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Bary i nocne życie w: Amsterdam Oud-Zuid, Amsterdam-Zuid

Najpopularniejsze bary

“In the neighbourhood is this former carworkshop transformed in a café and restaurant. Nice venue for breakfast, lunch or dinner.”
  • Poleca 208 lokalnych gospodarzy
“One of the best concert halls in the world! If you like classical music, booking a concert here is a must!”
  • Poleca 55 lokalnych gospodarzy
“You’ll find "Restaurant Little Collins" in two Amsterdam neighbourhoods: de Pijp and the Oud West. With a distinct nod to the food and wine culture of Melbourne’s own Little Collins street, our menu offers a fresh take on seasonally-inspired ingredients and classic dishes from all over the world. You may wonder: why would people queue for brunch on the weekend when there are so many places to eat? Well — in addition to being quite petite and having many lovely friends in the neighbourhood — our guess is that our strong, freshly-ground White Label coffee, unconventional flavour combinations and three types of hangover-curing bloody marys might have something to do with it! Bold flavours and makers inspire each dish, and we are very proud to serve local produce and natural wonders from Vleck Wijnen, Frank’s Smokehouse, OhNaMi Kimchi, Lindenhoff, Marie Stella Maris and Oedipus Brewing, amongst many others. Dinner is more of a neighbourhood secret: cosy and designed for sharing. Each night our chefs bring fresh eyes to old favourites, and an open mind to eaters and drinkers of all types. Above all, everything we serve is made with love; making Little Collins a place to feel at home, even when you are far from there.”
  • Poleca 98 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Thai Bar/Restaurant - nice to have a small drink with some Thai bites (shared platter is good!) or have some dinner here. Great Thai food. ”
  • Poleca 117 lokalnych gospodarzy
“open from March until Sep/Oct, nice with a big sandpit next door + big slide for the kids”
  • Poleca 123 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Brewery where they also serve good food in the popular neighbourhood De Pijp. ”
  • Poleca 112 lokalnych gospodarzy
Niezależne kino
“Super cool old film house, showing not only new films, but also old. Decorated with vintage furniture and old film gear. Has a bar and serves food - Taco Tuesdays are a thing! ”
  • Poleca 118 lokalnych gospodarzy
Sieć fast-food
“– I’ve never been here but they say it’s really good and there is a secret restaurant area at the back…let me know ”
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Kluby nocne

“open from March until Sep/Oct, nice with a big sandpit next door + big slide for the kids”
  • Poleca 123 lokalnych gospodarzy
Restauracja azjatycka
“Nice restaurant and bar/lounge for dinner and a night out. It is not cheap!”
  • Poleca 51 lokalnych gospodarzy
Restauracja południowoamerykańska
“If it's late and you are looking for one of the last bars during the week: look no further. It's always crowded, so don't expect a nice quiet time. ”
  • Poleca 12 lokalnych gospodarzy
Restauracja bliskowschodnia
“Lebanese restaurant. If you have never tried this kitchen you should definitely do! They have great service and you can also smoke a water pipe here. ”
  • Poleca 17 lokalnych gospodarzy
Restauracja japońska
“The most delicious sushi in Amsterdam for this price. Only Okura does a better job, but then you need to bring a bigger wallet.”
  • Poleca 5 lokalnych gospodarzy
Night Club
  • Poleca 5 lokalnych gospodarzy
Night Club
Studio jogi
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Miejsca koncertowe

Miejsce koncertowe
“One of the most famous and definitely the most iconic nightclubs of Amsterdam, iconic place with iconic history! Live music, bands, solo artists, dj's, (silent) disco, you name it. Great variety of programming, check it out!”
  • Poleca 545 lokalnych gospodarzy
Sala koncertowa
“The Concertgebouw is a landmark 19th-century concert hall with renowned acoustics for orchestral, chamber & pop music. Located at 2-6 Concertgebouwplein.”
  • Poleca 179 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Carré is closely connected to the family Carré. This family group gave their first performances by the end of the 18th century and in 1863 they came to the Netherlands for the first time. In 1866 Oscar Carré finally got permission to build his first stone theatre, and on 3 December 1887 this building was officially opened. It was immediately a big success. At first Carré was only used during the winter, the winter circus of Oscar Carré then performed but during the rest of the year this group travelled and the theatre was empty. However, in 1893 the theatre was rented during the summer, which meant that there were performances during the entire year. Carré turned form a circus into a variété theatre (Dutch version of a Music Hall). After the dead of Oscar Carré in 1911 the theatre had a bad period. No profits were made even though several directors tried new things. Max Gabriël rebuilt the theatre, but this didn't work so he left only a year later. Boekholt brought a new program and new sorts of amusements, but this didn't work either. A business company whom brought back the circus entertainment went bankrupt. Finally (in 1924) two gentlemen named Benjamin and Content were able to make a profit with Carré. After Benjamin and Content, Alex Wunnink became the director. He was successful and brought many new shows, as well as a big profit.”
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Miejsce koncertowe
“Around the corner on the Overtoom 5 walking minutes away, there is OT301. This underground cultural hub has been squatted (1999) and bought (2006) by a diverse, international community that is united in an association called EHBK. It runs this alternative, not-for-profit platform as a collective, in which housing, workspaces and public functi ons are combined to contribute to the arts, politics and subculture. The nightly gigs are just one part of OT301’s charm. Daytime is taken up by community classes and art workshops, and there’s a table tennis bar in the back room (plus a radio station in the basement). Check out their website for latest activities,”
  • Poleca 56 lokalnych gospodarzy
Rozrywka ogólna
“Theater at the Vondelpark!! Check the website fore more information during your visit in Amsterdam.”
  • Poleca 42 lokalnych gospodarzy
Miejsce koncertowe
“You can swim here, bring your OWN mini BBQ and stroll around. Nice terrasses, best Ysbreeker, but food is not very good there. Best eating at the Weesper around the corner of appartment. ”
  • Poleca 20 lokalnych gospodarzy
Miejsce koncertowe
“Nightclub with a lot of punk and other alternative music. Check the website for the agenda. ”
  • Poleca 13 lokalnych gospodarzy
Rozrywka ogólna
“really great place, big terrace, the place to be in summer or any sunny day smack dab in the middle of the vondelpark”
  • Poleca 7 lokalnych gospodarzy