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Santa Clara – niezbędne drobiazgi

Football Stadium
“Watch the San Francisco 49ers play here in their stadium. There are also many great restaurants here as well. ”
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Theme Park
“Fill your day with roller coasters, live shows, concerts, fireworks, amusement park food favorites and even a water park at the iconic California's Great America. Thrills for every age are ready to rock your world and run you ragged. New rides and attractions are introduced every year and special events like the nightmarish Halloween Haunt are looked forward to by the tens of thousands! Get your walking shoes ready and practice your screaming, there's a lot to cover on this adrenaline rush of an outing!”
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“Great 49ers Museum and Stadium Tours as well as 49er's games and other events. GO NINERS!”
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Science Museum
“Learn how the silicon chips of silicon valley are made, function, and surround us through interactive exhibits for kids and adults. ”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“The closest big grocery, it's better to take a car there, 4 mins drive or ~30 mins walking distance. There is pharmacy as well.”
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Convention Center
“Close to convention center, especially convenient commute via Uber or Lyft.”
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“The Bay Area's leading theme park is loaded with fun activities for everyone”
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Sieć fast-food
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Centrum handlowe
“Grocery store, restaurants and bars, cafes, Wells Fargo bank, and shopping. ”
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“If you haven't been to an In-N-Out Burger, you must. Fresh ingredients, fries cut from potatoes right in front of you. 50's diner feel. Pretty affordable also.”
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Restauracja amerykańska
“Santa Clara's best kept secret inside the Marriott Hotel. Bradley Ogden's upscale creative Californian cuisine served in a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired room.”
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Restauracja indyjska
“Quality Italian food, with a great atmosphere, and walking distance. You'll enjoy that walk home, after eating here.”
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“Alfred Peet taught the trade to the founders of Starbucks and sold them their first year's supply.”
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“Grab a drink during their happy hour, or indulge in some Mexican food (good).”
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“This Plaze has plenty of restaurants to choose from such as: Smash Burger, Red Robin Burgers, Premier Pizza, Panera, Piati, Starbucks and many more! ”
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