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“he park is like an oasis in the downtown area. There are trees as Lirac and Elm spring. In every season, there are festivals like YOSAKOI SORAN Festival, Beer festival in summer, Autumn fest and Snow festival in Winter.”
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“Moerenuma Park (モエレ沼公園, Moerenuma Kōen) is a large park in the outskirts of Sapporo. Surrounded by a marsh, the park has a circumference of about four kilometers. The grounds are covered in attractive green space and there are massive, dramatic features that make the park a very unique public space.”
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“It's a huge park and you'll feel beautiful for seasons in Japan!! Cherry blossoms and autumn leaves. There is also one of the oldest shrine in Hokkaido.”
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“most popular park in hokkaido. cycling,fishing,bbq,flowers,lavender,river,water hall,flowers,”
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“This botanical garden (北海道大学植物園, Hokkaidō Daigaku Shokubutsuen) close to Sapporo's city center belongs to Hokkaido University and primarily serves a scientific and educational purpose. The garden with its walking trails and lawns, however, is also a pleasant place to take a break or to have a (non-alcoholic) picnic.”
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“A park overlooking the Ishikari plain, the Sea of Japan and Sapporo city. Popular as a romantic nightscape spot.”
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“薄野に隣接する中島公園。 大きな敷地で、緑が多く春は桜、秋には紅葉が楽しめます。また、大きな池があり、ボートにも乗れます。 遊具もあるので、お子様連れの家族にも人気のある公園です。 6月14日から16日までは、北海道神宮例祭(札幌まつり)の会場として多くの方で賑わいます。”
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