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Honolulu – niezbędne drobiazgi

“Discover Hawai‘i’s history and living culture, learn about Polynesian wayfinding, and experience the thrill of an erupting volcano—only at Bishop Museum.”
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Muzeum sztuki
“10 minute walk away! Great art pieces from history from local and international artists!”
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“The only royal palace in the United States. The tour is excellent, and a must see if you are interested in Hawaiian history.”
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“Very cool lookout where you can see a large portion of Kailua and Kanehoe Bay. Quick stop with great views, if it is not raining.”
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Natural Feature
“Take a short hike through a lush Hawaiian rainforest in Manoa Valley, en route to a spectacular 150-foot waterfall on a well-maintained trail.”
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“Great place to pick up some sweets or stop in for breakfast at anytime of the day or night (they're open 24 hours!). Their coco puffs are their specialty, and the poi mochi donuts are fantastic!”
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Pomnik / punkt orientacyjny
“This is the only palace in the USA, housing the Hawaiian Monarchy. Close proximity and walking distance to your Hotel.”
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Restauracja wietnamska
“Featuring globally accented, modern Vietnamese cooking in a lively setting with communal tables.”
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Restauracja hawajska
“Local draw known for homestyle Hawaiian cooking in a casual, no-frills space. Cash only.”
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Restauracja z owocami morza
“Good affordable seafood with seating outside on pier. There is a market right next to the restaurant.”
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“An easy hike with breathtaking views and an incredible waterfall at the end. Bonus: you can park in the neighborhood right before the hike and skip out on paying to park. ”
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“Great place to see a great view of Honolulu city! Just a 10 min drive from Waikiki and a short walk from the parking area to a beautiful view. Go around 4:30pm - 5:30pm and if there is some rain in the valley, you can see a gorgeous rainbow. *Just don't leave your important stuff in the car. Thieves will break your car window to steal your bags. ”
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Noodle House
“My favorite ramen in Honolulu; in the newer Kak'ako area that is bursting with restaurants and bars, music and late night activity.”
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Bus Line
“We have a good bus system and you can get the times and stop locations from their website -”
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Natural Feature
“Great moderate hike. From kids to seniors, everyone will enjoy beautiful Manoa Falls. So close to Waikiki but a world away. It can get muddy, be sure to wear shoes with good grip and clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. ”
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College & University
“Giant green campus is great for walking to get a little fresh air, sun, gentle easy relaxed slow exercise, sightseeing, in a safe and interesting setting. Free lift (elevator) at Saunders Hall (Faculty of Urban & Regional Planning, Economics, Womens Studies, etc.) takes you to the roof for good views of Manoa Valley, Kaimuki, town, etc. ”
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