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Muzea historyczne

History Museum
“Lagos Museum: An essential visit to get to know some of the culture and history of Lagos (dating back 2,000 years BC) and enjoy the beauty of a religious monument from the 16th century. XVII / XVIII that was reconstructed later after the partial destruction of the great 1755 Earthquake. A small museum that shares its space with the Church of Saint Anthony, with its impressive Altar in Talha Dourada, decorated with tiles and wood.”
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History Museum

Punkty widokowe

Punkt widokowy
“Out by the lighthouse you will see the classical Algarve with the cliffs. Why not take a boat trip into the "grottos", the caves, and hear the funny story of them by the locals.”
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Punkt widokowy
“Head to the famous grottoes of Lagos. Our favourite time to see the grottos is as the sunrises. We can book you into a sunrise stand up paddle board tour!”
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Punkt widokowy
“Ponta da Piedade is considered as the finest natural feature, with the cliffs of the headland carved into rock pillars, natural tunnels and hidden grottos. These golden sandstone cliffs of misshaped angles stand at stark contrast to the deep turquoises and greens of the sea waters, and the entire region is best described as simply stunning.”
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Punkt widokowy
“Go to the end of the road to Ponta da Piedade - beautiful view with a lighthouse ”
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Historyczne miejsca

Historyczne miejsce
“Train station, takes you to "Tunes" for train connection to Lisbon. You can by your tickets on place or at”
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