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Scena kulinarna – Mercato, Neapol

“The best fried pizza in town. Pilgrimage to a historical place, known to few, where fried pizza is religion. Unbeatable because it is a cult. Maybe you eat standing up, but maybe there should be an inner room. Try the pizza in any way you want. Super cheap.”
  • Poleca 14 lokalnych gospodarzy
“E' una delle poche pizzerie più antiche di Napoli. Qui fanno la pizza più buona al mondo, e le pizzaiole sono tutte donne, provare per credere.”
  • Poleca 1 lokalny gospodarz
Restauracja włoska
“If you are in the station area (railway, Piazza Garibaldi) I recommend this good pizzeria. Excellent ingredients, interesting menu, cheap prices.”
  • Poleca 1 lokalny gospodarz
  • Poleca 1 lokalny gospodarz
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