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“Diamond Head hike is simply a must for everyone coming to Waikiki! Yes, it will be crowded, but yes, the views are worth it from the top! ** Pro tip-- once you get out of the tunnel, take the stairway to the LEFT, not the right. You end up at the same place, but it's a bit easier and more enjoyable going that way. ”
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“One of the best beaches on the island. Lots of water activities, like kayaking, surfing, canoeing...”
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Punkt widokowy
“The place to hike for tourists and sightseeing! Beautiful views! Very affordable entrance!”
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“You can drive and park in Lanikai (be aware of no parking signs....wear swimsuit underneath and walk straight out to Lanikai beach to swim after hiking.”
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Botanical Garden
“Such a beautiful little piece of paradise. There are plenty of stops to take but my favorite is the lake. This entire spot is heavenly. ”
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“Enormous park at the base of Diamond Head and adjacent to Waikiki and the Honolulu Zoo. Many events happen here on the weekends.”
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“Gradual incline, nicely paced road all the way up! Get your heart pumping and a little sweat on. Probably one of the easiest hikes! ”
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Kort tenisowy
“The closest beach to our B&B. Right across the street from the mall, this is a great park for walking, people watching and swimming laps in the ocean. ”
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Nature Preserve
“A state park all about snorkeling? That's my kind of park! Yes, it's crowed, you have to pay, and you have to watch a video before the steep walk down (unless you take their trolley), but I think it's totally worth it. You are pretty much guaranteed to see gorgeous aquatic life even if you have no snorkeling experience. Go early before the parking lot reaches capacity.”
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“One of the best hikes to burn calories instantly with stairs all the way up. At the top, you will see some of the best views from the island.”
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“One of my favorite places in Waikiki to hang out. Volleyball courts, nice beach and just a chill place overall. ”
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“Hanauma Bay Beach is the finest snorkeling beach for beginning and even advanced snorkelers and even SCUBA divers on Oahu, yet it is located only about 2 minutes by car from the AlohaPalace com. You can even put on some good hiking shoes and a hat and longsleeved shirt and climb up (at your own risk of course) the dry stream bed with exotic lianas to hold on to and rappel yourself up to the top of the extinct crater wall from which Hanauma Bay was formed about 30,000 years ago and walk to the main entrance of Hanauma Bay and go snorkeling, for free if you walk through the main entrance gate after 6AM when the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve opens every morning except Tuesdays when it is always closed for maintenance, and 7:00AM when the personnel arrive to collect the admission from anyone who is over the age of 12 and does not have a Hawaii Driver License, except of course for active members of the military stationed in Hawaii, and everyone who gets in can stay at the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve all day if they want to, and parking a car only costs just $1 for parking all day! You will be amazed how many beautiful fish and even rare marine mammals you wil be able to see in their natural habitat. There is even a nature center with exhibits and free lectures most Thursday evenings about marine ecology. All visitors get to see a 9 minute video movie about the conservation efforts going on and why you should not step on the coral because it provides food for the fish and green turtles who live in the bay. ”
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“Not for the novice hiker! Be prepared for the steep climb... the view is worth it!!!”
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“Joni Mitchell's song, Big Yellow Taxi reference to lyrics, "They took all the trees And put 'em in a tree museum And they charged the people A dollar and a half to seem 'em", yes, this is the "Tree Museum"”
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Inne świetne na zewnątrz
“Any body and all ages welcome to breathe the fresh air and take in the natural beauty and wonders of nature. Great place to wander and stretch the body and mind.”
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