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Odkryj, co sprawia, że to miasto jest wyjątkowe. Mogą to być na przykład mało popularne miejsca, które odwiedzisz w towarzystwie lokalnych ekspertów.

“Unique Island that does NOT have any cars/trucks. ONLY Bikes and Horse Drawn carriages...”
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Natural Feature
“The trip to Mackinaw City from Traverse City is about 2 hr and 20 mins. Then the ferry boat ride to the island is about another 30-45 minutes (ferry costs $$ per passenger). The island is spectacular, and a must see for tourists. You can rent bikes, rent a horse drawn carriage, or walk around the island. The entire island is only about 9 miles, with interesting sites/stops along the way. In town there are many shops, restaurants and events going on. The fudge is to die for! The Grand Hotel is GRAND! ”
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“Personally my favorite place to visit. If you have time take the 2 hour drive. If you've never been, you should go, you will have a great time. No vehicles only bikes and horses are on the Island. Historic!!!!”
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Point of Interest
“A beautiful island you won't want to miss. See history and enjoy quiet walks and buggy rides. Views are amazing and many places to visit.”
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Point of Interest
“Very close to the room and great outdoor seating with beautiful views of the bridge.”
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Zoo Exhibit
“Butterflies are important. Go here and look at them do whatever it is that butterflies do.”
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