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The Little Retreat in the Forest is your Canadian secluded, magical pup friendly forest escape. A very short drive north of beautiful Gimli, down a long winding driveway. Waiting for you to restore and disconnect with yourself and loved ones in the quiet woods. Nestled in the spruce, with all the amenities, a woodstove, hammocks, fire pits, hiking trails, swimming/skating pond, snowshoeing, my vinyl collection and no TV. Find us online @littleretreatintheforest. Read "The Space" below!

Hi there and welcome!!

Updated July 12, 2021


These are strange times we are experiencing and I know and have hope that we are resilient people and we will get through all of this, even though it is very hard right now. Just a quick note that we continue to be open to stays at ‘the Forest’ during the current Covid pandemic situation as we have been since March 2000.

Since March of last year we have implemented pandemic cleaning and sanitization procedures especially those first recommended and now mandatory by Airbnb. I’m happy to share more on that. The current science says it is not spread on surfaces but by droplets and aerosols, if I understand it right, but of course settle that for yourself too. Even though we still sanitize knobs and the like in addition to our regular cleaning.

I’d love for your immediate household (or whoever is permitted by the current regulations and makes good sense to you) to stay here if you’re interested in my place :).

The Manitoba rules currently in force allow guests from outside your household finally. There might be restrictions on travel too like isolating for 14 days if you are traveling from another province, those are still happening but lightening up too, let’s all stay up on those as hosts and travellers. We will honour all bookings that comply with Manitoba regulations and the Airbnb pandemic cleaning and sanitizing requirements.

Our place is pretty secluded and private and unique in that way and I know that's why you come here, nestled away on our 80 acres of land so we are a great place to take a quiet break as always and reconnect and disconnect from it all. We do have neighbours on their large acreages sometimes you do hear a truck or dog or even some people sometimes from half a mile away the like when it’s quiet and still there are local folks who live out here!

Please just disclose if you’ve been ill or had any symptoms, as you should wait the 14 day waiting period until booking a stay, and if you have been Ill or have any symptoms of covid or have tested positive or have been in contact with anyone who has, you should rebook when regulations permit.

Our guests have been great and everyone appreciates those paying it forward.

Note that you will self check in, as usual, and while I was not encouraging you to support local businesses in nearby towns during the pandemic (Gimli is 10 minutes away and Riverton is 20 minutes away) I think you can now use your discretion again and please do shop local. Read my guidebook and recommendations.

We will get through this together! Any questions message me anytime. :)

July 12, 2021


You'll read more about it below, but 80 acres is a pretty big space. :)

In January 2021 we are building a couple new roads at the front of the property where we will be, finally and gradually setting up our country family homestead.

Right now we have a large prospectors tent which is pretty cool and we are finding out what it is like to live in a tent when we are out, and we also set up a country outdoor kitchen, and of course the campervan :).

While we still love getting out in our VW Van and camping (that's our idea of fancy!) we will be camping more at our place at the front of the land, it's still pretty far from where you will be on the back 60 acres. By the fall and winter of 2021 into 2022 we hope to have a small off grid cabin of our own at the front of the land and making more trails.

All the while guaranteeing your privacy and seclusion at the cabin and surrounding area and the main trail on the back 60 acres. Basically we will be kinda about as far away from you as the closest neighbours are on their acreages.

So when you’re renting the Little Retreat cabin and any of our whimsical amenities on the back 60 acres, we will be a ways away from where you are. HOW far? I'm told by a guest it's a couple hockey rinks away through dense forest, I think it’s about 500 feet by my GPS. Maybe that’s like from the folk festival main stage to the pop corn cart at the back, but through dense forest? Anyways I think you get the picture. Your privacy means everything to me when you come to get away.

So you’ll continue to have your complete privacy and seclusion , have the back 60 acres of the cabin, pond, bathtub and shower, compost toilet hut, tipi and campsite, Little Trailer site and main trail all to yourself just as before.

So, why are we doing this?

It's an evolving vision for how we can provide restoring and connecting with the land, and because the Little Retreat has been more popular than initially thought a few years ago.

Blows our minds I guess, I thought these private, secluded places only existed in California or Tennessee or something. Still, 80 acres is pretty damn big so you aren't around any other people at all, just the ones you came with, your special folks and family.

