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Top recommendations from locals

“Piazza Venezia is located at the foot of the Capitol, where the most important streets of the capital intersect, as Via dei Fori Imperiali and Via del Corso. The Vittoriano stands out, a colossal monument to Vittorio Emanuele II, also called the Altar of the Fatherland. Many are the historical palaces in the square. It is possible to go up to the panoramic terrace of the Vittoriano.”
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Muzeum sztuki
“The Palazzo delle Esposizioni is an exhibition site. It’s the largest interdisciplinary exhibition space in the center of Rome, at over 10,000 square meters. The space is distributed over two floors and features a smart system for artificial light that mechanically adapts according to the artworks exhibited. ”
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“One of the most beatifull museum in Rome, incredible view and usually you can see the best exibitions of the main important artists of the world.”
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“The National Roman Museum is a museum, with several branches in separate buildings throughout the city of Rome. It shows exhibits from the pre- and early history of Rome, with a focus on archaeological findings from the period of Ancient Rome.”
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Pomnik / punkt orientacyjny
“Situated on Via dei Fori Imperiali, Trajan's Market is an archaeological complex that currently holds the Museum of Imperial Forums (Museo dei Fori Imperiali). It is considered to be Rome’s first “shopping center”. When you visit this Museum, you can stroll through Mercati di Traiano's various levels, as well as admiring several exhibitions that show the Imperial Forums' different aspects. The exhibitions are comprised of models and videos that try to transport visitors to classical Roman times.”
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“Very nice view from Pincio Terrace, nice restaurant Casina Valadier, Bar del Lago, nice walking”
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History Museum
“The Roman archaeological museum houses, together with that of Palazzo Altemps, collections of statues of ancient Rome (often Roman copies of Greek statues) and of Renaissance reproductions of Roman statues.”
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“Where the President of Italy lives... hystorical building to visit with a free tour ”
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Koktajl bar
“Blackmarket art gallery, in the heart of the mountain district, among art, music, cinema, aperitifs, ... A real fifties lounge in the center of Rome”
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Historyczne miejsce
“Villa Medici is the Accademy of French Embassy but really excellent Building on the top of Piazza di Spagna with wonderfull garden.”
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Galeria sztuki
“masterpieces in a private gallery with a mundane story. See Vanity Fair Article written on the owners. Caravaggios, roman statues, El Greco and more”
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Restauracja wegetariańska / wegańska
“Very near to Piazza del Popolo, fantastic lunch buffet at just 15 euros (mon to friday), weekends and public holiday 25 euros per person. Ideal also for Vegan and food is so good even a non vegetarian will love it.”
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Galeria sztuki
“The National Gallery of Ancient Art houses on of the most important painting collections in Italy.”
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Muzeum sztuki
“Octavianus Augustus brought to Rome a time of peace and prosperity after long and severe civil wars. To celebrate peace (and to glorify himself) he built an altar. Do you know that it still exists? is in this museum (not nice if you see it from outside, for me) but often hosts some really important exhibitions!”
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History Museum
“Located near the foot of Trajan's Column this gem of an attraction should be on your must see list when in Rome. Simply put, it is like stepping back to see what it was like in a patricians house 2000 years ago. ”
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Muzeum sztuki
“This stunning art museum is an overlooked gem by tourists. The building is itself a landmark of the Roman Baroque style. The famous helicoidal staircase by Borromini is undoubtedly a masterpiece of Baroque architecture. Now home to the "Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica", it holds a splendid collection of some of Italy's best painters: Raphael, Tintoretto, Caravaggio, Guido Reni, Bronzino. It stars include Raphael's La Fornarina, a luminous portrait of the artist's lover.”
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