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Zwiedzanie – Edgehill, Nashville

Miejsce koncertowe
“This neighborhood is considered the heart of Nashville's entertainment industry. Nestled within homes and buildings are the recording studios that brought you hundreds of your favorite songs. From Elvis to the Foo Fighters, some of the greatest artists spanning many genres have graced these sacred streets to network and record. You'll find a slew of publishing houses, record labels, studios, performance rights organizations, and other companies that make the wheels of our little music city mecca turn. You can feel the history oozing from the unassuming house fronts. If music is what brings you to Nashville for this visit, don't miss the chance to walk or drive in this historical section of town. ”
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Historyczne miejsce
“Do a mansion tour and enjoy the architecture, furniture and décor, intriguing story of a wealthy woman.”
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Historyczne miejsce
“RCA Studio B is a music recording studio in Nashville, Tennessee built in 1956. Originally known simply by the name "RCA Studios", it became known in the 1960s for being an essential factor to the development of the production style and technique known as the Nashville Sound.”
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