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Uliczne jedzenie
“Aarhus streetfood is a must try when you visit Aarhus! Amazing food, drinks and a really nice atmosphere :-)”
  • Poleca 95 lokalnych gospodarzy
Restauracja francuska
“3 courses at the low range of the prize spectrum. The food is amazing, but there is not a lot of seating in-house. There are two quite similar restaurants in the same street: Sct. Olufs and Oli Bistro ”
  • Poleca 55 lokalnych gospodarzy
“The Memorial Park is just below the castle grounds of Marselisborg Palace, facing out over the Bay and is one of many beautiful parks in Aarhus. In the Marselisborg Memorial Park there are numerous fascinating and intimate areas for you to explore. If you happen to be in Aarhus during May and June, make sure not to miss the beautifully flowering cherry trees in the Memorial Park's cherry grove. A memorial wall in the Marselisborg Memorial Park bears the names of the 4,144 South Jutland Danes who lost their lives on compulsory service in the Kaiser's forces during the Great War.”
  • Poleca 44 lokalnych gospodarzy
Punkt gastronomiczny
“This place is similar to Aarhus Street Food, but offer higher quality food. As most of the food stands are professional restaurators with experiences. This locates in the pedestrian street opposite side of the central train station. ”
  • Poleca 25 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Cheap food - find them on facebook to see what todays' menu is. Great atmosphere and the bar at night is happening!”
  • Poleca 37 lokalnych gospodarzy
“If you are here a Sunday you should try their Sunday brunch! It’s fantastic! It might seem a bit expensive (225kr) but it’s a buffet where they make fresh egg dishes, pancakes, and all drinks (coffee, fresh orange juice and cremant) are included. The staff is really relaxed and friendly and sometimes they ask you for help to sable their cremant. (Remember to book a table in advance). Their dinner at evening is typically French. Jægergaardsgade 65.”
  • Poleca 23 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Sota Sushi Bar Sota Sushi Bar has a solid spot on the Aarhus restaurant scene. Sota has through the last couple of years, established themselves as leading within the Asian fusion cuisine. The food is Japanese inspired, but with a modern twist. No shortcuts Sota’s concept is build upon classical Japanese virtues such as aesthetic simplicity and a pure taste. Nothing is left to chance, whether it is the food or the interior design. You find Sota Sushi Bar in the pulsating Vestergade only a stone’s throw from "Åen" and "Lille Torv".”
  • Poleca 13 lokalnych gospodarzy
Bar ze smażonym kurczakiem
“A bigger place for grocery shopping in the more expensive end of the scale. ”
  • Poleca 10 lokalnych gospodarzy


“The best coffee and croissant in Aarhus. World class! Worth the extra money :)”
  • Poleca 57 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Jægergårdsgade is a good street to go to for drinks and dinner. It's not a party street, but rather a cosy one with cute, small Danish buildings and various options for food and drinks. It's also a good place to go look for breakfast and brunch. ”
  • Poleca 41 lokalnych gospodarzy
“One of the best coffee makers in Aarhus. But be aware - they are nerdy, so you need to accept that they don't compromise quality of coffee for good service :-)”
  • Poleca 31 lokalnych gospodarzy
“This Café is one of my favorite places - only 20 min walk from here and a very cozy atmosphere. ”
  • Poleca 24 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, cocktails and wine. Perfect spot for all moods”
  • Poleca 20 lokalnych gospodarzy
“A very cosy wine bar, where you can taste the wine before you decide on which one you want to drink. ”
  • Poleca 15 lokalnych gospodarzy
“This place is an older establishment and well-known in Aarhus. Cozy place for breakfast and brunch.”
  • Poleca 24 lokalnych gospodarzy
“This is my favorite coffee house. Very small, and yet very cozy. They offer great coffee at affordable price.”
  • Poleca 16 lokalnych gospodarzy


“One of the best bakeries in Aarhus! 7 mins walk for fresh bread, rolls and cakes. ”
  • Poleca 17 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Bakery that makes the absolutely best croissants I have ever had - try the ones with marzipan and nuts if you have the chance, you won't regret it!”
  • Poleca 18 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Organic bakery and coffee. Good quality but less value for money. Good place for brunch.”
  • Poleca 4 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Great bakery for both coffee, bread, cakes, lunch and breakfast. You definitely have to pay it a visit - there are several of these cafes around town. ”
  • Poleca 12 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Good ecological bread and nice cakes and coffee. It is cozy to sit both inside and outside.”
  • Poleca 5 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Stort sortiment i både brød, kager, sandwich og lign. Har også en tilhørende café, hvis man vil nyde morgenbrødet dér.”
  • Poleca 5 lokalnych gospodarzy
  • Poleca 1 lokalny gospodarz
“Byens bedste brød. Køb en håndhapser, bolle med ost, madbrød eller en lille kage. SÅ lækkert!”
  • Poleca 2 lokalnych gospodarzy