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Najlepsze rekomendacje lokalnych ekspertów

Odkryj, co sprawia, że to miasto jest wyjątkowe. Mogą to być na przykład mało popularne miejsca, które odwiedzisz w towarzystwie lokalnych ekspertów.
“The National Mall is basically Washington DC’s backyard – it’s a grassy lawn where visitors and locals hang out on sunny days. Full of world-class museums (we’ll get to this later) and fun festivals, the National Mall is the center of many activities in the city.”
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Science Museum
“Of course the entire Smithsonian Institution is a cultural landmark; but the Air Space Museum in particular is one of our favorites.”
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“Gourmet food hall. Drive in movies during the summer. The neighborhood has lots of restaurants, shops and bookstores.”
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Government building
“You can tour the White House, the iconic home of America’s president, by scheduling a visit in advance. Even if you are unable to schedule a visit, walk around to the back to get a closer view of the building.”
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“Great place to find something to eat. from seafood to Chinese you are able to find a lot of options. ”
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“If you love animals you are up for a trip. Private car there is parking or Uber. ”
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Science Museum
“One of the most popular museums on the Mall, and for good reason! After a long hiatus, the new-and-improved dinosaur hall has reopened and is a must-visit.”
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Targ rolniczy
“This is a fantastic weekend market of food and clothing vendors, amongst others.”
  • Poleca 392 lokalnych gospodarzy
Capitol Building
“If you have enough time before your trip, contact your local Congressman and request a tour!”
  • Poleca 198 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Great area to hang around. Plenty of restaurants for all palates, shops, river front etc.”
  • Poleca 165 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Nightlife, casino, concerts, luxury shopping, and fine dining! MGM is only 20 minutes away without traffic. Considered the 2nd biggest casino in the U.S. ”
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“Visit the home of former president, Thomas Jefferson. Take note of architecture, gardens, etc. ”
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Kort tenisowy
“Large park that follows a creek through the middle of the city to the National Mall. The park boasts trails, bike paths, public tennis courts, picnic areas, and The National Zoo.”
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Miejsce wystawiania sztuk
“A quick 10-minute walk from the Georgetown waterfront, you’ll find D.C.’s own version of the Metropolitan Opera House. Bringing in top performers from around the world in theater, opera, ballet, as well as various musical concerts from orchestra to hip-hip for the entertainment of all ages.”
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“Visit and watch the Changing of the Guard, The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. ”
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Miejsce koncertowe
“Awarded "Nightclub of the Year" honors 4 times by Pollstar, the concert industry trade journal. it has also been Pollstar's top ticket selling club. Rolling Stone rated the club #1 Big Room in US. ”
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Najlepsze restauracje

Restauracja francuska
“We absolutely love this place. We would always bring guests to this amazing restaurant and have a few drinks at their patio. We order foie gras for appetizer, lobster risotto and duck! Don’t forget to call ahead of time as they are always booked. ”
  • Poleca 266 lokalnych gospodarzy
“great neighborhood coffee shop and location of. farmers market in warmer months ”
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Restauracja włoska
“My husband and I has this habit of being active and we used to go to this spot after completing our 10,000 steps. We try different variety of their wine and pasta. This spot is perfect for unwinding and having a good time.”
  • Poleca 185 lokalnych gospodarzy
“World famous Seacrets! An incredible bar scene- and really good food too. Family friendly during the day, but definitely adults only after 5.”
  • Poleca 90 lokalnych gospodarzy
Restauracja amerykańska
“Sleek coffeehouse and lounge serving American bistro fare, milkshakes & specialty cocktails. Great for brunch.”
  • Poleca 171 lokalnych gospodarzy
Restauracja nowoamerykańska
“Reservations are hard to come by, but you might be able to snag a seat at the bar at this extremely popular restaurant!”
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“This a great place for small plates at a reasonable price , the food is the best it is Only a 5 minute walk from out house in Edgehill village”
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“This restuarant bar looks like something out of the Harry Potter universe. With large glass windows and mirrors at the upstairs bar, large open seating dinning, and dimly lit "cave-like" downstairs bar, it has something for everyone.”
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