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Otranto – niezbędne drobiazgi

Restauracja włoska
“A natural bridge between the Mediterranean and the East, Otranto is a magical land where the ancient atmosphere of the historic centre goes hand in hand with fervid devotion, romantic sea reflections, and a lively nightlife. Begin your visit by walking along the Lungomare degli Eroi (Heroes' Promenade), at the foot of the ancient city centre. Go past the monument dedicated to the Martyrs, sculpted by Antonio Bortone, and head down the stairs through the Porta Alfonsina to the old town. Take time to visit the Castello Aragonese (Aragon Castle) and the Cathedral, with its precious mosaic floor and the relics of 800 martyrs killed by the Turks in 1480. Outside the town, you'll be charmed by a wonderful emerald green lake set amidst the coral-coloured hills of the Bauxite quarry, while the imposing Punta Palascia lighthouse waits for the year's first dawn to break on Italy. Porto Badisco, Aeneas' mythical landing point, harbours a series of wall paintings in the Grotta dei Cervi (Deer Cave), known as the “Neolithic Sistine Chapel.” A Blue Flag flies over Otranto's sea, with all its inlets and caves. This recognition rewards the policies implemented to preserve and safeguard the area's environmental heritage, as well as the sustainable management of the local territory, the safety of its beaches, the quality of the services offered, and the cleanliness of its sea waters. Otranto also boasts a port shaped like a small bay, where fishing boats and other vessels are moored. Conca Specchiulla, the Alimini Lakes, the Baia dei Turchi (the “Turkish Bay”), and the Baia di Santo Stefano are located just north of Otranto. South of the town, you'll find the Baia dell'Orte, Punta Palascia (Italy's most easterly spot), the Tower of Sant'Emiliano and Porto Badisco.”
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Galeria sztuki
“This beautiful walled castle is lovely for early evening shopping and dinner. ”
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“Very nice beach just after Otranto. High season could be crowded. Distance from property km”
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Pensjonat ze śniadaniem
“Meraviglioso borgo Storico Salentino sulla costa del Mare Adriatico, da non perdere ...”
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“beautiful building of the year 1092 with different art exhibitions every year ”
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Koktajl bar
“Locale sul mare con aperitivi al tramonto e musica tutta la notte di tutti i tipi con dj eccellenti.”
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“Don't miss: -The mosaic running the whole length of the nave, sanctuary and apse shows scenes from the Old Testament and chivalric cycles, as well as figures from medieval bestiaries, arranged alongside a 'tree of life', showing human experience from the Fall to salvation. -Crypt -Martyrs of Otranto”
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“The first time I visited the Otranto Cathedral, I was surprised by its small size. Yet the mosaic work on the floor is so enchanting that I had a hard time leaving. My then 12 yr old daughter was just as transfixed. The floor mosaic was created between 1163 and 1165. It is one of the most important examples of 12th-century art, and features the Tree of Life growing and branching out into aisles, apses and presbytery to the theological itinerary of salvation, from original sin to redemption. It also mirrors the culture of inclusion that thrived in Otranto in the 12th century, as this crucial hub of maritime trade connected East and West. Viale Rocamatura, 73028 Otranto.”
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“Bellissimo posto, con la possibilità di mangiare vicinissimi mare. Cucina e pizza ottima, servizio efficiente. Su prenotazione.”
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Place of Worship
“La chiesetta di San Pietro è in origine una 'edicola' bizantina. E' piccola e accurata come una bomboniera di ottimo gusto. E' sita nel cuore di Otranto, in posizione strategica per immergersi nel dedalo di viuzze, tra mare e il resto del centro storico. ”
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“ local fresh fish cooked with love especially good CARBONARA DI RICCI ( Sea Urchin Carbonara pasta ) ”
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Real Estate Agency
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