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Zabytki i ciekawe miejsca w: Isle of Lewis

Muzea historyczne

History Museum
“Visit the Gearrannan blackhouse village to see what villages looked like on Lewis until not all that long ago. The original village blackhouses have been renovated and re-thatched. Get a feel for what island life used to be like. There is a shop and sometimes weaving demonstrations.”
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Historyczne miejsca

Historyczne miejsce
“If you are visiting Harris and Lewis, it would be a crime to miss the amazing neolithic standing stones at Callanish. ”
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Historyczne miejsce
“Another prehistoric site worth visiting. Dun Carloway is one of the best-preserved Iron Age Brochs in the whole of Scotland.”
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Historyczne miejsce
“Find out what it was like to live in a blackhouse at this fascinating museum.”
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