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Odkryj, co sprawia, że to miasto jest wyjątkowe. Mogą to być na przykład mało popularne miejsca, które odwiedzisz w towarzystwie lokalnych ekspertów.
Restauracja południowoamerykańska
“Pretty , traditional neighborhood many restaurants. Cheap and a few expensive food around. ”
  • Poleca 94 lokalnych gospodarzy
Muzeum sztuki
“Modern art museum (the first in Colombia) with an important collection including pieces by Colombian and American artists, in addition to constant exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. It also boasts a cinematheque Carrera 1 #5-105 Tuesday to Saturday: 10AM – 7PM Sundays: 2PM – 6PM Mondays: closed ”
  • Poleca 62 lokalnych gospodarzy
“On the banks of the Cali River and amidst beautiful vegetation is one of the best zoos in all of Latin America. It is a must if you enjoy a nice walk with fauna and flora that only a country as diverse as Colombia can offer.”
  • Poleca 60 lokalnych gospodarzy
“You can hire a taxi for a fifteen o twenty minute ride to the top of Cristo Rey (Christ the King) mountain. From there you will have a wonderful view of Cali from a different perspective than the one from Las Tres Cruces, another sightseeing high point.”
  • Poleca 53 lokalnych gospodarzy
Salsa Club
“Great location to dance salsa. In between, however, there is also space to sit down. Practically no tourists in sight! Cool people!”
  • Poleca 67 lokalnych gospodarzy
Centrum handlowe
“You can find pretty much whatever you want. There are also cinemas, restaurants, and places where you can grab a beer.”
  • Poleca 41 lokalnych gospodarzy
Centrum handlowe
“Large, one-level shopping mall. Most hallways are outdoors with plants and flowers.”
  • Poleca 40 lokalnych gospodarzy
Centrum handlowe
“It's close to everything, you'll find food, a well stocked supermarket, ATMs, money exchange sites, barber shops, etc.”
  • Poleca 29 lokalnych gospodarzy
“This museum has a great collection of pieces from Pre-colombian culture. The pieces which some of them are made of gold are just beautiful. ”
  • Poleca 21 lokalnych gospodarzy
Ogród rzeźb
“Small mountain with a route to the summit, (where you can hike it, on a Sunday morning) featuring a historic installation of 3 crosses.”
  • Poleca 42 lokalnych gospodarzy
Ogród rzeźb
“El Gato del Río is a sculpture by the Colombian artist Hernando Tejada. The sculpture was inaugurated on July 3, 1996 and is located on the side of the Cali River in Cali, Colombia.”
  • Poleca 32 lokalnych gospodarzy
Restauracja południowoamerykańska
“Period. Music, story telling simple and beautiful. A most see while your in Cali. Excellent outdoor park. ”
  • Poleca 36 lokalnych gospodarzy
“If you want to find beautiful crafts to take away and share with your friends and family, this is the ideal place to look for the memory of your stay in Cali.”
  • Poleca 28 lokalnych gospodarzy
Soccer Stadium
“partidos, conciertos y otros eventos se llevan a cabo en nuestro estadio que esta a solo 15 minutos caminando del hostal.”
  • Poleca 17 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Saw a lot of churches in Colombia, this more impressive than most. Next to Parks and the river in the center of town”
  • Poleca 24 lokalnych gospodarzy
Wybieg dla psów
“Un lugar tradicional de cali donde puedes encontrar variedad en restaurantes y bares”
  • Poleca 31 lokalnych gospodarzy

Najlepsze restauracje

Restauracja latynoamerykańska
“Widely regarded as the best restaurant in the city! Av. 3 Norte # 7-19 Barrio Centenario Local-Asian Fusion Tel: (2) 6602680, (2) 6613736 ”
  • Poleca 34 lokalnych gospodarzy
“la cafeteria lleva el nombre de una ciudad creada por un reconocido autor colombiano, el ambiente es agradable, el Café es delicioso y ademas tienen noches de cine que no puedes perderte cada mes tienen una cartelera planeada. ”
  • Poleca 9 lokalnych gospodarzy
“By far the most beautiful restaurant in the city. Indian inspired floating lilies and buddhas abound. Food is fantastic. Atmosphere is intimate and romantic Calle 2 # 9 -08B Barrio San Antonio Fusión Local / Mediterránea Tel: (2) 893 6809 ”
  • Poleca 16 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Route 66 is a restaurant-bar and have promotions every day of the week, like cocktails 2x1, chicken wings 2x1 or beer 2x1 too”
  • Poleca 8 lokalnych gospodarzy
Restauracja meksykańska
“Mexican fine dining with home-made tortillas and live mariachi music every night. Dress to impress. It's recommend to make a reservation, especially on weekends. ”
  • Poleca 12 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Sitio para disfrutar en compañía de tus personas allegadas, teniendo el gusto de reserva y disfrutar de unos deliciosos cócteles. ”
  • Poleca 5 lokalnych gospodarzy
“From the "Terminal de Transportes" you can get tickets to travel by road to anywhere else in Colombia and neighboring countries. There are buses leaving several times a day to nearby towns worth visiting”
  • Poleca 7 lokalnych gospodarzy
“The most iconic bar in Cali, where​ most of the locals go out at night to gather together and have a good drink with friends.”
  • Poleca 10 lokalnych gospodarzy

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