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Najpopularniejsze parki polecane przez lokalnych mieszkańców

“One of the best places to view the city. This park overlooks Lake Union and is a great spot to lay in the sun or have a picnic.”
  • Poleca 423 lokalnych gospodarzy
“A free view of the amazing skyline in an iconic park located in Queen Anne. Trek up Queen Anne Hill for the best view of Seattle.”
  • Poleca 441 lokalnych gospodarzy
Canal Lock
“These historic locks have been operating for over 100 years connecting boats between Lake Union/Lake Washington and the Puget Sound. Be sure to check out the salmon elevator while you're there.”
  • Poleca 409 lokalnych gospodarzy
Inne świetne na zewnątrz
“If you're looking for a great place to run or go for a walk Discovery Park is the place. It has beautiful trails, a lovely beach and some of the best views over Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountains.”
  • Poleca 404 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Greenlake is a perfect urban oasis. The lake is beautiful at all times of year and the people watching is fun too. Rent a Lime or other bike and cruise around the lake. Stop for a bite to eat... ”
  • Poleca 340 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Beautiful park on a beach with views of Bainbridge Island. Fire pits at night on the weekends!”
  • Poleca 336 lokalnych gospodarzy
Ogród rzeźb
“Fanatstic park just North of the waterfront downtown. Fantastic views of Puget Sound! It's a very successful community space.”
  • Poleca 253 lokalnych gospodarzy
“A park with more than just trails and a great view, check out the conservatory, Bruce Lee's grave site, and the Black Sun sculpture when you visit this iconic park in Capitol Hill.”
  • Poleca 299 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Take the paved trail along the waterfront to watch the ferries come and go and the tide roll in and out or stay up top and log some miles by connecting the various trails the run north, south, east and west. ”
  • Poleca 203 lokalnych gospodarzy
Botanical Garden
“This breathtaking arboretum is a feast for the eyes and nourishment for the soul. The gravel trails make for a lovely walk, run, or ride. Tours, classes, and boating are all available.”
  • Poleca 138 lokalnych gospodarzy
“I work there and love this neighborhood. It's the original downtown Seattle and features some of our oldest and most ornate architecture.”
  • Poleca 104 lokalnych gospodarzy
“-Trails for running and hiking. -Cross the bridge over the railroad tracks to the beach. -Small but fun playground. ”
  • Poleca 126 lokalnych gospodarzy
“This garden is really beautiful and well tended. The pond in the middle has many very large and beautiful fish. A beautiful walk. 15 minute drive away.”
  • Poleca 61 lokalnych gospodarzy
“This is the hub of Capitol Hill. People are hanging out in this park all evening, especially in summer and the people watching is great. ”
  • Poleca 98 lokalnych gospodarzy
“This formerly private Japanese garden has been preserved as a park. It is especially beautiful in the spring when the trees are blooming.”
  • Poleca 77 lokalnych gospodarzy
“This area is where the Amazon campus is. A lot of these places are new. Food: Tacos Chukis, Serious Pie and Biscuit (pizza, and a great breakfast spot), Ba Bar (fancier vietnamese spot with great cocktails and food, just pricier than the average vietnamese spot). Bars: Re:public, Brave Horse Tavern, Sam's Tavern”
  • Poleca 35 lokalnych gospodarzy