But it's not endless, we have neighbours (that we are on good terms with) and you're not alone in the middle of the desert or a wilderness but we strive to create a secluded, natural environment and protect the forest for your joy and experience.

As we grow we will be growing to include forest medicine retreats and other personal growth retreats (look up on our website!) as part of embracing our responsibility to help be part of restoring and rewilding mother nature and expending our ways of being in it as a individuals and as a community. AND still for the most part being an Airbnb for you, our wonderful guests :). And while hosting folks out there, to also be out there ourselves in a separate part of the land.

I know you are like us (you are booking a stay at the Forest!) when you stay here that you are looking for reconnection, peace and some quiet undisturbed time to let nature speak to you in her ways. I know you also might love good similar minded people too I am sure. Camping in the provincial park campgrounds is amazing and lovely, but it can be a very 'public' experience. We like to provide some time for respite away from all the 'public' experiences we can choose from.

My family is the same. We have been exploring in our VW van as much as we can for our getaway time, but love to retreat to a quiet space to restore. So we would love to spend more time at the front 20 acres of the land (it literally is entirely all forest so it’s very unlikely that you’ll see us (unless you want to!). And this is why we originally found this land, so we can be here. So this is a happy middle, a forest home where we can come back to from exploring, and a wonderful, whimsical cabin and forest where you can come and enjoy 60 acres of pretty nestled seclusion.

So you'll have your private space to wander the trails and be in your own private paradise. :)

We will be available as always if you want to message or communicate or ask a question, by message or sometimes even on rare occasions in person, but feel totally content to just arrive and be in your own little world.

I know when I come out I like to just be in my own little world and not leave or go about back into the rest of our global community again until I leave, but I’d also very much love to be available to engage with you or give you tips of things to do or where to explore if you do want to venture out for a hike during your stay, if that's where you find yourself. :)

I know you love the serene privacy of the place, so don't worry that will continue I assure you. Come say hi anytime you like if I am around (I am pretty quiet and private too but always love talking about the Forest!)

I hope you continue to love what we are doing,




I hope this lands with everyone of our friends who love this place we have been dreaming of a few back woods tiny 'close to the earth' retreat spaces to get away to for a night or two or three on the far away corners of the land!

We have been dreaming about this and know the time is now to begin slowly and carefully planning how to do this and make tiny quiet focused land based Airbnb accommodations a reality. :)

As a long time meditation practitioner, off grid retreat 'close to the earth' spaces where you can spend time 'collecting your thoughts' (many ways to say that or just be away from things so you can even start to unwind from the city and begin the long task of getting closer to your soul and begin down those important life paths, this is our dream and vision.

In the last few years I starting making a new trail around the property for myself and it is no where near finished and very rough, but I am thinking about sharing it. When we are camping back there in our tent we will be figuring on how we can set up a couple very tiny places back there, could even be another prospector tent, a tiny yurt or maybe even a small hut or a frame, but definitely no road in, walk in only.

And this winter we made a new place where someone could park their vehicle on our area of the front of the land, far away from the guests staying at the cabin and the Little Retreat.

This will all have to be done with compete respect for our guests who stay at the Little Retreat cabin and main site and who use the existing trail system. 80 acres is a really big place, especially when everyone is respectful and quiet - you won't hear or see anyone else.

And.... we don't do loud work while guests are out and mostly during the late fall and late spring shoulder seasons when we have a few less bookings. :)

Any questions ask this is the dream for 2022 and beyond (everything takes time!!) so hope to be sharing more with you in the future!




***Check out our website and our LITTLE RETREAT IN THE FOREST - GROUP STAYS page :).

We definitely hope to do more of these in the future, in 2020 we hosted a Forest medicine retreat on the wild plants and medicines in the Forest. In 2021 we are hoping to have 3 wild food and medicine retreats, all limited time less than 25 people each.

We are also hoping to host potentially two other small well/being and personal journeying type retreats of less than 30 people.

All designed to give us community in the beauty and sacredness of the Forest and at the same time give us that feeling of seclusion and refuge we need.

