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Vila Nova de Gaia – niezbędne drobiazgi

“Wonder around the tiny streets or grab a drink during the afternoon and chill with a beautiful view to the Douro river. Lots of animation ”
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“This bridge spans the river and is just iconic. Take a walk on the top part of the bridge for the best views.”
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“Sé do Porto still traces the primitive Romanesque building built between the 1st half of the 12th century and the beginning of the 19th century. It underwent modifications in the mannerist and baroque periods. The Gothic cloister dates back to D. João I, the king who celebrated his wedding in this cathedral. ”
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“ St. Francis Church was built in the fourteenth century, during the reign of King Fernando, in the place of a modest church belonging to the Franciscan order that had settled in Porto in 1223.”
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“This its the most important, and historic neigborhood of the city. Soon i will discribe better here, but mean while see by yourself, and if you want, you can help me to write a good text to put here.”
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“A well-known theatre in Oporto!! 5 minutes away from the Oporto Douro Valley!!”
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“This pompous 19th-century building with a vast Neoclassical façade is the former stock exchange that was built to impress and earn the credibility of European investors.”
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“Rua da Flores is certainly one of the most touristic streets in the city of Porto. It wasn’t always like this. This street, that crosses São Bento Station and São Domingos Square, was the old street of merchants and aristocrats. Crossing Rua das Flores is not always an easy task, given the amount of people entering and leaving the shops, grocery stores, and cafes, on the terraces. Until today, the street has maintained its original profile and architecture of the XVII, XVIII e XIX centuries, and this is where one of the most emblematic baroque façades of Porto can be seen, the Misericordia Church (1749-1750), rebuilt by the architect Nicolau Nasoni.”
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“Built in 1842, this used to be the stock exchange in Porto, and is nowadays the headquarters of the city's Commercial Association. The Arab Room is the most amazing room in the palace.”
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“This beautiful park has several platforms of garden, all facing the river with astonishing views.”
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Centrum handlowe
“Great place for shopping with Special rates for tourists. Catch the metro and leave at "João de Deus" station. 7 minutes trip.”
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“Lots of cool bars, shops and a hip and happening place for young people, especially at night, close to Galerias de Paris, if you wanna go out at night, definitely stop by.”
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Restauracja serwująca tapas
“The Rua das Flores has long been the city's best street for opening a new business. And if it's a cool, well decorated, lively restaurant, then success is practically guaranteed. The long communal table does have a hint of the school canteen about it – but don't worry, this is not cafeteria food. Pretty much everything is good here: from appetisers such as smoked salmon and quail eggs to larger dishes (which you can share) such as the Lafões veal. The latter is one of this busy street's highlights. Tips: – The desserts here are among Porto's most creative. Order the biscuit cake, served by the centimetre. – The restrooms have a 6 and a 9 on the doors. Yeah, we're not sure either. ”
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Restauracja portugalska
“In terms of environment, the Cantinho do Avillez in Porto is also a friendly, welcoming and relaxed space. How could it not be, quality is a priority. As in the Cantinho de Lisboa, the cuisine is inspiring with influences of travel. The menu offers some of the Cantinho's successful dishes like the Peixinhos da Horta with Tartar Sauce; Scallops marinated with avocado; Sautéed Chicken Livers with onion compote and Port; Cod slivers, loose crumbs, BT egg and explosive olives; the Risotto Portobello mushrooms with smoked bacon, parmesan and basil; the Barrosa PDO burger with onions, foie gras and fries; the Hazel 3; ... ”
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“Use the free service of guided tours to the building and to the exhibitions ( subject to advance booking)”
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History Museum
“World of Discoveries is must-visit point in the city. An Interactive Museum and Theme Park reconstructing the fantastic odyssey of Portuguese navigators, crossing oceans to discover the unknown world.”
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