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Here is an old farm house turned into summer cottage. Excellent for people who are looking for a chance to spend their vacation in the peace of nature.

(Description also available in Finnish if you change your language settings)

This ”summer cottage” is an old house – used to be a farm long time ago. It has not been lived in for about 10 years now. It changed the owner, was cleaned up and rented because it was always empty. This is suitable for people who want to live at cheap price with no finery in quiet and peaceful "wilderness cabin" kind of place in the middle of finnish nature.

Here you can feel the atmosphere of the old Finnish country life. Almost everything, wood-heated sauna included, is in an authentic condition. For example the old good-quality log walls and the old traditional oven are something you don't see often. The house is rather big – there´s a big room / cabin just like old houses used to have at the old times (so called kitchen / dining room/ living room in one cabin/room).

Some basic information about the house:

- There are a few old ovens/fireplaces in there that keep the house warm. The big oven is quite difficult to use so it’s recommended to use only the fireplaces which are in bedrooms.

- There are 2 bedrooms and 4 beds in total (one double bed and three single beds). There is also a couch that is suitable for sleeping. Please bring your own sheets or sleeping bags.

- There is no running water! However, there is a water well outside and the water there is excellent. But if you don't enjoy that kind of natural water, please bring your own bottles. Because there is no running water there is no wc, but there is a dry toilet / wooden outhouse outside. (NB! The toilet that is mentioned in older reviews is the old one in cowshed. We have a new and better one now which you can see in pictures.)

- There´s electricity but some restrictions concerning using it: There is an oven and a fridge, and those cannot be turned on the same time. So turn off the fridge while using the oven. Basic tableware / set of dishes are in the cupboard. There are no fine dishes there, just basic ones.

- No food is included. Washing up liquid, toilet paper, matches are included.

- There are firewood outside. You can use a few armfuls for free. If you want to use them more, please tell us and we charge 50e/m3. There is also chopped wood in the forests near the house that you can use. We have a handsaw and an axe to help with that.

- There is a wood-heated sauna outside. Remember to start heating in time and make sure that the air vents are open. When the sauna is warm enough and the wood in the furnace has burned the sauna is ready. You can also wash yourself there. Just warm the water in sauna and mix it with colder water so you get the temperature you want.

- The cottage is also available in winter. However, the house is cold in winter and guests have to warm it themselves. There is a lot of firewood for that. The road to the cottage has no regular winter maintenance in the last 300m so cars might have to be left farther away in winter.

This is an old, old house, which has not been renovated. That means that everything in the house isn't in good condition. Most of the people have loved the house and it's old-fashioned atmosphere. Some have though found it bit dark and gloomy especially when there is no sunshine (as you can see in the pictures). If you are are searching a very sterile hotel-kind of place this might be not your place. There is a lot of old furniture etc. and even thought we clean it regularly the house might give you a dusty feeling even thought there wouldn't be much actual dust. But for people who like "wilderness cabin" kind of places this is a great option. Also need to mention that couple of our guests that have already had some sort of a hypersensitivity to indoor air problems have had symptoms there. For such persons this cottage is not recommended. However, the majority of the people staying at the cottage (including myself) have not noticed anything wrong with the indoor air.


Depends on the summer/autumn weeks you will visit here, you can find wild strawberries, blueberries, rasberries, cloudberries, lingonberries and cranberries and of course many delicious mushrooms like false morels, ceps and yellow chantarelles and of course many other edible mushrooms.

This house is located on the country side. It´s a peaceful place in the middle of the big forests and some fields near by. You can meet wild animals in the forest, and please note that there are also some insects that belong to the Finnish summer. In late summer there are for example deer flies that some people find nasty and disturbing (they are not dangerous and they usually only appear at the end of August).

The Saimaa lake is nearest in 300 meters through the forest by foot (no clear path) or 1 km away from the cottage by road. There´s also a rowboat in your free use if you want to row or go fishing. Remember to get a fishing license and find out about possible restrictions!

There´s a big, natural unrefined yard where children can play or you can put a big plastic table and chairs (available there) and enjoy your meals outside in the summer time. Please note: the yard is rather big and the pictures do not cover the whole of the surroundings or show all the buildings in the yard. Please ask for more information if it's important for you to know what else is in the yard or the near surroundings of the cottage.


When living in the Kujansuu cottage you can walk there easily. The lake is near and forests are next to you.

The grocery stores etc are in Savitaipale centrum, about 16 km away. There are two grocery stores, one liquor store, a hardware store, two florists, a few restaurants/bars, a marketplace, an icecream kiosk, a pharmacy, a bakery, a health center, a gas station etc.

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Savitaipale, Finlandia

This house is located on the country side . It´s a peaceful place in the middle of the big forests and some fields near by.
There are no neighbours around. The place is quiet and secluded.

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