moglie del professor Salvatore Cacciola, ricca Lady inglese che fece costruire i giardini pubblici.”
  • Poleca 2 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Historically the darkest, sleaziest part of Strait Street, also labelled ‘The Gut’ - the old red light district of Valletta, and home to notorious hangouts such as Silver Horse, Blue Peter and James Bond, has come back to life after 50 odd years of neglect. The Gut is a high-end 
restaurant and bar hub where fine dining, music, theater, cabaret, dance, and architecture all come together between two walls 
and on three dimensions.”
  • Poleca 4 lokalnych gospodarzy

Wszystkie nocne atrakcje