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Odkryj, co sprawia, że to miasto jest wyjątkowe. Mogą to być na przykład mało popularne miejsca, które odwiedzisz w towarzystwie lokalnych ekspertów.
“Great for bird watching. Hiking along the salinas and paths.. Can also take boat tours, go diving see dolphins and lost of seahorses other marine life.”
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Centrum handlowe
“Relatively big shopping mall where you may find well-known stores, such as Apple and Adidas. Centro comercial relativamente grande onde poderá encontrar grandes marcas como a Apple e a Adidas.”
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Sporting Goods Shop
“If you are more a Shopping kind of person, don't miss Forum Algarve, it is in Faro very close to Praia de Faro and Faro Airoport, you will find a lot of shops with everything you need. In accordance with the beautifull weather in Algarve, the mall is open, so you can go there and not feel trapped. There are some seasonal events ”
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“ this is one of faro's island that you can go by fairy there from the down town!”
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Natural Feature
“Ilha Deserta Ilha Deserta is one of the 5 barrier islands in the Ria Formosa Natural Park. A commonly asked question is if the island is called Barreta or Deserta. Barreta is the geographic name of the island, Deserta, which means desert or deserted, appeared as a nickname among the fishermen. Find it. Love it. Preserve it. The shape of Deserta looks like an arrow pointing south, between the Atlantic Ocean and Ria Formosa. The island has been kept pristine for many years, and today still surprises. From birds, to plants and flowers, crustacean, chameleons and others still to be found, Ilha Deserta is a hotspot of biodiversity. One of the most enthusiastic characteristics is the unique scent of the island. Due to lack of air pollution, and especially when a wet atmosphere occurs, Deserta is emerged on a vibrant orchestra of aromas. ”
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“Most accessible and popular beach. You can get there by boat, car or bus nr 14 and 16, and Uber :) This beach is best for sunsets, people say. :D”
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“Ilha da Culatra is a large sand bar island in the natural park of Ria Formosa, near the town of Olhão. The main attraction of Culatra Island is its beautiful beach, which can be considered as one of the most beautiful beaches of the Algarve. It is the perfect destination for a day trip. The island is part of the Ria Formosa National Park, so it has had very limited development. There are no paved roads on Culatra and the only method to reach the island is by ferry. Along the southern side of the island there are golden beaches, with calm crystal-clear waters and on the northern side are lagoons. The Ilha da Culatra is the perfect location to escape the crowds even in the summer where most of the Algarve is bustling with tourists. Ilha da Culatra is a great place for hiking. You can walk from the village of Culatra all the way to the village of Farol. There are two ways to do this: along the beach, or on a wooden path in the dunes. The walk is about 4 kilometers (2.5 miles). You will see a variety of vegetation and wildlife and will truly appreciate the beauty of this island. You can arrive on Culatra, walk to the beach, and then walk along the sea to the west, all the way to Farol. There you can enjoy a delicious seafood lunch and take the return ferry to Olhão. The island is permanently inhabited by around 1000 people, who mainly live on fishing and tourism. Ilha da Culatra consists of three parts:  Culatra (on the northern banks). Culatra is a small fishing village that is mainly inhabited by fishermen.  Farol (in the west). Farol is a small village with a lighthouse (Farol means lighthouse in Portuguese). This part of the island is sometimes called Ilha do Farol (Farol Island). This name suggests it is another island than Ilha da Culatra, but actually it is a different part of the same island. Culatra and Farol are the only villages on the island.  Hângares. This is named after an old hangar for marine seaplanes. Hângares is a quieter area, with very little infrastructure and few tourists. Ilha da Culatra is connected to the mainland by a small passenger ferries which depart from Olhão or Faro. For both routes there are in excess of 10 departures per day in the high season but drop to only a handful in the winter. Departure times change seasonally (and even weekly) so check locally at ticket office especially for the last return ferry. There are also ferry taxis in the event you miss the final departure, but they are considerably more expensive. From Olhão, the ferries depart from the main jetty and make two stops at Farol (€7.00 return, 45 minutes) and Culatra (€6.00 return, 30 minutes). The distance is short but the journey takes a surprisingly long time due to the shallow waters of the Ria Formosa. The ferry service from Faro departs from the Porta Nova Pier and connects to Farol (€5.00 return, 30 minutes) and Culatra (€6.00 return, 40 minutes). ”
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Place to eat
“There are markets. And then there are Markets! The market in Olhao is an amazing mix of hustle, bustle, smells and just loads of amazingness! You want to come here on a Saturday because that is when the market is in full bloom. This is where the locals buy their groceries and fresh fish. Locals from the islands are gathering at the market in Olhao The locals are here. They have come from all over Olhao. A boat just arrived from the islands outside of Olhao and people are getting of. Each and everyone is equipped with a trolley. It is time to do some serious shopping. And this is the place where it’s all going to happen. And even if there is a lot of people there – this is still a very well organized market.”