So if your Group is booking the cabin, we can also let out the following amenities (more info on our website!) and our posted rates including a $25 cleaning fee (if you are booking for a week we can talk about some of the rates!) are:

Little Trailer $163 for a weekend

Medicine Camp (trailer) $163 for a weekend

Little Sailboat $163 for a weekend

Lil' '71 Bus $123 for a weekend

Treaty One Tipi $78 for the weekend

Camping at the camp spot $40 for the weekend for a 2-4 person tent similar to campgrounds.

So stay tuned or message me for more information :).


About my place!

I love this place and I am sure you will too. It is a simple, beautiful house in the woods. I call it the "Forest" or the "Little Retreat". I will tell you a lot more about it in my super detailed message I send to guests, and in the Airbnb House Manual, but here's a bit about my place.

I am totally amazed at how many people (read reviews or the guest book and you'll see!) have just had awesome experiences reconnecting with their loved ones or themselves or nature when visiting. I guess it is how quiet and secluded is, but there is something amazing about the place. And I know that you will love it because it is private, quiet and secluded and I will keep it that way :).


I have tried to keep the look and feel of the old cabin it once was. Before hydro and running water, it is rumoured that it was occupied by an old trapper as rumours go!

So, you are coming to stay in a house that feels like a cabin and wander around my land, wander the trails I made and care for, disconnect even though I have great wifi, and enjoy nature. It is not a hotel or resort, there's those out there for ya, but it does have the best soaps, plush towels, new bedding, and of course an outdoor clawfoot bathtub if you're into relaxing with a bubble bath outside (who isn't! but not in winter unfortunately! just around May to end of September ish).

It has all the amenities now that it is a small suburban type house, except it is nestled on a beautiful forest of 80 acres of spruce and aspen secluded down a 1/8 mile gravel driveway. As mentioned earlier, I call it the Forest. Then there is the pond, and the new swimming pond with real sand - check out our social media pages too :).

I like to think that your reasons for staying here are a lot like my reasons for finding and preserving and being creative with the place - it is to preserve the forest and the natural surroundings and the forest medicines, to be as much like a northern trapper or a prairie homesteader and live more off the land as possible, to seek some solace and disconnection from urban and everything electronic.

For me, it's also to eventually have some more earth centered and environmentally friendly and creative options for accommodations set away in a private forest as kind of an oasis to reset or stop time, at least for a couple of days. More about our accommodations like the sailboat and vintage trailer below...


I have a lot of plans for the future as well to make it even more of an amazing and whimsical oasis as guests call it, this year we worked on the campground by the tipi, and added a few new trails all marked really well. There are traditional Anishnaabe medicines in certain places in the forest that we have been told about too. I plan on adding a yurt and a few decks including a yoga deck when funds will allow.

Oh and last year after putting in the new roads which you will see, they go to a couple secluded spots - we decked out the vintage 1970s trailer I recently picked up for additional accommodations, all southern style – and check out our other listings. I also added an outdoor shower and an outdoor bathtub which people love (spring summer fall only!).

We also now have an environmentally friendly compost humanure toilet hut we call Darby's place (so cute!) for those of your group who are staying at the vintage trailer, sailboat, campsite, or maybe even the tipi and voluntarily want to try it instead of using the cabin washroom – it is based on my explorations in southern Arizona and New Mexico. That’s just an option, your group can use the washroom in the cabin.

And so yes there’s sailboats – well one is coming really soon online, it's now onsite, a sailable 22 foot Tanzer, beautiful inside!

Anyway back to the Little Retreat in the Forest which you are staying at!


So you'll stay at my cabin “The Little Retreat in the Forest” which is the primary accommodation (last year I added the vintage trailer, Little Trailer in the Forest, and a Tipi, the Little Tipi in the Forest, which you can camp in with a sleeping bag and cot and fire pit... and then there's the Little Sailboat in the Forest as I was saying :).

In keeping with the theme of small environmentally friendly alternative accommodations for you to try I also hope to put a tiny house or pod or two back out on the trails for you to visit and even stay a night if you choose, which will be completely off grid and rustic. And again just for you and your group to also book if you like. When my budget allows, year by year we are adding new and creative options for your group .

Just a few things :). But I got distracted, back to the Little Retreat in the Forest.

