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“Inside the museum are objects which evoke stories and memories of the Istanbul of the 1970s. Some objects, such as Füsun’s dress or driver’s license or the view from her room, are taken directly from the novel. Objects are displayed in cases corresponding to chapters in the novel. On the ground floor of the museum is a large spiral, representing the Aristotelian conception of time as the line which links the series of unbreakable, atomic moments of the “present,”—the concept from which objects of the museum link the moments of the novel to the characters living out its arc.”
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Sklep z odzieżą
“You can buy some stuff there, it is center of taksim. Just in istiklal street, also there is h&m, mango, bershka etc.”
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“You can enjoy your drink or lunch here right next to the seafront in a nice environment with all the old seaside in front of you. Tip: They offer free parking in their establishment! You should expect to pay around 5 € for coffee, 5-10 for drink and 20 for lunch, approximately.”
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“Historical restaurant one of the best Baklava in istanbul you can taste bunch of turkish delight”
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“A summertime favourite in the Gazi district - beautiful ‘garden’ in a multi-purpose venue, serving a range of drinks and cocktails with a cool grown-up vibe.”
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“For my taste the best coffee in Istanbul. Located in the heart of Cihangir - a cool neighborhood close to Taksim.”
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“This is oposite our main entrance. All think of Mama Roux when it comes to a carefree Sunday brunch with friends in the always happening center of Athens. The last few years Mama Roux has been a big hit among cool Athenians looking for some London or Berlin-like place to have brunch, lunch or dinner in a bohemian cafeteria-style restaurant with international (both French & middle-eastern) cuisine. It was even listed among the Trip Advisor’s best.”
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“Local favorite coffee spot! It's the perfect place to relax after an afternoon spent exploring Karakoy!”
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“The self service restaurant at the opposite side of Super Paradise beach, is a low budget alternative for lunch. The kitchen offers with a big variety of greek food but don't expect anything a gourmet approach. ”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“The Polylimnio Waterfalls are one of the best kept “secrets” of Greece. Trek through the woods in the Messenia region of the Peloponnese to uncover them. ”
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Bar plażowy
“The atmosphere is cosmopolitan elegant at this beachfront restaurant, billed as one of the most fine dining establishments in Mykonos. Celebrities meeting point! ”
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Sklep dla smakoszy
“High quality, little expensive but with a good flexibility while chosing you breakfast plate. You can decide your plate and you pay for what you buy.”
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“One of my favorite wine bars in Athens. I really like their smart name (Oinos is the Greek word for wine). Here you can find a big variety of wines from around the world (1000+ labels). In addition you can accompany your glass of wine with a plateau of cheese and relax in a non-smoking area. My personal best is a bottle of Malbec Natural (2017) P.S Oinoscent recently expanded and now there is also a wine restaurant addition next to the previous wine bar!”
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Costume Shop
“If you are into wine, you have to visit this Winery. They produce their own wines using grapes from the Manisa region of Turkey. The soil on which they farm their grapes is volcanic, resulting in their wines to have an earthy and deep taste. Shiraz is especially a great choice for such a characteristic in my opinion. ”
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“Visit Terkenlis and taste the greek traditional brioche (tsoureki). Personally my favourite is brioche (tsoureki) with chestnut cream filling. You are going to find a great variety of greek brioche.”
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Galeria sztuki
“The National Gallery preserves/ conserves over 5000 artworks. Besides the permanent collection which is focused on Socialist Realism art, famous Albanian artists, international ones and important collections have been part of the different exhibitions in the National Gallery of Arts. An important policy of the NGA activities are also the educational programs, where many children and students participate.. Visitors of the National Gallery have the opportunity to enjoy the activities and the exhibitions’ rich program, to know more about Albanian visual art. ”
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