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Odkryj, co sprawia, że to miasto jest wyjątkowe. Mogą to być na przykład mało popularne miejsca, które odwiedzisz w towarzystwie lokalnych ekspertów.
“The Picasso is one of the Picasso-museums in the world, the biggest being in Barcelona. Free entry on sunday!”
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Muzeum sztuki
“Amazing Museo with Carmen's Collection. The Cafeteria counts with an amazing chocolate cake, perfect for a little treat.”
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Restauracja serwująca tapas
“Sit outside to get the best of your surroundings and the wonderful view of Alcazaba. The restuarant building its self is stunning and dont forget to take a peek inside. Food is really good , we normally take the pimpi special. Also try a glass of Malaga Dulce ( it's a sweet wine from the region) ”
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Historyczne miejsce
“XI Century Castle right in the center of Malaga, whose name means 'citadel' in Arab. A landmark of Malaga, a must see! Visit it free on Sundays after 2PM. Hint: take the elevator on Calle Guillén Sotelo, 1, 29016 Málaga directly into the castle. No lines! ”
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Centrum handlowe
“With modern shops, restaurants and bars bordering one side of the central orange tree-lined promenade and exclusive yachts flanking the other, Muelle Uno is not your average shopping complex. The waterfront open-air mall offers a contemporary shopping and dining experience by the sea, with stunning views of La Alcazaba to remind you of the city's Moorish past. As the name suggests, the recently redeveloped Muelle Uno area ('Quay One' in English) is located in Malaga Port. After 13 years of planning and negotiations, an 80-million-euro budget, and with over 400 new jobs created, Muelle Uno was officially inaugurated at the end of November 2011.”
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“I advise you to visit the Cathedral, on Sundays during the mass the entrance is free, and there is also a very interesting tour to the roof of the Cathedral.”
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“everyday there is something going on , iether a Jazz concert, or a play , or opera, ... ”
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Historyczne miejsce
“Built in the first Century by Emperor Augustus, but discovered only on 1951 (!), is one of the most preserved roman theatres. You can even enjoy a real play during the summer. Enter, sit and feel like a roman descendant, for free - entrance by the Alcazaba palace. Or enter by the interpretation center (left side of the theatre) and discover also the interior. ”
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Targ rolniczy
“This is the local market Atarazanas (mercado Atarazanas) where you can buy fresh fruit, smoothies, vegetables, nuts, fish and so on. They have the best restaurants if you like fresh sea food. You will be amazed.”
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Muzeum sztuki
“The Pompidou Center in Malaga is a museum of modern and contemporary art. Located in Malaga, Spain, in the building called El Cubo, it is the second location outside the walls of the national center of art and culture Georges Pompidou after the Pompidou-Metz center and the first located outside France.”
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Memorial Site
“The main characteristics of this old street in Malaga is its cultural identity. Formerly it was even dangerous to walk around it at certain times of the night, today it is totally safe and it is also the scene of various activities throughout the year. During the Malaga Film Festival the street wears its best clothes with a red carpet. In August and during the Malaga fair, this street is one of the main meeting points during the day. Every year during the month of September takes place the Larios Malaga Fashion Week, a fashion catwalk of Haute Couture for two days and with an influx of public that is around 30,000 people. At Christmas, Larios Street dresses up. Every year it is illuminat”
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“CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY ART: An excellent gallery in the trendy Soho district. Fascinating and thought provoking work from Spanish artists. PRICES: Free admission”
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“A great trip for history buffs or anyone looking to do some sightseeing in Malaga. The castle was built in 929AD by Abd-al-Rahman III, Caliph of Cordoba, on a former Phoenician enclosure and lighthouse, from which its name was derived. You can buy a combined ticket for Gibralfaro and Alcazaba.”
  • Poleca 87 lokalnych gospodarzy
Historyczne miejsce
“The Alcazaba is a palatial fortification in Málaga. It was built by the Hammudid dynasty in the early 11th century. It is the best-preserved alcazaba in Spain. Adjacent to the entrance of the Alcazaba are remnants of a Roman theatre dating to the 1st century BC - worth paying a visit while you are in the area. You can also buy a combined ticket with Castillo Gibralfaro”
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Muzeum sztuki
“The "Casa Natal" or birthplace of the world famous artist Pablo Ruiz Picasso has been an official heritage site since 1983. It is situated in Plaza de la Merced, in the heart of the historic centre of Malaga. The area is surrounded by monuments from Malaga's rich past such as the Roman Theatre, Gibralfaro Castle with its breathtaking views over the city, as well as the Alcazaba, an Arabian fort which is now home to the Archaeological Museum. It is also just a couple of minutes walk from Malaga Cathedral and literally round the corner from the well known Cervantes Theatre and not far from the larger Picasso Museum. Picasso Museum Málaga Located at 8 Calle San Agustín, Málaga, AL, 29015 Known ”
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“Bus No 1 & Circular Line 1 (C1) towards the city center and trains station/estazion de autobuses Bus No 1 & Circular Line 2 (C2) from the train station/estacion de autobusses Night bus is No 2 Bus Stop "Victoria/Plaza de La Merced"" EMT No 170”
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Najlepsze restauracje

Restauracja serwująca tapas
“Sit outside to get the best of your surroundings and the wonderful view of Alcazaba. The restuarant building its self is stunning and dont forget to take a peek inside. Food is really good , we normally take the pimpi special. Also try a glass of Malaga Dulce ( it's a sweet wine from the region) ”
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“The Antigua Casa de Guardia is the oldest wine bar in Malaga. Founded in 1840 by Don Jose Guardia . For wine lovers it is a place that must be visited.”
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Restauracja śródziemnomorska
“Nice restaurant with affordable menu. Has beautiful presentation and everything that I've tried has been prepared to the perfection. I recommend a table on the terrace with amazing views of the Alcazaba castle and that definitely needs a reservation as the place is always full. also above the restaurant there is a rooftop bar with the same views.”
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Restauracja śródziemnomorska
“If you fancy traditional Spanish plates, this is the place to be. The restaurant features home made plates as "robo de toro" or oxtail, jummi!”
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“A genuine classic in the Malaga Bar Scene, kitchy and lively with great and genuine ambiance.”
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Restauracja z owocami morza
“Fish restaurant, two locations across from each other, one fine dining, one with a tapas section on the street. ”
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Restauracja hiszpańska
“Next to the ‘Cervantes’ municipal theatre, in the historic centre, you will find the modern restaurant of the Dutch Hélène. On the terrace you can experience the cosy atmosphere of the typical Spanish square. The menu consists of pastas, salads, tapas and various exotic and vegetarian dishes. Apart from the creative kitchen, Vino Mio is also known for its flamenco shows. Artists perform here nightly from 8 pm to 9.30 pm. Great restaurant. Highly recommended.”
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Restauracja hiszpańska
“Pulpo a la gallega; hamon of pigs that ate only acorns - jamon de bellotas, and many snacks – tapas, and good and noise atmosphere I like the tables inside and out, Famous place here is a delicious beef tenderloin - solomillo de ternera; and octopus in Galician style - absolutely different impressions from the restaurant. Inside is a stuffed bull in full growth, you can take a very interesting photos.”
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