I think it is perfect for your holiday if you are intending on spending your days in Gimli yet to leave town at the end of the day and restore in a quiet retreat in the Forest. Just read the guest reviews. You can take a day trip by car to the beaches of Lake Winnipeg, but you get to retreat to the forest at the end of the day.

I'd say this place is perfect if you want a retreat to restore at in the forest, just sit and listen to the aspen and poplar trees, watch for birds, look at wildflowers some even just off the driveway, and walk our rough trails (the main trail is almost 2 km according to our measurements) and paths - if you are looking for beach time and Lake Winnipeg isn't far either (you can drive in 4 minutes, bike in 20 (we provide the bikes too!), or walk it, down to the end of the road where you will be secluded at the Lake at the end of our Road).

In winter you can go skiing on the great ski trails of Camp Morton or hop on many local snowmobile trails that are close by! On our land you can grab the snowshoes we provide and go out on the trails or make your own trails, just don't get lost which is really easy to do!

Oh and if tall grass (the yard and site and trails are being allowed to grow back in naturally with native grasses and plants and a few additions) and bugs (there are lots of them, depending upon the season, from wood ticks, mosquitoes, flies and all of mother nature's creations) bother you then maybe this isn't the place you are seeking out for your getaway :).

A little bit more about my place and how it works to book the Little Retreat in the Forest!

I will send you a detailed message closer to your stay with all kinds of information on my place, so hopefully I will answer all your questions! Message me anytime before your stay with any kind of question though! :). In the meantime please read the house manual and check out our social media pages.

A little about Airbnb too if you are new to it…

Most of the great really cool places on Airbnb you can book are good folks trying to make things available for different sorts of stays that you wouldn’t normally get to do, because they love sharing. I have stayed in quite a few alternative type places, from a vintage off grid trailer in the desert near Joshua Tree national park, a hut in the desert near Slab City, CA (out of this world), an adobe home in Tucson, Arizona, a sailboat in downtown Vancouver, a yurt in the mountains of northern Arizona, a tent at Monument Valley, Utah, a float home and various cabins on Vancouver Island and Salt Spring Island, a school bus and a tiny house in Portland Oregon, an off grid Earthship in the high desert of Taos, New Mexico, and various more standard type accommodations all using Airbnb.

So more on the outdoor washroom – it has an actual vintage claw foot tub and an outdoor shower both with working taps, all outdoors, nestled in the woods 100 feet away from the cabin. Just you and the deer. The plan is for adding a separate sink (I bought an older Victorian type sink from a house reno). We now have the outdoor composting humanure hut (Darby's Place named after its builder) at a separate location on the land for the environmentally friendly option if you want to try it (you'll have to empty it too so just letting you know, instructions are all there on site), you’ll see them down south in New Mexico and Arizona where folks have explored that. Or use the cabin washroom, it’s up to you.

So, right now, as to accommodations options for your group that can be rented separately, keep in mind, the Little Trailer in the Forest, a vintage trailer decorated in a southwestern style; and the Little Tipi in the Forest, a Tipi decorated Bohemian style with lights and a fire pit, all minimalist, and the current project we are finishing, the Little Sailboat in the Forest.

Our current projects are the Little Sailboat and the Lil' '71 Bus they'll be ready for part of your group in the summer of 2021. Book the cabin and then for additional amounts you can book separately the other fun amenities for your group or book them to camp out (but everyone must be registered and group sizes will be all preset). There will be no guests at your area of the land so you will have complete privacy. :)

With the Little Retreat I am aiming at sharing with you the quintessential private Canadian woods experience at my home north of Gimli, Manitoba and also share some alternative type accommodations for those who want to try that sort of thing.

So it’ll be private just for your group - I know how much you like booking my place and being private so I’m keeping it that way. If you have a group and want to book two separate accommodations, my plan is to make that happen. Check out my other listings for those options.

More about my place and the cabin and area.... :)

I'd say the setting is serene and what dreams are made of (if you're a nature lover).

You will find several ponds (oh my do watch for the mosquitoes in June and July!! :) ), rough trails I am working on that are flat in parts and that get your blood moving stepping over logs or rough ground in parts (if it is spring time bring your rubber boots it is the interlake boreal plains!!) and you might see deer roaming around.

