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Very Central in city, nice house, open and bright and access to all apartment fully licensed.

Room with a good 140 cm width bed - queen. Close to Grand hotel and Hilton - bus from airport stops 3 minutes away at the Grand, where you have pickup for Excursion and Tours.
Well traveled and informed host, with great reviews. Free parking.

A folder with recommendation and very comprehensive info at the apartment and a high speed Wi-Fi. Close to Laugardalur Park and the biggest thermal pool.

A nice room and access to all apartment in a 95 sq.m spacious, bright and open apartment / house. A big and comfortable new bed width 140 cm.

A very good value for money I would say after using Airbnb myself all over the world. Mine by far the best concerning info, big space and amenities.

First floor, in a three floor house. Central in the city in Sigtún, 105 Reykjavik - very close to GRAND and HILTON hotels, where the FLY-BUS stops and you can leave for and buy all Excursions.

The flat has two Bedrooms (one is mine), an office room and a very spacious living rooms with a brand new kitchen in.
Also a rather small Bathroom with a shower, bath and a washing machine. A nice garden at the front.

It is 15 minutes walk to the City Center, but around 25-30 minutes to downtown. A nice walk along the sea, or through the city, and in a neighborhood which is among the three most popular in the city.

The biggest green park in Reykjavik Laugardalur where the biggest thermal swimming pool is, the Botanic garden, the Zoo and more is only 3 minutes away.
Also very close by are like 15 restaurants.

Free high speed Wi-Fi and Free and easy Parking.

FLY-bus stops at Grand hotel 2-3 minutes from my home. There you can also leave for Excursions and buy some as well.

Local buses to all directions stop is 3 minutes distance from the house.
I sometimes DRIVE downtown and then you can get a lift and some sightseeing on the way:).

The whole apartment sometimes for rent upon request, for up to 3-4 persons, mainly summer time or if I'm away traveling, see separate listing.

The most popular thermal swimming pool, a green park, some 15 restaurants and more, all within 400 meter radius. The thermal pools, have steam bath, sauna, jacuzzi. There are 8 great pools in the city. Should you stay for 5 nights or more I try to include (upon nb. request/ reminder one admission to the pool.

More about the apartment /room it includes:

All necessities like towel, shampoo, toothpaste and more ..- no need to take such things with you from your home :).

A brand new kitchen with all new equipment, A dish washing machine, stove, oven, fridge, microwave ..

Living rooms:
A nice 65 Samsung TV, DVD and a massage chair, good stereos, also a good computer with 27 inch screen, which you could have access to.
A good heating system in the flat.

Maybe a bike and some other things.

This home should make you feel better .... than at home:).

Can be rented as one private room, as I prefer solo guests staying in my apartment, rather than my staying with couples etc. (Very occasionally special circumstances, 2 guests then +27$ extra pr. night for sec. guest) Host in the forties living alone, but a 16 year lovely daughter also sometimes here. My full name is Hakon Thor Sindrason.

AND sometimes RENT AS AN APARTMENT - whole apartment if I'm away.

Speaks fluent English also good in all Scandinavian languages and German.

My company is working in Tourism and Consultancy
In some cases my coworker or even me could take people on a:
a) Grand Golden Circle Tour - not only visiting the tourist sites! We have a nice jeep and license to take passengers. The cost for that would be around 440-500 dollars for a full day which is lower than our cost price for car and an employee. It would be divided then between 2-4 passengers. Also possible
b) Blue Lagoon and Reykjanes and
c) The south shore, waterfalls, nature and glacier walk.
d) The Westman Islands, one night minimum.
e) The circle around Iceland!, minimum for 4 days then (arr. 1200 km.)
f) Occasionally I'm going to the countryside for some semi business tour - can then sometimes take a passenger = maybe possible for you to join a (free transport and good price for accommodation).

Have traveled all over Iceland and to 60 countries, most recently to Bali in 2020 and Indonesia and Malaysia 2019 and in 2017, nine countries in South + Central America as well as Mexico and Panama. I have written travel stories about the trips, on my travel websites and FB Visitorsguidetravel.

NB: I work among else in tourism and have a lot of knowledge of what do to, where and at a good price.
Sometimes able to get car rental (mainly off season) and also some tours like glacier walks, and more at better prices.

There are two bedrooms in the apartment the bigger room (my room) arr. 14 s.q.m, and has a double sized bed and a small balcony. The other room (guest room) arr. 12 sq.m, with a new and good 140 cm width bed.
Also a spacious office room in the apartment.

