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Odkryj, co sprawia, że to miasto jest wyjątkowe. Mogą to być na przykład mało popularne miejsca, które odwiedzisz w towarzystwie lokalnych ekspertów.
Transit Station
“go up there... and then a bit more up. Hike to the summit and love life. is not that hard, but a percistance thing. Careful with the altitude! Bring water and snacks. Jacket and sunblock. Be ready and comeback before 4:30pm”
  • Poleca 47 lokalnych gospodarzy
Centrum handlowe
“Anything you might need, in just one place (shopping stores, drug stores, hair salon, clothing and electronics stores, grocery store, food court, etc)”
  • Poleca 21 lokalnych gospodarzy
“The local movie theatre, they have a range of eclectic films showing something different each night. Also has a cafe/bar for snacks and drinks.”
  • Poleca 40 lokalnych gospodarzy
“El parque es hogar de unas 1.470 especies de plantas nativas de la región interandina. Tiene veinte árboles con más de cien años de vida por eso es el espacio público con mayor arbolado patrimonial de la ciudad. / The Park has 1470 nativa plant species of the interandian region. It also has twenty trees with more than a hundred years. ”
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“Two blocks from our suites, guests can take an enchanting walk along a beautifully renovated cobblestone road in the heart of old town Quito. This once bohemian center of Quito, where many influential poets, painters, writers and musicians visited, is now the charming epic center for local food, music, and art.”
  • Poleca 38 lokalnych gospodarzy
“The national ecuadorian soccer team plays here. Copa Libertadores is also very famous, a southamerican soccer club tounament considered to be the second best in the world after the european Champions League.”
  • Poleca 29 lokalnych gospodarzy
“From dance to musical concerts and top-class theatre performances, Teatro Sucre ofers an evening of outstanding cultural entertainment in the City”
  • Poleca 21 lokalnych gospodarzy
“I recommend the store WAVA Market, it is located underneath Palacio Arzobispal in front of the cathedral. It has stylish, diverse and colorful handicrafts, cool designs and boho clothing. ”
  • Poleca 22 lokalnych gospodarzy
History Museum
“Great Pre Columbian art in a century old house with beautiful architecture.”
  • Poleca 21 lokalnych gospodarzy
“The most frequented area of Quito by national and foreigners seeking food, drinks, music, people, fun, entertainment.”
  • Poleca 23 lokalnych gospodarzy
“This bar/restaurant has an amazing view over Quito old town, preferably visit by night with clear sky. You can see all the 14 churches!”
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“Good place to practice sports. Our favorite place to run in Quito. Peace and quiet, especially at its lovely Botanical Garden. ”
  • Poleca 24 lokalnych gospodarzy
Centrum handlowe
“Big shopping mall. Supermarket, pharmacy, banks and a variety of other shops”
  • Poleca 17 lokalnych gospodarzy
Bus Station
“L amejor forma de ir a la estación de buses de Quitumbe The best way to go to Quitumbe bus station”
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“Big and nice, just be safe and go with LIGHT, this one is big, so please don't get lost, go and enjoy the woods. ”
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“Located in crucial zone of the old town center. This brewery is build in an old convent of nuns, which gives the place a special vibe. The beer is amazing and their pizza really good! If you go the 2th Tuesday of the month for sure you will be able to enjoy live music! ”
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