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Odkryj, co sprawia, że to miasto jest wyjątkowe. Mogą to być na przykład mało popularne miejsca, które odwiedzisz w towarzystwie lokalnych ekspertów.
Punkt gastronomiczny
“R札幌駅前の商業施設「エスタ」10階レストラン街にある ラーメンフードテーマパークです。有名ラーメン店が 10件出店しています。 Sapporo Ramen Kyowakoku is located in the food court on the 10th floor of ESTA shopping mall near Sapporo JR station. 10 famous Ramen shops are serving their original and tasty Ramen.”
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Sklep z odzieżą
“商场就在JR札幌站,不同的通道通向不同的百货商场,即使天气不好也不需要担心。店铺属于中高档类型,品牌也较年轻,总之应有尽有,适合血拼一天。负一层还有各种点心和日本小吃,楼上有很多知名餐厅,营业到晚上11点。但是需要排长龙。 The shopping mall is located near JR Sapporo Station.Different channels are connected to different shopping malls so even the weather is not good,you do not need to worry.Immediate or high grade shops are everywhere.You can buy whatever you want and it is big enough for you to shop all day.There are varieties of snacks and Japanese snacks in underground 1F and there are also many well-known restaurants upstairs,which open until 11PM.But sometimes you need to wait in line.”
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Japanese Curry Restaurant
“来札幌一定不能错过当地出名的汤咖喱。可以根据个人喜好选择咖喱的辣度。浓郁的咖喱汤底配上蔬菜浅炸后的独特香味,鸡块鲜嫩多汁。 You must not miss the local famous soup curry when you visit Sapporo.You can choose how spicy you want.The rich curry soup is accompanied by the unique aroma of the vegetables after the light fry.The chicken is also fresh and juicy.”
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“In 1964, the “God of Emperor Meiji” was also enshrined here, and the name was changed from “Sapporo Jinja” to “Hokkaido Jingu (Hokkaido Shrine).” Its 180,000-square-meter precincts are also known as one of the best cherry blossom-viewing spots. The shrine burned down in 1974 and was restored in 1978.”
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Centrum handlowe
“Sapporo Factory is a large shopping and entertainment complex that was opened in 1993 in central Sapporo. There are about 160 establishments that include clothing stores, souvenir shops, restaurants, cafes and a multi-screen movie theater. The shops are concentrated around a five story atrium that provides visitors a refreshing and spacious atmosphere.”
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Bus Station
“大通公园是札幌人的休闲场所,同时也是北海道代表性的节庆活动的会场。二月的冰雪节,五月的拉面节,七月的啤酒节,圣诞的白色灯彩节。不同季节各有特色。 Odori Park Odori park is the leisure place of Sapporo people and it is also the venue of representative festival in Hokkaido. Ice Festival in February,Ramen Festival in May,Beer Festival in July and White Lantern Festival during Christmas.Different seasons have their own characters.”
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Centrum handlowe
“There are restaurants with reasonable price. Also you can have fancy dinner with great night view at other restaurants.”
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Restauracja sushi
“It's a naice restaurant who serves good quality Sushi with very reasonable price. You can enjoy Sushi with variety of fish. Highly recomended.”
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Muzeum sztuki
“Indoors at the Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art , you'll find works from local artists as well as from the School of Paris painters. The Miyanomori International Museum of Art offers more contemporary masterpieces.”
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“The spa is known for its plentiful waters, some 200,000 liters of which flow every hour. The waters contain a large variety of minerals, including boric acid, sulfur and salt. ”
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Sklep monopolowy
“日本清酒公司“千岁鹤”的博物馆。在这里,展示了各种珍贵的资料。但我觉得最让人惊喜的还是试饮和贩卖专区。在这里可以品尝各种各具特色的酒,除了日本酒,还有梅酒,蓝莓酒等等,非常好喝。这里能免费品尝上等的酿酒水,普通的矿泉水跟它比起来相形见绌。馆内有休息区,一边品尝甜酒冰激凌和用酿酒水冲的咖啡,一边放松休息,简直不能更棒! Chitosetsuru Museum is a good place for learning about sake history because lots of valuable information is being shown here.For me,the most surprising thing is the drinking and selling area.You can taste varieties of unique wine,not only Japanese wine,but also plum wine and blueberry wine,etc.In addition,here you can enjoy the best of the water which is used for making wine.Normal mineral water can not compare with it.There is resting area,you can enjoy the wine ice-cream and coffee,relaxing.That is fantastic.”
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Place to eat
“Moiwayama Ski Area is easy to go for those who live in Sapporo.It is close to the center and you can enjoy the terrific scenery in some places. A good place for family to go. 藻岩山滑雪场是一处札幌市民可以轻松前往的滑雪场。离市中心又近,而且有的地方还可以边俯瞰市景边滑,适合全家一起去。 ”
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“如果你想安全又花费少地保存你的行李,这是个好选择。首先,没有行李的大小和重量限制;其次场地位于市中心,方便购物和观光游览;另外,有职员看管你的行李。If you wan to keep you luggage safely and cheaply,it is a good choice for you. First,it has no size or weight limitations;secondly,it is located in the center of Sapporo,convenient for shopping or sighting seeing;last but not least,there are staffs keeping your luggage.”
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“It's a huge park and you'll feel beautiful for seasons in Japan!! Cherry blossoms and autumn leaves. There is also one of the oldest shrine in Hokkaido.”
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Ogródek piwny
“It is a popular tourist spot where you can enjoy delicious Hokkaido food and Sapporo beer in a wonderful building of brick construction. You can also see the manufacturing process of Sapporo beer.”
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“A popular tourist spot in Sapporo City, Hokkaido "Sapporo Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill", you can see the wonderful landscape of plenty of nature featuring the land of Hokkaido and the flock of sheep in a vast pasture land.”
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