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Odkryj, co sprawia, że to miasto jest wyjątkowe. Mogą to być na przykład mało popularne miejsca, które odwiedzisz w towarzystwie lokalnych ekspertów.
“Our favourite stalactite cave system, very atmospheric, with a boat ride inside the cave”
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“Special illuminated visits Thursday nights in July and August. A nice castle but everyone comes here for the gardens a truly outstanding walk along the clifftops through beautifully trimmed hedges as well as more natural forest areas. Amazing views across the valley and of the castle of Beynac, Castelnaud and Fayrac (not open to the public). During the warmer months they have a Via Ferrata along the cliffs, climbing on natural walls for kids as well as giant netted walkways through the trees. They often have activities for kids such as mask making and painting. The cafe on site is a lovely place to spend and hour on its terrace with nice ice creams, crepes and light bites.”
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“Imposing medieval fortress dominating the river with some of the best views in the area from its rooftop terrace. If you visit the castle be sure to give some time over to visiting the village that has kept its authentic architecture intact.”
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“Castelnaud is a lovely castle, restored to its nearly original state in recent decades. Like many of the castles in this short stretch along the Dordogne river it is situated on a bluff with magnificent views both up and down river. Chateau Beynac is clearly visible, where the English were kept under watch (and vice versa)! There are great displays of catapults and a small but fascinating museum of medieval implements of warfare and torture. Well worth the visit.”
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“Fantastic castle open to the public. Great place to take children but lots of spiral staircases. About 70 minutes drive but through very nice scenery.”
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“Home of the amazing Josephine Baker, singer, actress, spy, civil rights leader and adopter of ‘les enfants du monde’. Fascinating museum of her life, wonderful gardens and twice daily birds of prey display.”
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“The most beautiful garden in Dordogne. Stunning spot. Beautiful gardens and views. Great lunch restaurant. Incredible! Very close to Les Charmes de Carlucet”
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“Market days in Cahors are Wednesday and Saturday morning. You must see this fourteenth century bridge that spans the river Lot. It is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. Simple but with such grace.”
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“The prehistoric Pech-Merle caves contain some of the oldest Upper Paleolithic cave paintings in the world. Dating from 25,000 BC. It is particularly famous for "The Dappled Horses of Pech-Merle".”
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“One of the most incredible attractions in the region, a UNESCO World Heritage site, La Roque St Christophe is a 1km long cliff, 80m high with 5 enormous galleries. Since troglodyte days, it has been a place of safe refuge. You get to see how the city was arranged and there are working replicas of the lifts which were needed to bring supplies up the cliff face.”
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“Très beau parc où les animaux vivent en semi liberté et qui est également un conservatoire de plusieurs espèces.”
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“The unmissable town in the region which at it’s heart is one of the most complete medieval town centres in Europe, full of cafes, restaurants and shops. It has its markets on Wednesday and Saturday Mornings. Be aware in high season it can be very very busy on market days, so go early.”
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“Excellent museum containing many pre-historic relics and interesting items from the area. There is a great view over the town from the upper walkway.”
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“Un jolie promenade dans un grand parc boisé où les singes évoluent en liberté. ”
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Historyczne miejsce
“Magical ancient ruin of w Chateau nestled on top of a prehistoric troglodyte village...superbe ! Need hiking shoes 20 minute drive from les Rosiers ”
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“Beautiful town built into the cliffs overlooking the national park. Religious monuments throughout the village. Great tourist shops, restaurants, cafes etc. Lots of tourist attractions including a monkey sanctuary, insect land, eagle park, and the magnificent stalactite caves 'La Gouffre de Padirac' not so far away, where you take a boat ride inside the cave.”
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Travel Agency
“The most beautiful garden in Dordogne. Stunning spot. Beautiful gardens and views. Great lunch restaurant. Incredible! Very close to Les Charmes de Carlucet”
  • Poleca 36 lokalnych gospodarzy
Restauracja francuska
“Consistently good. Open all year around. Prices above the average but so is the food.”
  • Poleca 12 lokalnych gospodarzy
“One of the best restaurants in Sarlat. Small family run, fantastic imaginative food. Chef and kitchen visible from restaurant. Great location in centre of Sarlat old town. Need to book!”
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Restauracja francuska
“Un restaurant étoilé feutré, avec une très belle carte. Profitez des déjeuners ....certains jours... une formule bistrot à tout petit prix ”
  • Poleca 6 lokalnych gospodarzy
Restauracja francuska
“I think this is the best restaurant in Cahors. God value for money but of course it is on the slightly more expensive side. Classy and good service.”
  • Poleca 17 lokalnych gospodarzy
Restauracja francuska
“la Salamandre, le Grand Bleu, l'Esprit, les jardins d'harmonie, le bistro de l 'OCTROI.”
  • Poleca 9 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Probably the best restaurant in the region outside Cahors. Food is a delicious work of art. Excellent local wines. Expensive.”
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Restauracja francuska
“Very friendly restaurant with English speaking serving staff, serving authentic Perigordian menus. ”
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