The price off season is from arr. 40+$ for the night if one person.

Tea, coffee and of course our great water - complimentary when you like, and the kitchen is yours.

Some very good practical information concerning how it is best and most economical to get from the airport and concerning the Blue Lagoon and more, further below in this text market as PPPP.

Free information book: Try to get a free copy of the yellow very comprehensive VISITOR'S GUIDE book at:

Reykjavik Excursion or Iceland Excursion fly-bus desks at their main terminals in Reykjavik, or hotels / guesthouses / Tourist info there.
It has a lot of information and articles for example about the Northern Lights, the Icelandic horse, the Blue Lagoon, Golden Circle and more. Also information about many tours companies, which you can make direct tel. or web. bookings with.
Also good Maps of Reykjavik, Iceland and more, as well as discount Coupons valid at restaurants, some shops whale watching, tours and more. The book is also at the site Visitors guide dot and is.

Coming from the airport
If you are coming with the fly-bus from the airport the (fare arr. ISK 4200 / return 7000) Grayline is usually a bit cheaper than Reykjavik Excursion). It is best to take the Fly-bus to Grand Hotel which is like 3 minutes from my house (300 meters).

You could ask someone at the hotel for direction to my home (don't mention me or their competitor Airbnb). But you can see it in the map in the Visitor’s Guide book. In the map there is a little star with the exact location of the house. The home is towards east and the park.

Some Practical info:
Blue Lagoon is very popular with tourists and has become like a must to do. I do though recommend the Thermal Swimming Pools comparatively more, not least as their entrance fee is like 10 times less and also a better way to meet the locals. The one closest to my home around 5 minutes walking, I sometimes try to take my guest one time to the thermal pools.

The best way for the Blue Lagoon especially for those who are not so long time in Iceland is with the company Netbus they usually have the best online prices or arr. 11.000 isk for transfer and entrance fee.

a) From the airport (coming) do; the airport – Blue Lagoon – Reykjavik first tour around 7-8 am.
b) From Reykjavik (leaving) to the airport that is leaving back home, via Blue Lagoon only though if your flight is in the afternoon (leaving the Blue Lagoon at 12.30 or 14.00 to the airport). This is also possible with the companies Reykjavik - and Iceland excursion but their prices are a bit higher but they have more frequent departures.

-Never buy water in Iceland whether in shops or restaurants, the water from the tab is great!
-Bónus and Krónan are the lowest price supermarkets, try to AVOID the 10-11 chain, the price there is around 30-120% higher!.

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Reykjavík, Islandia

Very central in the city, close to a green park, many restaurants nearby.
Easy and free to park here and considered a very good neighborhood among the locals:). Friendly people in the neighborhood. Close to city center (where there are mainly tourists :( ), but not to close though.