I have made one pond into a swimmable pond, about 4 to 7 feet deep depending upon the time of year and how wet the year is, and fairly long, and you can float around in the kayak, canoe if it's there (I might take it for a trip here and there) or swim. I even added sand so there is a real beach now :).

So just relax or go for a swim, but it totally works and you'll have a blast. The clay bottom is actually really nice and soft on the toes, it's really soft clay just like the spa!

The house has all the modern day comforts but as John Prine directed me, I threw out the TV :) but kept the guitar and banjo lol (seriously!). I did however, equip the house with good satellite Wifi and two WiFi networks in case you need it an you are outside the cabin (works up to 400 feet away I am told).

The cabin has two bedrooms - one with a very comfy king bed, and one with a great queen bed (there's a kitschy old tv and VHS tapes in the closet but don't tell the kids or they will spend all their time on it lol?).

We also have the double futon bed/couch in the living room. So we set our limit at 4 people but you might be able to get an extra child but otherwise it is just too busy in the small cabin.

We can set up a daybed/cot, and a playpen you can set up if you have a newborn - it’s a little cozy with 4 people so make sure you are OK with that and you really like each other :).

So we can sleep a total of 4 comfortably I’d say and a little cozy (see pictures of the cabin it’s not a huge place, especially if it’s raining outside and you have to stay in!) if those work for you! More than that and I don't think it's really comfortable, I have had groups of 7 stay and because they wanted it, but it's really not best and I want you to have a wonderful experience so not really doing that anymore!

Maybe best for a small family or a cozy couple or two, any more than 4 and you are crawling over each other! 700 square feet gets smaller than you think especially in winter. Right? lol.

It’s a cabin but really a modern house, with running water from the well and a full bathroom including a tub and all the electricity you need, with a full kitchen with cooking implements like any suburban house and stove, oven and microwave and electric kettle, drip coffee maker and a french press, coffee grinder, blender, Soda Stream, my older juicer, tons of utensils, really cool glassware including martini glasses and parfaits, a selection of teas in the cupboard, coffee beans, filtered water dispenser for drinking water, a dishwasher (although hand washing dishes seems to save water and is easier on the holding tank!).

There is also the old cabinet record player which plays awesome, so bring some of your vinyl! My old collection is there including some old Hank Williams, Talking Heads, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and other cool stuff.

There are 2 decks to choose from, depending on whether you are wanting sun or shade throughout the day. At night I love to cozy up inside with a nice fire in the woodstove and read or just chill. The west one is big enough for yoga or just laying around and hanging out. Oh we also add a screen tent by the cabin fire put we set up in spring and take down in late fall.

Yes I love the woodstove and so do most folks that come out, go outside and chop some wood amongst the spruce trees with no other people in sight. Just except the stars at night, be what you imagine it’s like in some remote cabin (you kinda are, once it’s dark it’s pretty dark and the neighbours are really far away, you might hear them sometimes or hear a dog or once in a while hear a voice depending upon which way the wind is blowing but trust me they are 1/4 mile away).

With that, and I really try and take it seriously (ask my mom!), is cleaning. Now it's a battle, trust me, there’s dust and soot of course everywhere OMG from having a wood stove and in being in a forest! The walls end up with black marks from people’s days there, which we try and wipe up between guests as much as possible, and we have a cleaner from a nearby town and it gets cleaned (beds made, rooms and floors vacuumed, water checked, holding tank checked, kitchen cleaned, bathroom cleaned, dusting and wiping and cleaning the fridge) sometimes a few times a week. So we clean like crazy a couple times a week usually! So it’s pretty clean I think lol. Look at our reviews...

We do ask guests to tidy and wipe, and wash your dishes for the next guests (and me), it helps so much, there's enough for my trusty cleaner to do. Just bring yourselves, your food, and whatever you think will make your stay fun.

We provide a bunch of cool stuff, from bikes in summer (two were cruisers from my folks), five sets of snowshoes and kid ones for winter, plus inside the cabin there’s games (including scrabble), cool books and the vinyl. Even a Bluetooth iPod dock but you’re staying way from technology right? There’s a meditation cushion, an essential oil dispenser and some tester oils. Or buy one or a tea, I thought they’d maybe help your stay - from Chad and Nancy at Hollow Reed in the city.