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Koktajl bar
“Here you can drink the best, fancy and delicious cocktails in Algarve, they won prizes for their cocktails”
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“In terms of areas, its activity aims to give meaningful expression to all current programmatic areas: music and opera, dance, theatre, new circus and cinema. And in connection with all of them, an enhanced attention to pedagogical and educational perspectives, with a strong and structured action of the Educational Service.”
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“A local market, open every day during the week and week end: fresh fish, fresh fruit and legume, ... Coffee after the courses is a best ”
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Bus Station
“From here you can connect to several points of Faro and the Algarve, as well as other cities, including Lisboa and Sevilla. Info & timetables in (intercity) and (local)”
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Spiritual Center
“Monument of Public Interest. Built by the Third Order of Our Lady of Monte do Carmo between 1713 and 1719 the church is a fine example of baroque architecture, with a symmetrical façade in the style of D. João V. Church with a single nave with a main chapel and four decorated side chapels with tile and gilded carving. In the old cemetery annexes the Chapel of Bones, built in 1816.”
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Centrum handlowe
“It has a go karting track on the -3 floor so good for a rainy day Also has a cinema. On the top floor are plenty of eating places for a quick snack”
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Ogródek piwny
“Great setting and wonderful panorama views over the Ria Formosa Nature Reserve”
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“Our museum, located in a monastery and with some very nice histories to share”
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Najlepsze restauracje

Ogródek piwny
“Great setting and wonderful panorama views over the Ria Formosa Nature Reserve”
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Restauracja portugalska
“Typical Algarvia food. I recommend the "Cataplana" (portuguese gastronomy). It's like a "Paella", but with local fish and méat, and without the rice :-)) You can also book a Workshop with them in order to know what to buy and cook your first Cataplana! Amazing expérience They have a large terrace and a private terrace to rent.”
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Sklep ze słodyczami
“Take a look at our Old Town, with some amazing monuments, as well as the museum, restaurants and bars”
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“($$) - Medium-price nice restaurant that has also the advantage of an extended working period, usually open any day of the week. It is focused mainly on fish dishes, including the very popular cataplanas, and of course the fresh fish grilled. However the epic thing here is their espetadas (skewers) of combinations of shrimp, lulas (squid) or bacalhau.”
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Restauracja z owocami morza
“Open for lunch only from 12:00- 15:30 Tuesdays - Sundays. A no non-sense all you can eat grilled fish restaurant. Grilled fish platter accompanied by salad, boiled potatoes, garlic mash, olives, bread, and homemade tuna salad. The fresh fish is chosen daily from the Olhão fish market. All this for 10 Euros for adults and 5 Euros for kids. Largo do Grémio, N 2 Olhão Tel: +351 968 027 525 ”
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“Extraordinária cozinha e óptimo serviço!! Óptimo para comer peixe sempre fresco!! ”
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“We recommend one of our favorite family restaurants located in the heart and center of Olhão with views of the ocean and passersby. O Horta is known for its local fresh Portuguese seafood dishes. One of our personal favorites is the "arroz de marisco" which is seafood with rice and has delicious savory rich flavors. However, any dish you choose will be a delight. ”
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“where you can eat ligth healthy meals, good for lunch time, like salads " big portion on the bowl"and sandwich , good view from terrace, beautiful decor”
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