Gospodarzem jest Konni

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I'm in the forties, have a 16 year old daughter, she lives in Kopavogur which is the next town 10 kilometers from here. I'm easy going, have traveled a lot to 60 countries, most recently two trips to Indonesia and Bali. Also to all places / towns in Iceland, know them all! I'm an Economist by education, and work among else in tourism & consultancy, and as a restaurant and travel writer. And published the Visitor's Guide travel book in Iceland for 15 years, but sold the Icelandic part some few years back. So you would say I have quite a good background to give people advice concerning traveling in Iceland. Our company also works for many restaurants so I know them all in Reykjavik, as well as many travel and tour companies. I have a website with most restaurants in Iceland see (Hidden by Airbnb) - (Website hidden by Airbnb) I like to have a nice and cosy home, with a mixture of new and old things. Have many friends a and good network as you could say. Some things I couldn't bee without in Iceland is a) our great water from the tabs (free), b) the thermal swimming pools (8 $), c) my lovely daughter d) and the space and the nature, which gives you a good energy. PRACTICAL INFORMATION NB. Some advice and directions When in Reykjavik ask at some hotels for the Visitors Guide book lot of info about Reykjavik and Iceland nb no publication (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) and (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) I give a free copy to my guests. It has also DISCOUNT coupons, articles, and all the necessary information for your stay. Also a good Map of Iceland and Reykjavik. Otherwise should get it a the fly-bus main terminal. GENERAL TOURIST INFORMATION SEE (Website hidden by Airbnb) & (Website hidden by Airbnb) Sorry I don't have time to answer general tourist information ..... TOURS My company works in tourism, consultancy and publication In some cases my coworker or even me could take people on a private, Grand Golden Circle Tour (9 h.)- not only visiting the tourist sites! We have a nice jeep and license to take passengers. The cost for that is around (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) dollars for a full day which is approx our cost price for car and an employee. It would be divided then between 2-4 passengers. ADVICE i) If you are thinking of going to the Blue Lagoon it is best/ most economical to visit it when leaving the country i.e. take the fly bus back via Blue Lagoon, this is though only valid if you are leaving in the afternoon. Or when you are arriving if you arrive in the morning, i.e. go to Reykjavik via Blue Lagoon (if you are not to tired). ii) No need to buy any tickets in advance for sightseeing etc, especially NOT in the autumn/ spring / winter - off season. As I am working in tourism we can sometimes get some tickets at lower price, especially for horse back riding, glacier walk and maybe whale watching. Whale watching is almost downtown so don't buy it with pickup. Don't generally recommend it though in Reykjavik. iii) I always recommend the thermal swimming pools for everyone to try, the price is only 8 Dollars about 8 times less than the Blue Lagoon!. They are warm and nice and a very cultural thing for Icelanders. iv) Don't buy water it is the same as the tab water! Bonus is the lowest price supermarkets and then Kronan, the price I guess 40% less than in the more tourist-supermarkets like ten and eleven v) Reykjavik Welcome Card is a good way to explore the city, with free entrance to swimming pools, the city buses, museums and more. The price for a 1,2 or 3 day card is low (info about that in your room). vi) The fly bus stops at a nearby GRAND HOTEL, which is 3 minutes walk from my home. vii) Hitchhiking in Iceland is rather easy, easier though for women and those who have little luggage. ACCOMMODATION: Here are some general recommendation for accommodation in the countryside. Akureyri in the NORTH: - Gula Villan - Charming old house in the center. - Hrafninn Guesthouse, more modern in the same street. SOUTH - Hótel Örk, Hveragerði, (45 km from Reykjavik), often good offers in spring and autumn - good value for money. -Hostel/ Guesthouse Selfoss. - Hotel Lava, 5 km. from Kirkjubæjarklaustur, very good option in the off season, great value for money. - All over the countryside farmers holiday/ accommodation, they have a brochure with all the farms listed. - Also good guesthouses and youth hostels. TOURS AND ACTIVITIES: Nb. Usually it is better to call the companies directly. When you book through so-called tourist agencies/ information the tour operator has to pay commission! So better just to call the companies or book through their sites,directly and get the pickup at the nearest hotel/guesthouse. Some few have a discount coupon in our Visitor's Guide book. Horseback riding (all have pickup at your accommodation): - The Icelandic Horse, the only horse rental in Reykjavik, rather small but a good and personal service. Speak many languages and the area and surrounding is very beautiful. They have a very good reviews on trip Advisor. - Eldhestar in Hveragerdi, Situated close to a small village 45 min from Reykjavik in the south. It is a good choice for those who want to go outside of the city and see some of the countryside. They have among else good trips where you can bath in natural hot springs and some other sightseeing activities. Glacier walk: At Sólheimajökull arr. 200 km from Reykjavik towards east, on the way to Jökulsárlón. Something many tourists like, through our company can often get it like 30% cheaper. GENERAL TOURIST INFORMATION: For general information and inquiries see the official ones for Iceland and Reykjavík. ASK FOR THE YELLOW VISITORS GUIDE BOOK AT THE MAIN BUS TERMINAL (exl. '20 and '21) DON'T MISS THE COUPONS IN IT WHICH GIVES YOU DISCOUNTS, AMONG ELSE FOR TOURS AND RESTAURANTS. DON'T MISS THE THERMAL SWIMMING POOLS WHEN IN ICELAND - A VERY LOCAL THING AND COSTS 10 TIMES LESS THAN THE BLUE LAGOON! Welcome to Reykjavik and Iceland, hope you have a good time :) Regards, Konni
I'm in the forties, have a 16 year old daughter, she lives in Kopavogur which is the next town 10 kilometers from here. I'm easy going, have traveled a lot to 60 countries, most re…

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Quite much ... as much as they want.
I am friendly and open minded. Like to have meals with them if both of us are home :). Give you a lift if I am driving towards your destination which is common.

Occasionally I'm going to the countryside for some semi business tour - can then sometimes take a passenger = maybe possible for you to join at a very good price, so a part of your holiday might be that way, traveling with a local.
Quite much ... as much as they want.
I am friendly and open minded. Like to have meals with them if both of us are home :). Give you a lift if I am driving towards your destin…
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