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Grocery or Supermarket
Place to eat
“Dreznik Old town - According to historical sources, the Old town is mentioned already in 1185. Historical happenings in this area are mostly connected with constant warfare concerning borders and defense from Turkish invasion, which is why the area hadn’t developed as a market town or a settlement, but rather as a defensive fort, especially Drežnik Grad (Drežnik Castle).”
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“ It's our "Ibizza", day and nigth DJ's, music, fun ond the beach...All you need for the good party. ”
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National Park
“Recently established NP Una, with rich natural and cultural heritage, and many activities available...”
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“Without any doubt, the most attractive excursion is the one to Goli otok (Naked Island) with its notorious former prison, among tourists also known as "Croatian Alcatraz". Numerous buildings, prison cells and workshops have witnessed cruel destiny of convicts on island's stone surface. Tourist facilities on the island: a small catering service for refreshment after the tour, small train for easier passing of island's paths, and a souvenir shop.”
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“Famous party beach with discotheques where different festivals take place.”
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“The church of St Lucia is located in Jurandvor, a small village to the north of Baška. The church emerged in the High Middle Ages, during the Romanesque period, as a single-nave structure with a prominent semicircular apse and a bell tower on the façade. The walls around the church are the remains of a Benedictine monastery which contained this sacral structure. Archaeological research established that the monastery and the church emerged on an earlier antique farm building. The finding which made the church of St Lucia widely famous is located within the building. On the tablet of the altar wall there is the inscription known as the Baška tablet. This stone tablet is one of the oldest monuments of Croatian history. It contains thirteen lines in old Croatian language, mentioning the word “Croatian” and the name of the king Zvonimir. It dates back to 1100. The script, with which it was written, called the Glagolitic script, is completely different from the Latin script. Besides the Latin script, the Glagolitic script was used until the 19th century. The original tablet was moved to Zagreb in 1934 and is located in the hall of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Today the Glagolitic script has become a trademark of Baška, which is witnessed by large sculptures shaped like Glagolitic letters placed along the road leading to Baška.”
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History Museum
“The Nikola Tesla Memorial Center is a cultural-historical site and museum located in Smiljan, Croatia, located at the birthplace of Nikola Tesla, one of the world's foremost electrical researchers and inventors”
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Bar z grillem
“This restaurant is in Rastoke, very nice place to visit and taste this food.”
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Koktajl bar
“This is caffe bar & restaurant. Very nice ambience, modern, tasty food. Not too cheap.”
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National Park
“Plitvice Lakes is the oldest and largest national park in the Republic of Croatia. Plitvice Lakes were internationally recognised with their inscription onto the UNESCO World Heritage List. The lake system is comprised of 16 named and several smaller unnamed lakes, cascading one into the next. Due to the geological substrate and characteristic hydrogeological conditions, the lake system has been divided into the Upper and Lower lakes.”
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“For Baračeve špilje (Baraceve caves) the plural is really appropriate. There are numerous caves which may be visited: Donja Baračeva špilja, Nova Baračeva špilja, Gornja Baračeva špilja, and Otvaranje špilja. The show cave is Gornja Baračeva špilja, which is 520m long, but only 200m are visited on the tour. The visitors are equipped with helmets and electric torches. It seems the local caving club interpreted the term "torch" literally: electric handlamps were installed in bamboo garden toches. At least they are so huge, they cant slip your mind. The river Suvaja, which runs close to the cave, is a true karst river. It disappears in a swallow hole only a few hundred meters downstream, just to reappear in a karst spring another 200m further. ”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“Adresa: Ulica braće Andrijića 1, 23250 Pag RADNI DANI 07–22 SUBOTA 07–22 NEDJELJA 07–22”
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