Where to go from there? It is also only about a 5 minute drive to the end of the road at Lake Winnipeg, or you can bike which I'd say is about 15 minutes and I provide a couple good bikes too :). There may be a couple other people there at most but that is it, so pretty private. It’s not grand beach and a stony shore and you’ll need water shoes to swim, but to sit it’s beautiful and you can walk the shore for a long time without seeing people.

Or drive into Gimli 10 minutes away and go to the busy public beaches and check out the scene or get some awesome food. Best of both worlds.

Or if its winter go to the awesome and fairly renowned Camp Morton ski trails which are groomed really well by a local group.

If you stick close to home there’s lots to do. Your group will be the only guests in the Forest, the trails, beach, and wandering around (please be careful especially if you go off a trail, trust me, especially on a cloudy day or night, you can get easily turned around and lost).

At a lot of Airbnbs, you meet the host and they show you around. I say it under guest interaction on the Airbnb page too, at mine I leave you to it yourselves. Sometimes a neighbour may drop by (but they generally know there’s guests and when I’m around or not), you know rural life everyone knows when you drive by lol. I'd love to talk to you if you like, message me about anything you like, I love to see things you add to the place or want to move around, but otherwise you are on your own, Just respect the place and enjoy yourselves.


I guess I have to say this so I will say it in the most chill way possible, help us be part of bringing the natural space back to its wild form including the tall prairie grasses and flowers. We work hard on the trails to create ways for you to explore, you are welcome to go off trail away from the cabin yard site just be aware of the wild grasses and everything else and leaving it undisturbed. Pick up a piece of garbage even if it wasn't yours, pay it forward and leave some chopped wood for the next folks.

We prefer that guests stay at our amenities, so if you have a group we have place for your loved ones to stay. We have let people come before with their own camper but honestly I’m not sure our roads are narrow!! :)

No fireworks and all that jazz. That's always not permitted. It's a forest fire hazard. I loved watching Fandango and running around the desert with fireworks sounds like a blast but in real life it's too much stress and garbage.

Any questions ask. Ultimately we just want folks to have a nice quiet stay in nature. There's plenty of cabins on lakes or what not for parties, or campgrounds for playing recorded music, we love our neighbours haha. More info on our website!


Our place is for people who love our place and look forward to a stay here for many months and we are grateful. :)

Yes I guess that’s a thing with Airbnb and any accommodations, cancellation policies. Taking a spot someone else really wants and then cancelling because plans change can be a thing. We've seen it. Our guests have totally been wonderful people, and I’m fully committed to keeping it available for folks who really want to come here and heal in nature. There’s lots of hotels and places to stay out there. It’s balancing being accommodating and making everyone happy. So on Airbnb it's set as strict I think, so you still get some money back if it's closer to your booking, if I rebook it without too much stress I'm totally into refunding that but it's real hard to rebook sometimes as guests usually plan their vacation times and stays at our place many months in advance.

As a traveler too I get it when things come up, I also respect small businesses and don’t want them being out. A legit reason for something happening like a snowstorm that literally made it unsafe to get to the place, a road washed out or closed, or a death in the immediate family or in hospital, I’ll talk about refunding some of all of a stay. No problem :). I’m very accommodating. Want you to come back even if you couldn’t make it if something like that came up. Book a stay and cancel because you changed your mind or were considering a couple places, not cool, the cancellation policy applies, there’s a whole lot to do to schedule things or get it ready and a lot of lovely return guests who might be disappointed they can’t book our place. Happy to say more just message me :).

Yea that's about it! More will come in my message and in the House Manual once you book, if this wasn't enough!

And like I was saying above I’m working on setting the place up to be associated with a few other cool places to stay on the land, right now for group bookings at the same time as the cabin, all with their own Airbnb links, and private for just your group, you will always be the only guests when you book the Little Retreat in the Forest, I guarantee it.

Also check out my Website,, and our IG page too at @littleretreatintheforest and the FB page. Airbnb won't let us say the full names of the social media sites on here or it blocks it, so you know where to look we are on it!

