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Down the street! You're in the tourist zone!
Down the street! You're in the tourist zone!
  • Welcome!
  • Welcome!
  • Big kitchen with all appliances including clothes washer and separate dryer to cut thru the work and leave you "quality time"
  • Big kitchen for self-service including coffee machine.  Features beautiful colorful Calligaris Italian designer "ice" chairs!
  • Upstairs Bedroom for 2 with plenty of space and light
  • Lock box key-safe right next to flat entrance door
  • Upstairs bedroom with 2 beds, 2 colorful Calligaris designer "ice" chairs
  • Comfortable extra-wide easy chairs to chill out after a day of sightseeing
  • Downstairs den with TV
  • Colorful bathroom with modern "radio shower"
  • Lots of light and privacy
  • Just as it looks
  • Tastefully tiled bathroom in warm colors
  • Towels, sheets, body soap and shampoo provided
  • Washing machine + separate dryer to get  you clean, refreshed and ready to GO!
  • Downstairs bedroom for 2 with TV
  • Old world high ceiling and antique hanging "double eagle" lamp from Habsburg Austrian dynasty period!
  • Donaukanal - one minute walk from your holiday apt.!
  • So close to the center of Vienna.
  • Parking garage around the corner of your holiday apartment
  • Vienna Subway System - the X marks the location of our apartment
  • Pleasant 10 mt. walk over Marien-Bridge to Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna's foremost landmark
  • A little playground for your kids
  • Indoor tropical swimming pool right by the holiday flat.
  • Parking garage Lilienbrunngasse
  • Rathauspark - one of the numerous parks in very close proximity to the apartment!
  • Airport bus stop Schwedenplatz/Morzinplatz - about 5 minutes by foot
  • Donaukanal - One minute away from your holiday apartment!
  • Just walk in this direction - You are at your holiday rental in 5 minutes!
  • Down the street! You're in the tourist zone!
  • Neighborhood restaurant! You're definitely in the tourist zone!
  • Neighborhood hotel - just down the street. Did I say tourist zone?!
  • Nice coffee shop/restaurant one minute away
  • Marien Bridge - connects your holiday flat to historic inner city
  • Grand SOFITEL right in your you know the location is great!
  • Shop down the street.
  • The way from the airport bus station Morzinplatz to our apartment
  • The way from the subway station on Schwedenplatz to our apartment.
  • You've found it! Here is key-safe lockbox No. 2. The key opens the door you see right here.
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Down the street! You're in the tourist zone!