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Galeria sztuki
“I am biased, because I work here! Enjoy the complimentary tickets in your welcome package to see some of Canada's greatest artists. Exhibits range from modern conceptual, to historic, from sculpture and ceramics to video. Something for everyone to enjoy!”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“Larger grocery store= Thrifty Foods plaza 15 minute walk right on Fairfield rd past Moss st. Across from historical Ross Bay cemetery on your right- has a hardware, pharmacy, liquor store, Starbucks, pizza, pet food and more. Ross Bay pub too!”
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“Great place to pick up a treat and a coffee on the way to Beacon Hill Park.”
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Sklep monopolowy
“The Strathcona is a hotel but is also many other things! It has a large Pub, It has a games room (Pool tables, darts), it has two nightclubs (one for a more sophisticated crowd and one for a younger crowd), It has a small Cantina called called 'Big Bad Johns' (bartenders wear overalls, peanut shells all over the floor and bras hanging on the ceiling!) and during the summer months, they have a rooftop patio bar with beach volleyball. $”
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“Great local bakery and cafe. Enjoy your morning coffee and get some treats! ”
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“Both this one and the Discovery Coffee on Discovery St (the original) are both bright, boppin, spacious cafés with excellent coffee and treats (my fave is the fruit chew - I don't go in for the super sugary sweets. The fruit chew is sweet by its own dried fruit merits and it has stolen my heart).”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“Organic and wellness related groceries. High quality goods, but you'll pay for it.”
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“Little organic grocery store in Cook st. Village, they have a larger location on Douglas, but this one is closer.”
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