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Beach Picnics
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Keyfpicnic offers the ultimate picnic experience. Unique picnic set ups and design welcome everyone to feel elegant, comfortable, and enjoyable. Each picnic set up is designed based on the occasion to make it memorable for the group. This experience is great for groups , great for teams, and great for team building as well as couples, friends and families. Seasonal grazing boxes that are sourced from Santa Monica farmers market are complementary with keyfpicnic experience. You will be also contributing to local businesses to grow such as farmers market, organic local shops in Los Angeles. Catering is also available. Dietary menus are available for vegan and vegetarian. We want your experience to be perfect from start to finish. This experience includes three features: food + drink + service. Just show up, have fun and then walk off with tons of keyf.
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The Venice Electric Light Bike Parade
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Start: the Guest will arrive at Bicycle storage facility in Venice Beach California where they will be greeted by myself or one of my other hosts. (Google our Theme Song "Sundays@Sunset" by MEI on Amazon) this will get you hyped and Pre set the Tone the Lyrics tell you everything you will experience. There you will get fitted to one of 15 LED Lit Bicycles and gifted a Venice Electric Light Parade Long Sleeve T as a Keepsake. Then we bike over to Venice Beach along abbot kinney blvd to our Sunset Bike Parade location where 100+ of my regular riders will be waiting for us. At that point when the Sun is setting they will be introduced and pictures taken with the local paraders in all of their magical outfits and Rad Personalized LED Bicycles. The Blue hour is when i start the LED Bicycle Parade as Tourist and locals alike take pictures i start the MUSIC and Blow the Whistle and we Start moving all Guest will ride behind myself and one of the regulars will ride behind them. We ride the Venice/Santa Monica bike path taking in the magical sights of both Beaches and the Santa Monica Pier all while listening to 80s and 90s Kid friendly music. The Parade takes us through Santa Monica back down to Venice down Abbot Kinney then the end of Venice Pier ending the parade at Hinanos Home of the Best Burger on the Westside. We then bike back to storage location. Allow 3 hrs for Ride
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Cycle through Santa Monica and Venice
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We'll start in Venice-the #1 tourist destination in California, to catch a glimpse of surfers, sailboats, canals and then the posh shops and art galleries of Abbot Kinney-aptly named the hippest street in America by GQ Magazine. Then it’s off to Muscle Beach, Dogtown’s skateboard park, rollerskaters and famous basketball courts-along the way see artists in action at the graffiti wall, murals, old brothels, speakeasies, movie studios, secret walk-streets and street performers on one of the top ten boardwalks in the US-from Rastafarians at the drum circle to chain-saw jugglers, fire-breathers, guys walking on glass, break dancers, acrobats, and hear about local legends Charlie Chaplin, Jim Morrison and Arnold Schwarzennegger-it offers an unforgettable cultural experience! Then we head to Santa Monica’s Original Muscle Beach, the pier’s ferris Wheel and famous Route 66 sign, stories of local celebrities, the bourgeois Promenade shops, musical performances, historical landmarks, amazing architecture, hidden gems, fruit trees and gardens at Tongva Park-there will be great photo opportunities at each stop! We will be bicycling for approximately 2.5 hours depending on everyone's pace. Other things to note Rain or extremely windy weather will cancel the tour. If you can-tips are appreciated :)
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E-Bike Coastal Beach Tour Santa Monica
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We will meet at the Annenberg Community Beach House and start our beach cruise. I'll fit your with your helmet and protective gear. Then, I'll instruct you on how to ride the electric bike. We will ride along the coast and check out Santa Monica and Venice. We will make several rest stops along the way to see the Santa Monica Pier, Muscle Beach, and the Venice Boardwalk. During our cruise, you'll be able to enjoy a breathtaking ocean sunset that you'll never forget. We will also take a break for food, snacks, or coffee at the end before returning to the Annenberg Beach House. Other things to note Children must be accompanied by an adult. All guests must be 5'2 (153 cm) and taller. Please dress appropriately as it may get cooler towards the evening.
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Drinks on my balcony & walking tour of Venice Beach
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2-4-1 Special-two guests for the price of one-Bring a friend along for free! Venice is the #1 tourist destination in California and has one of the top ten boardwalks in the US as it offers an unforgettable cultural experience with great photo ops! From famous Muscle Beach, Dogtown's Skate Park, basketball court, bike paths, Graffiti Walls, murals, famous movie locations and studios, historic landmarks, exciting street performers-chain-saw jugglers, fire-breathers, break-dancers, roller skaters, Rastafarian drummers, guys walking on glass and surfers. From funky and bohemian to trendy and posh-there’s definitely never a dull moment here as the shops, restaurants, bars and art galleries of Abbot Kinney are nearby-aptly named the hippest street in America by GQ Magazine. Generations of my family are from Santa Monica where I grew up hearing stories from old-timers-but I've always preferred the quirky characters of nearby Venice beach. I love to share my knowledge of the area from hidden gems like the beautiful gardens alongside the Venice canals and walk streets to the secret speak-easies, brothels, and local legends such as Charlie Chaplin, Jim Morrison, Arnold Schwarzennegger and Marilyn Monroe. Drinks at the end of the tour is an option if you are over 21 Other things to note Please note that rain will cancel the tour. If you can-tips are appreciated :)
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The Santa Monica Venice Photography Tour
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This is a customized tour. We will start at the VENICE SIGN, then take a ride (electric scooter) or a walk at Venice boardwalk. Venice Canals, Muscle beach, Skatepark and some more hidden gems, will be covered on this tour. One of the most iconic streets of Southern California and its graffiti, you will take back Abbot Kinney home, with you in them.Click, Click. Best restaurants and bars will be listed out for you with honest recommendations. I am happy to play the part of your photographer for the day!! Stories about the town will be told when we walk/ride from Venice to Santa Monica Pier. We will also cover the bestest graffiti on our way. We will then spend some time at the historic Santa Monica Pier. Will then take you to the 3rd street promenade, the best of the best shopping places in Santa Monica and some Santa Monica Graffiti. This experience is is great for individuals as well as friends, families, couples and of-course my SOLO travel buddies. My intention is to take you around my city, the way you would have, if I was in yours. Looking forward to see you my friend!! Your Host, T. @travellingkaur Other things to note Feel free to email me or leave me a message for all the extras you would like me to include in. I am always available for your questions. Instagram @travellingkaur.
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Santa Monica Beach Shoot
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I'll take you on a little adventure through Santa Monica or Venice beach. I'll show you my favorite spots on the way, where we'll stop and take beautiful, high resolution photos. We'll explore Santa Monica beach, Pacific Park, or take a walk around the artsy side of Venice beach. I’ll be snapping shots of you all along the way to capture the magic of this place in your photos. I'll direct you, and help style your shoot for best possible results. I also have tips to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Expect anywhere between 100 to 200 high resolution photos (in JPG and CR2) from this tour, which will be emailed to you within 2-5 days, with an easy downloadable link. I will also retouch 3 of my favorite photos of you, free of charge. For other dates, times and locations, message me on here, or my IG @photoshootinla Other things to note Please wear comfortable shoes as this is a walking photo tour. Sun screen recommended. Change of clothes is permitted for the shoot.
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