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Odkryj, co sprawia, że to miasto jest wyjątkowe. Mogą to być na przykład mało popularne miejsca, które odwiedzisz w towarzystwie lokalnych ekspertów.
Point of Interest
“Fish Market. Highly recomended but be on the lookout for pickpockets and expensive food. ”
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Bus Line
“Largest park in Santiago. Take the funicular and/or gondola to the Virgin statue. Great views of the city.”
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Bar z przekąskami
“Full of restaurants and design shops. The trendiest neighborhood last years in Santiago”
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“Near of Bllavista neirghborhood you have The Chascona House that is one of the various homes that the Pablo Neruda had in Chile. It´s near of the San Cristobal Hill, too.”
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“This dive bar defines the bohemic Santiago with a folkloric touch. Sample a "terremoto" (earthquake) -a classic Chilean drink- at La Piojera and you will walk out feeling like a tremor just hit you.”
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Theme Park
“This theme park is the boggest park in the Santiago. You have a lot of attractions and games. This theme park is inside the Bernardo O´higins park where you have a lot of natural places, museums, and places to do any sport inside.”
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Muzeum sztuki
“This museum resume all life that the important chilean artist. There are a lot of activities that you can do here and the entrance is free.”
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“This is where I normally go for runs and get together with my friends for picnics. It's a nice park with lots of activities along the way. There are some outdoor work out equipment that is free to use too! ”
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Farmers Market
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Budynek mieszkalny (apartament/kondominium)
“Lastarria is a small but interesting neighborhood, full of restaurants, small shops and museums. You can get there by subway, from Manuel Montt to Universidad Catolica station.”
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Natural Feature
“Small hill in the middle of the city adorned with beautiful fountains, gardens and stairways. On a clear and sunny day, climb some steps to get to the "mirador" to have a great view of Santiago.”
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“Wonderful place if you love wine and pairings. A bit pricy, but absolutely worthy. ”
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“Big park in the middle of the city. In the park you can find museums and green areas.”
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“The National Library was founded in 1813 during the government of José Miguel Carrera, political and military of the Old Mother country that fought for the independence of Chile. While the first director of the National Library was appointed directly by Bernardo O'Higgins. The liberator of Chile entrusted to Manuel de Salas mission to lead this institution that housed the memory of the nascent republic. During the nineteenth century, the National Library cemented its core bibliographic fund from the donation or purchase of their first collections. These include the library of the Jesuits, the Egaña library, library Mackenna and the library of Andrés Bello among others. Besides the National Library keeps in its archives a copy of every book, magazine or newspaper published in Chile since 1820, totaling more than 400 thousand titles. In fulfilling the centenary of its foundation they work for the construction of the current building located on Avenida Alameda Street Miraflores began. The new building was inaugurated in 1925 and its construction of neoclassical imprint is a bastion of national architecture. Currently the main bibliographical center of the country has a comprehensive collection of books, magazines, newspapers, maps, photo and music files distributed in several rooms as reference and bibliography, researchers lounge, living room for the blind and for home loans. It also organizes exhibitions and displays that highlight the best of national and international culture.”
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“This museum has a fantastic exploration of the biogeography of Chile. From taxidermy displays to ancient fossils and artifacts from pre-Colombian civilizations so let yourself geek out on the displays about the different regions of Chile *Entrance is free.”
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“Beautiful architectural structure on the main square of Santiago Piaza de Armas. It is worth going inside and taking your time to enjoy it.”
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