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Camp Morton, Manitoba, Kanada

Your closest neighbors are about a 1/4 mile away from the cabin on either side so I don't imagine you will have much interaction with them. Sometimes rural folks do drop in and are interested in seeing if we need anything done but those interactions are usually fairly minimal and they know not to come by unless I have invited them. It is possible someone might come by to see if the driveway needs plowing in winter or the like, but it’s so seldom at that.

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Hi there! I suppose that am an adventurous soul, I established my career as a human rights lawyer working for Indigenous peoples, raising my son by myself, and I have loved embracing meditation, yoga, nature and the outdoors. Now that I have a bit of free time I find myself looking for quality time when I'm not running my business, I've ridden my motorcycle across the US, camped at festivals and out of the way places in my VW westfalia campervan, and I love to spend a weekend at the cabin hiking, making it into a nature retreat or curled up with a good book and a strong cup of coffee! Most of all I guess I really enjoy hosting people and making people happy! I cherish peace and tranquility as much as I do adventure and I recognize the comforts and luxuries that are sometimes missed while travelling, but I don't have crazy expectations, just a great experience and good people :). I am easy to communicate with and am a very understanding person. Whether I am a host or a guest I aim to always be friendly, considerate, respectful, accommodating and genuine :). Just as much as I love traveling, as your host I look forward to catering to what you need when you visit and giving you a wonderful, cozy space to experience some simple, beautiful time away from home to find space for exploring your passions or some much needed time to restore :). Happy travels! Michael
Hi there! I suppose that am an adventurous soul, I established my career as a human rights lawyer working for Indigenous peoples, raising my son by myself, and I have loved embraci…


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W trakcie pobytu

Most guests check in entirely on their own, so it works for me too. My guests love to just drive up and walk in to the cabin and make themselves at home and start their private retreat right away.

I send a detailed message to you closer to your stay with absolutely everything you will need to know, to the extreme, from tips on the land, rules and amenities at the cabin, and local tips including restaurants.

You will likely be completely on your own and not meet me or talk in person, unless you want to, I’m always reachable.

I will be available by text during your stay and I make sure to be available as much as possible and you can ask me absolutely any question you want, my guests reviews attest to how much I make myself available to answer your questions.

I love to make you feel at home and safe, secure and comfortable out there so please ask any questions any time, serious about that, I love hearing your questions - I really may not have heard it before or thought of it yet, and if it makes the difference to a more fantastic stay then message me.

And if anything comes up out there or something stops working please let me know as soon as possible and I will be on it right away. This is also my home and my favourite place on earth and I don't want you having something less than what you had hoped for (within reason of course!)

I also have a host of people including really good neighbours that can attend to things for me that are associated with the retreat.

I also employ a local cleaner as well whom we pay a fair wage, that's why there is a cleaning fee. She has to drive 20 minutes from her town and get things done. She is great and gets the job done super reliably, getting all the bedding made up for you and the rooms clean (you will find some dust and wood stove ashes and of course the lovely smell of woodstove, but we try and keep all the dirt down of course and shampoo carpets regularly and even wash the walls as needed as real hard as that is to keep up with being in a forest and with pups and all but we do pretty good I think you'll see by our guest reviews).

Of course give me a shout if something could be cleaner or if we are out of something, if you need to pick something up which I am out of (which won't likely happen ever) I will definitely reimburse you no problem!.

We get the holding tank pumped out by a local company, which should not happen during your stay as we work hard to time it. But if we miscalculated and it happens to need it during your stay we can get it done too.

And in winter we get the road plowed by our great neighbour with a bobcat and a construction company or another local company so you don't get snowed in. If there is a blizzard when you are there we get it plowed as soon as we can and our neighbour often plows it same day or next day and we are always in communication with him about the local weather.

We also usually have a jeep on site in case of any emergency we can insure it if you were really stuck in some kind of snowstorm and needed some emergency transportation for a medical or other reason in the case of super bad weather, but that has not happened yet!

The guiding vision is there always, that I bought the land to preserve it and share it and provide a space for disconnection and peace and quiet in nature. At the same time if you want to know anything about the land I’m happy to talk or tell you anything you’d like to know, or Iearn from you and your experiences. I’ve met only a handful of guests and it’s always been cheerful and interesting. Cheers and enjoy.
Most guests check in entirely on their own, so it works for me too. My guests love to just drive up and walk in to the cabin and make themselves at home and start their private ret…

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