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Riverdale, Old Toronto – niezbędne drobiazgi

“A dog-friendly brewery that allows you to grab a pint with your four-legged friend. ”
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“Shoppers has groceries, a pharmacy and beauty products. Kind of a one stop shop of everything you may need.”
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“Local spot, really busy on weekends and evenings! Large craft beer selection and yummy food”
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“New, huge, vintages, Liquor store. Has pretty much everything including a large vintages section.”
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“5 MIN WALK from house - Drug store with every day convenience items and groceries. ”
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“Walk 7 minutes east on Gerrard to the closest outlet for wine, beer & spirits.”
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“Closest place to get Alcohol - short walk. Beer only. The LCBO on Front Street is much better”
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“This is a convenience store with more stuff than you would ever expect. More like a mini-grocery store than a corner shop. ”
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“10-15 MIN WALK from house - the government controlled alcohol place is actually pretty nice inside (even though the prices suck). You can find all your alcohol needs there: wine, beer and spirits. ”
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“Shoppers has all of your essentials - from shampoo and toothpaste to razors and laundry detergent. This location even has a great little grocery section too!”
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Health Food Store
“Wide selection of organic health foods and products! Big fan of their burrito bowls!!”
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“For anything alcoholic - this store is one reason I like the state controlled sale of liquor. Good selection ”
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Fruit & Vegetable Store
“The breakfast burrito. But also daily rotating meals catering to paleo / keto / vegan / health conscious and/or restricted guests. Would eat here all day every day in a perfect world.”
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“Walk 8 minutes east on Logan & north on Carlaw & look for the big yellow sign--this grocery has everything you need + beer (though the beer is not cold). It's up on a hill & not easily recognizable until you walk up some stairs or drive up into the parking lot. Open til 10 PM 7 days/week. ”
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