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Honolulu – niezbędne drobiazgi

“Diamond Head is a short distance from Polynesian Hostel and offers amazing views of Waikiki and the South Shore of Oahu. ”
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Centrum handlowe
“The famous outdoor mall in Honolulu which is the 7th largest outdoor mall in the country. You can spend a day here easily, then take a sunset sail from the yacht harbor across the street.”
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Natural Feature
“Best snorkeling (closed tuesdays) Kona brewery for lunch or pack a picnic lunch. ”
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“Beautiful beach. No bathrooms, showers, lifeguards, nor parking lot though.”
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“Discover Hawai‘i’s history and living culture, learn about Polynesian wayfinding, and experience the thrill of an erupting volcano—only at Bishop Museum.”
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“Check out early in the morning or later afternoon to avoid getting too hot, its a safari out there! Snack bar offers treat to cool down such as Shave Ice & Dip'n'Dots Ice Cream.”
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Restauracja hawajska
“General Ambience and a good buffet with good prices as well as a regular menu ”
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Miejsce wystawiania sztuk
“This is the largest mall closest to the location! With an abundance of stores and restaurants, this place is a must for all those shopping lovers!”
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“One of the best beaches on the island. Lots of water activities, like kayaking, surfing, canoeing...”
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Travel Agency
“ This still-active naval base is known for the 1941 attack by Japan that brought the U.S. into WWII.”
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“we have taken the liberty of composing a "to do" list for our guests. many of you ask for places to eat, or adventures to partake in. Our list is by no means compete, we actually also have a guest book in the room where we encourage everyone to add their favourite things that they did while here in Hawaii. We did cover our favourite breakfast spots, restaurants in general and happy hour specials. we also cover some of the bests hikes Oahu has to offer... Beaches and surf spots too, plus a few others. You will find this information along with our wifi password on the Welcome card when you check into your room :)”
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Muzeum sztuki
“The Honolulu Museum if Art is an art museum in Honolulu. The museum was founded in 1922 by Anne Rice Cooke. The museum has one of the the largest single collections of Asian and Pan-Pacific art in the United States. Since 1927 its collections have grown to more than 50,000 works of art. ”
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Punkt widokowy
“The place to hike for tourists and sightseeing! Beautiful views! Very affordable entrance!”
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“OMG best place! you will fall in love with these yummy donuts, go early due to the long lines. Prices are reasonable, may need to uber ”
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“The world famous Waikiki Beach! Lot's of sightseeing! You can rent a surfboard, take lessons, swim, etc! Beautiful water!”
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Centrum handlowe
“International market place is a newly renovated and upgraded mall that has everything you may need to enjoy your time there. Great shopping options, food places, and even a small little grassy area for a nice resting spot or a spot where your keiki (children) can run and play to burn off any excess energy. It’s an open, outdoor mall with plenty of shade and places to sit and enjoy the weather.”
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