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Idaho Springs – niezbędne drobiazgi

“Located 38 miles from the cottage. Ski/Snowboard resort with many trails & terrains, plus shops & eateries as well as warm-weather activities.”
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Natural Feature
“Highest paved road in North America. Amazing views. Open seasonally. 1 & 1/2 hour drive. Can loop down to Idaho Springs after driving to the top. Lunch in Idaho Springs and take I-70 back to Evergreen and on over to Conifer. ”
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“A trek from house but worth it. Original location in historic mining town Idaho Springs. Colorado style pizza. Has beers on tap from neighboring tommy knocker brewery. ”
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Hot Spring
“Though the pool is not recommended, private rentals of their outdoor tubs are pretty cool. The closest hot springs to Denver.”
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Inne świetne na zewnątrz
“Beautiful mountain drive. You can take this as a long loop heading over to Georgetown for lunch, then take I-70 back to Conifer. Plenty of places to stop and hike. It’s definitely worth as an out and back too! ”
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Ski Area
“ Skiing and related activities in the winter. Mountain biking, hiking, alpine slides, and related activities during the summer. Numerous restaurants and a resort amenities.”
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“You've probably enjoyed their award winning beers in bars all over the US, but they whip up a great home-style meal too. Sit on the bar side for an up close glimpse of their actual brewing operations while you enjoy their signature Goldrush Pork Green Chili.”
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“This is an easy destination for a quick day trip. Located just outside Idaho Springs, CO. ”
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Inne świetne na zewnątrz
“Rafting down Clear Creek allows you to enjoy the mountains in an interactive way you will never forget. ”
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“Amazing glacier views, very, very short hike (fun for the whole family). Bring cash for paid parking.”
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“Newer to town is this contemporary brewery with solid beers and great atmosphere. The windows roll up for nice weather and it is a great spot to view the waterfall. There is also a full bar with craft cocktails, if beer is not your thing. ”
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“The Ameristar Casino is our favorite destination in Black Hawk. It has restaurants, a buffet-style grill, and a deli, as well as a casino and a bar with live entertainment.”
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“The only 14ner you can basically drive to the top. The drive is stunning and there are usually lots of goat and ram sightings. There’s also lots of hiking all around here - download the alltrails app and see! FYI the drive all the way to the top closes in early September. You can still get pretty close for another month or so after that and all the trails are still open but due to snow and road safety risks they only open the road to the top during the summer. Pro-tip: go during a weekday to avoid weekend traffic!”
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Restauracja amerykańska
“Delicious Italian and hands down great pizza pie. Georgetown is a great historic town located only about 15 to 20 min from the cottage. ”
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Restauracja meksykańska
“We love this local gem in Georgetown. It's 25 minutes west in a quaint mining town. The salsa's and margs are worth the drive and it's close enough for a quick trip and far enough into the mountains to feel worlds away from the city. ”
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“Aside from Texas BBQ, this is one of the best BBQ spots we've been too...a variety of sauces help add to your meat selection, and the spicy slaw is yum! They also have a great outdoor patio that overlooks Fall Creek so you can watch the rafters drift by in the summer. Worth it for BBQ fans!”
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